...Illustrations in Chapter XII

   83. Secretary Baker's War Cabinet


 Ron. Benedict Crowell, Assistant Secretary of War; Ron. E. R. Stettinius, Second Assistant Secretary of War; Dr. Ernest Martin Hopkins, President Dartmouth College, Special Assistant.


 Hon Newton D. Baker, Secretary of War.


 Dr. J. B. Keppel, Third Assistant Secretary of War; General P. C. March, Chief of Staff U. S. Army, and Dr. Emmett J. Scott Special Assistant to the Secretary of War, representing the interests of the Negro Race of the United States


84. Group of Colored Officers

Top, Left to Rght-- 1st Lt. B. A. Jackson, 350th Mchn. Gun Bn.; 1st Lt. Abraham Morse, 367th Infantry, 1st Lt. Herman L. Butler, 366th Infantry.

Center-Capt. Wm. B. Campbell, Personnel Adj. 317tb A. T.; 1st Lt. Chas. H. Fearing, 365th Infantry; Capt. Alonzo Campbell, 367th Infantry.

Below-1st Lt. Geo. B. Cooper, 367th Infantry, Supply officer; 1st Lt. Benjamin F. Ford, - 366th Inf.; 1st Lt. Anderson Trapp, 366th Inf.

   85. Negro troops returning to camp behind the lines after a strenuous day on the Western Front during operations on the Marne.
   86. Officers of Dental Corps attached to various units of the 92nd Division. With the exception of Capt. Jacob Brause, Division Dentist, all were Negroes.
   87. The American Red Cross knew no color line and sought to render the same service to Colored as to White troops.

 88. Conference Group Colored Editors n Washington during the war.

Reading left to right, Front Row---Former Gov. P. B. S. Pinchback, Charles W. Anderson, Maj. L. P. DeMontal, Dr. Emmett J. Scott, Chairman, Col. Edouard Requin, Dr. Robert R. Moton, Judge R. H. Terrell, Dr. W. E. 13. DuBois, Major J. E. Spingarn, Chris J. Perry, Rev. Ernest Lyon.

Second Row---W. H. Steward, Dr. A. M. Curtis, W. T. Andrews, Dr. W. H. Davis, Benj. J. Davis, Henry A. Boyd, R. S. Abbott, John Mitchell, Jr., J. H. Murphy, G. L. Knox, A. E. Manning.

Third Row---Dr. Maurice Curtis, Dr. H. M. Minton, J. C. Dancy, H. C. Smith, E. A. Warren, C. K. Robinson, J. E. Mitchell. Ralph W. Tyler, R. W. Thompson, N. C. Crews.

Fourth Row---Dr. S. A. Furniss, R. C. Bruce, P. B. Young, Geo. W. Harris, Dr. W. H. Brooks, Jas. A. Cobb, Dr. J. R. Hawkins, C. N. Love, W. J. Singleton, W. L. Houston. Wrn. E. King.

Fifth Row---Dr. R. E. Jones, Maj. A. W. Washington, Robt. L. Vann. A. H. Grimke. Prof. Geo. W. Cook, Capt. Arthur S. Spingarn. F. R. Moore.


89. Left---Colonel Charles Young, Veteran Ranking Negro Offleer of the Regular U. S. Army. Commissioned from West Point. Detailed to active service at Camp Grant during the war.

Right--Major General Enoch H. Crowder, Provost Marshal General of the United States Army.


90. Top Left to Right---Capt. Moody Staten, 317th Military Police. 2nd Lt. Charles Udell Turpin, 365th Infantry. 1st Lt. E. C. Morris, 366th Infantry.

Center ---Major James E. Walker, Ist Separate Battalion, District of Columbia N.G.

Top, Left to Right-Capt. Thos. E. Jones, 368th Infantry, 92nd Div., Awarded Distinguished Service Cross for bravery at Argonne Forest. Capt. Samuel Reid, 317 A. T., Veteran of Spanish War and Philippine Insurrection; served over thirty years in United States Army, retired since close of the war. Sergt. Rufus Pinckney, Baltimore, Md., 1st Separate Company, 372nd Inf., wears highest honors from French Government; captured 15 Germans, saved French Officer, fought in Champagne. Argonne and at Verdun.


91. Group of Leading Women War Workers.

Top Left---Miss May B. Belcher, Field Worker among colored women of War Work Council: a graduate of Sargent School, studied at Moody Institute and later Secretary of Phyllis Wheatley Branch, Y. W. C. A. in St. Louis.

Top Right---Alice Dunbar Nelson (formerly Mrs, Paul Laurence Dunbar), recognized leader in mobilization of colored women of the United States for War Work under auspices Council of National Defense.

Center-Miss Eva D. Bowles, Secretary of Colored Women's War Work in cities, National Board of the Young Wornen's Christian Association.

Below, Left---Miss Mary E. Jackson, Special Industrial Worker among colored worrien for War Work Council.

Below, Right---Mrs. Louise J. Ross Chairman New Orleans Chapter American Red Cross, recognized leader of the race in the South.


 92. American Negro Soldiers In hospital, Glasgow, Scotland, receiving cigarettes and chocolates frorn Red Cross Chaplain Thos. E. Swan and a visit from Mrs. Jas. Gardiner, one of the Red Cross Workers.


 93. Sergeants of Headquarters Company, 372nd Infantry "somewhere in France" just before the big drive.

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