The signatures to the "scrap of paper

Pass issued by Field-Marshal von der Goltz (in text)

A street in Louvain

Fixing on the white Flag for the dash between the lines

Refugees from the villages near the Antwerp forts

Arrival in Antwerp of refugees from Malines

At Malines---a good background for a photograph to send home to Germany

His Eminence, Cardinal Mercier
The children of Antwerp played at soldiering through the siege

The nuns, scornful of danger, stayed where they could render the greatest service

German troops in front of Hôtel de Ville, Brussels

Types of von Arnim's troops

The Hôtel de Ville, Louvain

Belgian War Medals

Fire at Namur during the bombardment

Effect of big German shell on Fort of Waehlem

Outside view of the Fort of Waehlem after bombardment

View of the Meuse at Huy

Refugees fleeing toward Dunkirk before the German advance

Graves of civilians shot by the Germans

A typical proclamation

Views of the Fort of Waehlem. after its bombardment

Herbert C. Hoover

Illustrations, continued

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