French Howitzer near H----- .

German camp kitchen

An improved pass, written on the back of a wine card, to enable Mr. Gibson to pass through the streets after dark..

General Baron von Bissing, Governor-General in Belgium

Photographs of Dinant

View of Dinant

Von Bulow's greeting to the people of Liège (in text)

How the simple pleasures of the German soldiers were restricted (in text)

Aux habitants de la Belgique (in text)

A Belgian relief ship at Rotterdam

Rotterdam office of the Commission for Relief in Belgium..

Barges of the Commission for Relief in Belgium leaving Rotterdam with cargoes of food

Front page of La Libre Belgique

Edward D. Curtis

Appeal of the Queen of the Belgians for Help from America (in text)

Julius Van Hee, American Vice-Consul at Ghent

Lewis Richards

A Brussels soup-kitchen run by volunteers

Meals served to the children in the schools

German proclamation announcing the execution of Miss Cavell (in text)

Miss Edith Cavell

Fly-leaf of Miss Cavell's prayer book

Notes in Miss Cavell's prayer book

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