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  The Maritime War. Naval action during the Great War. A Multi-part presentation.


TThe Medical Front All aspects of Medical involvement in the Great War. The 'flu, Nursing, Treatment of Wounds and other topics.

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Texts listed alphabetically by title

Ambassador Morgenthau's Story
by Henry Morgenthau
New York: Doubleday Page, 1918
American Ambassador in Turkey (1913-1916)

The American Indian in the Great War: Real and Imagined
by Diane Camurat
Master's Thesis, 1996

The American Negro in the World War
by Emmett J. Scott, Special Assistant to the Secretary of War,
ARNO Press, 1919

American Volunteerism in France
by Alan Albright
The development of relief work, in and out of war, 1996

American Volunteers of the Great War
by Alan Albright
Full title: "Notable American Volunteers of the Great War"

American Women and the World War
by Ida Clyde Clarke
New York: Appleton, 1918.

America's Part.
by Henry J. Reilly.
New York: Cosmopolitan Book Corp. 1928.

Armenia and the War. An Armenian's Point of View with an Appeal to Britain and the Coming Peace Conference.
by A.P. Hacobian.
New York, 1918.


The Basmachi Movement From Within: Account of Zeki Velidi Togan -
by HB Paksoy

The Battle of 3rd Ypres (Passchendaele)
by Geoffrey Miller, 1996
Analysis of the battle and part of the Great Haig Debate

(The Battle of) Third Ypres: A Decisive Victory?
by Gervase Phillips, 1998
Analysis of the battle and part of the Great Haig Debate

Billy Bishop
Official Canadian Air Force biography, 1995

Black Hand
by Micheal Shackelford, 1996
The Secret Serbian Terrorist Society

The Bryce Report
The Bryce Commission's findings on German atrocities in Belgium, 1915
The Bryce Report is available in its entirety.

The Buffalo Soldiers at Fort Huachuca
by James P. Finley
Huachuca Illustrated, A Magazine of Fort Huachuca Museum,
Volume 1, 1993. Buffalo Soldiers, Punitive Expedition of 1916

The Buffalo Soldiers at Fort Huachuca
by James P. Finley
Huachuca Illustrated, A Magazine of Fort Huachuca Museum,
Volume 2 , 1996. Buffalo Soldiers, WWI


Le Camp américain d'Allerey (1918-1919).
by Antonin Guillot
Groupe d'Etudes Historiques de Verdun-sur-le-Doubs. 1999.

China and the World War
by W. Reginald Wheeler
New York: MacMillan, 1919
With official documents in appendix

A Chronology of the Mediation Attempts in July 1914
by Edward Rawes, October 1999

The Commission for Relief in Belgium
by George I. Gay, 1929

A Conversation with Paul Fussell
Humanities, November/December 1996


Dere Mable
Yankee humor, 1918

Dicta Boelcke
by Micheal Shackelford
Hauptman Boelcke's "Rules" for making successful fighter pilots. Annotated.

The Death of Manfred von Richthofen: Who fired the fatal shot?
by Dr. M. Geoffrey Miller, 1998


Economic Aspects of the War.
by Edwin J. Clapp. New Haven, 1915. .


Features of the War:
by Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig, 1919.

Foch à la Marne
par Robert Villate, 1933.
La 9e Armée aux
Marais de Saint-Gond (6-10 septembre 1914).


The Great Adventure of Panama
by Philippe Bunau-Varilla, 1920.
The Canal, German intrigue and the Great War.


Haig: The Great Captain
by Gervase Phillips, 1998.
A defense of General Haig. Part of the Great Haig Debate

Haig: Was He a Great Captain?
by Geoffrey Miller, 1996
An indictment of General Haig. Part of the Great Haig Debate

The Hoover Institution Archives' Holdings on World War, 1914-1916


The Imperial Japanese Mission, 1917
Washington, D.C.: Carnegie Endowment, 1918
With texts of documents in appendix.

In the Ranks.
New York: Sam Gabriel & Co.. 1918.

Inside Knowledge: API-API and the Netherlands' Mobilization
by Hubert P. van Tuyll, 1997

Ireland---Enemy of the Allies?.
by R.C. Escouflaire. New York, 1920.
(Translated from the French)

Italy and the World War.
by Thomas Nelson Page.
[American Ambassador to Italy from 1913 to 1919]
New York, 1920.


The Jewish Company of the Shanghai Volunteer Corps
by Benis M. Frank, 1995
Compared with other Jewish Diaspora Fighting Units between 1853 and 1914-18.


Kitchener, Organizer of Victory
Harold Begbie.
London, 1915.


La Marne (1914) I. L'Ourcq.
Guides Illustrés Michelin des Champs de Bataille 1914-1918.
Paris: Michelin. 1918.


Native Soldiers, Foreign Battlefields:
The Wartime Contribution of Canada's First Peoples
by Canadian Veterans Affairs

The Neutrality of Belgium
by Alexander Fuehr
New York: Doubleday Page, 1918
A Study of the Belgian Case by a German jurist.


On the Edge of the Gunpowder Barrel:
The Netherlands and the Coming of World War I, 1870-1914
by Hubert P. van Tuyll, 1995


by Roland G. Usher. New York, 1915.

by Roland G. Usher. New York, 1913.


Reconstruction and World War I
by Lesley D. Slavitt, 1994

The Repression of War Experience
by W.H.R. Rivers, MD, 1918

The Role of Railways In The War,
by Edwin A. Pratt


Sarajevo, June 28, 1914
by Micheal Shackelford, 1997
The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Serbia Through Russian Eyes
rom the Soviet Encyclopaedia

On Special Missions.
by Charles Lucieto. New York, 1927.

Statesmen of the War in Retrospect.
by William Martin. New York, 1928.

The Static Front
by Michael J. Crane, Sr., 1989
Why There Was No Breakthrough in World War I on the Western Front

'The Surafend Affair,'
Chapter XLV, pages 787 to 791, of Volume VII,
The Official History of Australia in the War of 1914 to 1918

by H. S. Gullett


The Truth about the Treaty
by André Tardieu, 1921.
An explanation of the Treaty by a French High Commissioner


Union Interalliée.
33 Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris. 1922

U.S. And Bolshevik Relations With The TBMM Government: 1919-1921
by HB Paksoy


The Vanguard of American Volunteers
by Edwin W. Morse
New York: E.P. Dutton, 1919

Verdun--la Somme: 1916
Exposition à la Gare de l'Est, Paris, 23 septembre-6 novembre 1996
by Jean-Pierre Verney.
Ministère des Anciens Combattants et Victimes de Guerre

La violation de la neutralité belge et luxembourgeoise par l'Allemagne
André Weiss.
NewYork: Cosmopolitan Book Corp. 1928.


Book of the War. A Concise View of its Causes, Countries Involved, Theaters of Action,
Leaders and Chief Events Shown in Parallel Columns and Striking Picture Maps.
Standard Publication Company.1918.
by Henry W. Ruoff

War Facts and Peace Problems New York: Committee on Organized Education of the National Security League. 1919
by Arthur J. Frothingham

The War Department: Keeper of Our Nation's Enemy Aliens During World War I - 1998
The Role of the United States War Department on the 'Home Front'
by Mitchel Yockelson

War and the Private Investor. Eugene Staley. Garden City, New York: Doubleday, Doran. 1935.

The War of Steel and Gold. A Study of the Armed Peace.
by Henry Noel Brailsford.
London, 1918 (1914)


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