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143. Left to Right---Dr. George Edmund Haynes, Director of Negro Economics Department of Labor, Washington, D.C.; Dr. Robert R. Moton, Principal, Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute, who went to France during the war on a special mission; Lester A. Walton, Military Entertainment Service, War Department Commission on Training Camp Activities.


144. Left to Right---Sergeant F. Blue, Drum Major of "The Black Devil's" Band (so-called by Germans) of the 370th Reg. (The old 8th Illinois); Lieut. Thomas A. Painter, 369th Infantry, who received the Croix de Guerre for gallantry in action; Capt. Napoleon Bonaparte Marshall of the 369th Inf., one of Harvard's most famous athletes, severely wounded in spine, during fighting south of Meetx, must wear a steel brace during the remainder of his life.


 145. Group of Colored Red Cross Nurses on duty at the base hospital at Camp Grant, Illinois.


146. Some of the Negro Officers who were helping to hold the lines with the 366th Infantry, when the Armistice was signed. Front, left to right---Captain A. L. Simpson, 1st Lieutenants Morris, Booker and Ellis. Back row, left to right---2nd Lieutenants Taylor, Wright and McEwen.


147. American Negro troops returning from their gallant service in France. The above photograph was taken at mealtime aboard a United States Transport just entering New York Harbor. The demonstration would signify that the men were ready for the mess hall.


148. Colored American Soldiers being decorated with Distinguish Service Cross by Major-General Eli Helmick of the United States Army in the presence of Admiral Moreau of the French Navy.


149. Group of Negro Officers, 366th Infantry, U.S.A. Left to Right---Capt. L.H. Godman, Lt. and Adj. Chas. S. Parker, Capt. Chas. G. Kelley, Capt. Wm. Hill, Capt. C.W. Owens, Capt. Geo. A. Holland, Capt. W.T. Thompson, 2nd Lt. Wm. D. Nabors.


150. The Curtis brothers, three sons of Dr. And Mrs. A.M. Curtis, Washington, D.C., commissioned as Officers in United States Army. Left to Right---A. Maurice Curtis, Medical Reserve Corps; Arthur L. Curtis, 368th Medical Corps; Merrill H. Curtis, 349th Field Artillery, all First Lieutenants.


151. The Gould family of fighters. Seated in front is Wm. B. Gould, of East Dedham, Mass., a veteran of the Civil War. Standing are his six sons who have also served their country. Left to Right--- Lawrence W. Gould, 1st Lt. James E. Gould, Major Wm. B. Gould, Jr., Lt. Herbert R. Gould, 1st Lt. Ernest M. Gould, and Frederick C. Gould.


152. Top, Left to Right---2nd Lt. Jas. L. Horace, Intel. Officer, 365th Inf.; 2nd Lt. Stephen E. Moses, Jr., 351st F.A.; 1st Lt. Marion C. Rhoten, Hdars. Troop, 92nd Div; Center, Left to Right--- Lt. Frank L. Frances, M.G. Co., 366th Inf.; 1st Lt. Edward C. Knox, 349th Mchn. Gun Bat.; Capt Spahr H. Dickey, 351st. Mchn. Gun Bat.; Bottom, Left to Right---Capt. Beverley L. Dorsey, 317th Am. Tr.; Capt. Robert R. Chubb, 367th Inf.; Sergt. Wm Butler of Salisbury , Md., who received the Croix de Guerre from the French Government and Distinguished Service Cross and Sharpshooter's Medal from the United States Government. The story of Sergt. Butler and his hand to hand encounters with the Boches is related in this volume.


 153. Dr. Emmett J. Scott and his faithful office corps, who co-operated in the performance of his duties as Special Assistant to the Secretary of War, at Washington. Left to Right---William H. Davis, Ernestine B. English, D. Scott, Madeline P. Childs, Richard W. Thompson, Joseph H. Nelson, J. Bernard Smith, Charles L. Webb

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