...Illustrations in Chapter XXI


118. Col Moss of the "Buffaloes"


119. Colored Color Guard Bearers of the 15th National Guard, New York


120. Group of Negro Officers of the 370th (Old Illinois National Guard) called the Black Devils by the Germans. Reading left to right: Capt. Joe Warner, 1st Lt. Arthur Jones; 2nd Lt.., Ed. White: 2nd Lt. Julian D. Rainey; 2nd Lt. M. McGuinn; 2nd Lt. Luther Harris; 2nd Lt. Alvin M. Jordan; 2nd Lt. Edward L. Goodlett; 2nd Lt. J. F. Baker; 2nd Lt. Fred Johnson; 1st Lt. F. Hewitt.


121. Colored heroes who won the Croix de Guerre. All of these are enlisted men of 369th Infantry who were decorated by the French High Command. In front row from left to right are: Privates Ed. Williams, Herbert Taylor, Leon Fraitor and Ralph Hawkins. In rear row are Private H. D. Prunes, Sgt. D. Stormes, Private Joe Williams. Private Arthur Menly and Corp. Taylor.


122. Presenting the Colors to "The Buffaloes." Governor Charles S. Whitman presenting, on behalf of the New York Union League Club, the National and Regimental Flags to the 367th nfantry, just before they started overseas.


123. American Negro Soldiers in the Spanish-American War. For more.than a half century the Negro soldier has played an important part in the Army of the United States. This photograph, taken during the Spanish-American War, shows how our colored troops who fought in 1898 were uniformed and equipped.


124. In the Training Camp. There was a good deal more than drill and work in the training camps as this photograph of a boxing bout at Camp Travis, Texas, under the management of the Y. M. C. A., proves. The man on the stage in the light colored shirt is the Negro Y. M C. A. Secretary.


125. Colonel William Hayward, commanding the 369th Infantry, and Major Arthur W. Little of the same regiment. Notice regimental badge, the Coiled Rattlesnake, on Major Little's shoulder.


126. Major Joseph H. Ward who has the distinction of being one of the only two Negro officers of the Medical Corps to attain the rank of Major.


127. How New York welcomed the famous "Hell Fighter: 369th Regiment (15th National Guard) on its return from "Over There." Photographed passing the New York Public Library.


128. Group of Officers of the 370th. Reading from Left to Right---Top---1st Lt. Norman Garrett; Capt. John H. Patton, 2nd Batt. 1st Lt. Michael Browning, Machine Gun No. 2.

Center-Capt. Spencer C Dixon, Med. Corps; Major Charles H. Hunt, 2nd Battalion; Capt. Libburn Jackson, Machine Gun No. 2.

Bottom---1stl Lt. Robt. C. Chavis; 1st Lt. Benote H. Lee; 2nd Lt. Frank Corbin. all of the 370th Infantry (formerly old 8th Illinois).

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