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109. Some heroes of the famous 15th New York, who went away singing and came back singing after having earned all the Honors of War.


110. The "Stockholm" with her cargo of "Hell Fighters" under command of Colonel Hayward on deck, just before docking In New York harbor.


111. Chicago homecoming of the 370th Regiment (Old 8th l1linois) passing in parade at 13th St. and Michigan Ave.


112. Another Group of officers of the 370th (Old 8th Illinois) on the deck of the La France before landing. Reading left to right: 2nd Lt. Lawson Price; 2nd Lt. L. W. Stearls; 2nd Lt. Ed. White; 2nd Lt. Eli F. E. Williams; ist Lt. Oasola Browning; Capt. Louis B. Johnson; 1st Lt. Frank Bates; 1st Lt. Binga Desmond.


113. The troopship "La France" was still in her war paint as she brought the 370th (Old 8th Illinois National Guard) safely home from the battlefields of France.


114. Chicago parade of the 370th Regi ment (Old 8th Illinois) passing the reviewing stand in Michigan Ave., where the crowds were so dense that troops could not march in regular formation.


115. Commanders of the 370th Infantry (the old Eighth Illinois) : Reading left to right: Col. Frank Denison; Col. Thos. A. Roberts; Lt. Col. Otis B. Duncan.


116. A group of the "Singing Buffalos" on parade after their return from the battle front in France. .


117. This is the way the people of Buffalo, N. Y., turned out to welcome home the returning heroes of the colored race as they returned from their service in France.

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