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   9. Colonel Hayward's "Hell Fighters" in Parade. The famous, 369th Infantry of colored soldiers marching in New York City in honor of their return to this country after having covered themselves with glory on the blood-stained fields of France.
   10. The Buffaloes (367th) Marching up the Avenue in New York on Their Return.
   11. American Negro Machine Gunners in the Marne Sector of France
   12. In the trenches; a French Officer explaining operation of the hand grenades to Senegalese and American Negro soldiers.
   13. Lt. Rutherford's Minstrels, recruited on board the "Saxonia" on homeward trip, where they amused and entertained over 1700 wounded boys and the way back from France.
   14. Transport "Ulua" with her cargo of dusky fighters who are glad to be back home after doing their bit in France. Among them are the 317th Supply Train, 317th Trench Mortar Battery, 325th Field Signal Battery.
   15. Major-General C.C. Ballou, Commander of the Fighting 92nd Division.
   16. How the boys enjoyed themselves in France. A group of Negro soldiers off duty around a Y.M.C.A. tent at Villers le Sec (Meuse).
   17. A German tank destroyed by allied shell fire in a sector occupied by American Negro Troops.
   18. Welcoming a Victorious Hero. Henry Johnson, the American Private who killed four Germans and wounded twenty-two with his bolo knife, and was the First American of any race to receive the Croix de Guerre, being carried in triumph up Fifth Avenue on his return.
   19. Negro Stevedores of the National Army Unloading a Transport in the Harbor of Brest.
   20. T"The Band that Introduced France to Ragtime." Lieut. James Furope's aggregation of Negro musicians accompanied the 369th Infantry overseas. The music of these dark skinned players took France by storm. Gen. Pershing borrowed the band for a month to play at Headquarters of the A. E. F., but sent it back to the regiment when General Gouraud, the French Commander, begged for its return.
   21. Lieut. Maxom and the band of the 814th Infantry on the pier at New York just after disembarking from the transport Celtic from overseas. Our colored bands were the wonder of France.
   22. Returning the Colors." Major David Appleton commanding the "Buffaloes returning the Colors intrusted to this Negro regiment, upon its return from its glorious service in France.
   23. Hon. Charles Evans Hughes Receiving the Colors of the 367th Infantry from Major Daniel Appleton of the 367th, who is on Justice Hughes' left.


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