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   1. "The Flags of the Fighting 15th." Color Bearers of the 369th, marching up Fifth Avenue with Regimental Colors bearing the decoration presented to the entire Regiment by the French Government. These flags were given to the Regiment by the Union League Club of New York, and returned to the Club at the close of the war. The Regimental Standard has the distinction of being the only State flag carried into action by any American unit.


 2. Group of Colored Officers of the 368th Infantry.

Left to right ---Top---1st Lt. Clayborne George; 1st Lt. C.B. Curley; 1st Lt. Wm. Harris.
Center---1st Lt. J.S. Heslip; Capt. T.N. Dent; 2nd Lt. F.W. Alexander.
Bottom---1st Lt. Levi Anderson; 1st Lt. J.E. Scott; 1st Lt. R.E. Banks.


 3. Lieut. T.T. Thompson

Official historian who accompanied the famous 92nd Division, U.S.A., throughout the campaign in France.


 4. Woodrow Wilson

President of the United States during the Great World War.

   5. John J. Pershing

 6. Hon. Newton D. Baker

Throughout the war Secretary Baker stood for a square deal for the Negro soldier and sought to rectify every injustice or case of discrimination that came to his attention.

   7. Theodore Roosevelt
   8. Emmett J. Scott


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