European Studies and Linguistics Librarian

5523 Harold B. Lee Library

Brigham Young University

Provo, Utah 84602, USA

e-mail: hacken @


          Record of Education


B. A. (1969):

Brigham Young University.

German, with minors in French and International Relations)

M. A. (1971):

University of California at Davis.


Ph.D. (1975):

University of California at Davis.

(German Literature)

M.L.S. (1990): Brigham Young University.

(Emphasis on Collection Development)



          Record of Employment


University of California at Davis:

1975-77, Instructor in German.


Oregon State University:

1977, Instructor in German.


University of Kansas:

1977-1979, Visiting Assistant Professor of German.


University of Kansas:

1979-1981, Cataloger of rare economic history books in German, Dutch, Danish and Swedish

(Title II-C federal grant); cataloger of the German-American collection (Max Kade Foundation grant).


Brigham Young University:

1981- present, European Studies and Linguistics Librarian at the Harold B. Lee Library.

Specialized reference and collection development in German, Dutch, French, Italian,

Scandinavian and general Western European studies -- including language, literature,

political science, history and culture.Responsible for BYU London Centre Library,

Palace Court.


Member, Advisory Board of Sophie: A Digital Library of Works by German-Speaking Women.



Foreign Language Skills


near-native fluency (reading, writing, comprehension, speaking)

Swedish, Dutch, French and Italian:

good reading ability and comprehension, some speaking ability.

Danish, Norwegian:

good reading ability

Latin, Portuguese and Spanish:

fair reading ability.


European travel, research and residence:

1965-1967 (two years – Germany);

1982 (2 months – Germany);

1984 (2 months – West Germany, East Germany);

1986 (6 months – Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Britain, Denmark, more);

1988 (twice, total 3 months – West Germany, East Germany, Italy);

1990 (6 weeks – Germany, Austria, Hungary, more);

1992 (6 weeks – Britain, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, more);

1995 (3 weeks – Austria);

1997 (3 weeks – Germany, Austria);

1999 (twice, total 2 months – Germany, Austria, France);

2000 (3 weeks – Austria, Italy);

2002 (3 weeks – Sweden, Norway, Denmark);

2003 (twice, total 6 weeks – Austria, Germany, Netherlands);

2004 (twice, total of 5 weeks – France, Germany, Great Britain);

2005 (2 weeks – Italy, Vatican City, France, Monaco);

2006 (twice, total of 5 weeks – Germany, Austria);

2008 (2 weeks – England, Germany);

2009 (twice, total of 6 weeks – Germany, Luxembourg, France, Austria);

2011 (twice, total of 6 weeks – Austria, Germany, France);
2012 (3 weeks – Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey);

2013 (twice, total of 4 weeks – Spain, Morocco, Ireland);

2014 (3 weeks – France, Austria)

2015 (twice, total of 5 weeks – Turkey, Netherlands, Austria, Hungary)
2016 (three times, total of 7 weeks - England, France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy)

Book fairs visited multiple times:
Frankfurt, Leipzig, Paris, London.


          Publications & Presentations (most recent listed first)


            German Literature:


East-West Mediation in the Works of Galsan Tschinag

Presented September 20, 2014 at the German Studies Association conference in Kansas City.


Deutsche Dichterhandschriften des Poetischen Realismus: Ortsverzeichnis

[Internet files: 1995 to present]           


Images of Migration and Change in the German-Language Poetry of Galsan Tschinag.

Presented March 25, 2004 at the European conference for Migrations in Society, Culture, and
the Library
held in Paris. 

Appeared in proceedings: Migrations in Society, Culture and the Library (Chicago: ACRL,
2005), pp. 166-172.


"Walter-Kempowski-Bibliographie" [with Bernd Hagenau]

in: Walter Kempowski zum 60. Geburtstag (Munich: Knaus, 1989): 47-110.


"Gottfried Keller's Realism: The Socioeconomic Ground between Switzerland and Seldwyla," in:

In Search of the Poetic Real. Festschrift for Clifford A. Bernd,
ed. John F. Fetzer, Roland Hoermann and Winder McConnell (Stuttgart: Heinz, 1989):



The Religious Thought of Martin Opitz.[Revised form of 1975 dissertation].

Stuttgart: Heinz, 1976.(Stuttgarter Arbeiten zur Germanistik, 18)


Theodor Storm-Paul Heyse Briefwechsel, ed. Clifford A. Bernd, 3 vols.(Indexing)

Berlin: Schmidt, 1969-1974.


Numerous book reviews on German Baroque Literature and German Poetic Realism

in Monatshefte (1979 – 1992).


Numerous book reviews on German language pedagogy in Unterrichtspraxis (1976 – 1984).





The Poetry of Galsan Tschinag (a Tuvan-Mongolian shaman who publishes in German)

[Internet files: 2005 to present]


Poetry selections of Theodor Storm (from German) and Hans Christian Andersen (from Danish)

in Clifford A. Bernd,Theodor Storm: The Dano-German Poet and Writer

(Oxford: P. Lang, 2003).


Into the Sunset: Anthology of Nineteenth-Century Austrian Prose

Riverside, Calif.: Ariadne Press, 1999.

Translations from German of 14 novellas with a general introduction and author-specific


Eulogy for Hans Christian Ostro [from Norwegian];

in Ann Hagedorn Auerbach, Ransom: The Untold Story of International Kidnapping

(New York: H. Holt, 1998): 110-112.


Selections of Klaus Groth's and Theodor Storm's poetry [from German];

in Clifford A. Bernd, German Poetic Realism (Boston: Twayne, 1981).


O.M. Brouwer-van Velthoven's "Luigi Malerba en de nieuwe Roman in Italië,"

Levende Talen 308 (1974): 390-95 [from Dutch];
in Criticism in Translation I/1 (1976): 39-45.Includes a preface on the
nouveau roman.


Clemens Brentano's poetry [from German];

in John F. Fetzer, Romantic Orpheus:Profiles of Clemens Brentano

(Berkeley: University of California Press, 1974).


European and International History:


EuroDocs: Online Sources for European History

[Internet files: 1996 to present]


 World War I Primary Document Archive

[Internet files; with WWI-L listserve: 1996 to present]


Letters of Philip II, King of Spain

[Internet files; facsimiles and transcriptions from BYU Special Collections: 1996 to present]


Wien Geschichte Wiki: Vienna's New Semantically Linked Local History Portal,

WESS Newsletter, vol. 38, no. 1 (Fall 2014).


One Man, 100,000 Items: The Jackie Clarke Collection of Irish History,

WESS Newsletter, vol. 37, no. 1 (Fall 2013).

"Online Primary Documentation of Contemporary History: Trends, Changes and Consequences in

the New Millennium" in: Frédéric Clavert and Serge Noiret, ed., L'histoire contemporaine à

l'ère numérique. Contemporary History in the Digital Age (Brussels: Peter Lang, 2013),

pp. 307-315.

"German Views of Amazonia through the Centuries" in: Pamela M. Graham, ed., Migrations and

Connections: Latin America and Europe in the Modern World (New Orleans, SALALM,

2012), pp. 175-184.(Proceedings of presentation below).


Book review of Menorah, Jüdisches Familienblatt für Wissenschaft, Kunst und Literatur (1923-
in Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies, 28, no. 4 (2010): 188-189.

"German Views of Amazonia through the Centuries"

presented at the annual conference of theSeminar for the Acquisition of Latin American

Library Materials (SALALM), Berlin, Germany, July 6, 2009.


"Online Primary Documentation of Contemporary History: Trends, Changes and Consequences in

the New Millennium"

Paper delivered at the conference, "Contemporary History in the Digital Age,"
Luxembourg City, October 16, 2009.


"Into the Imagined Forest: A 2000-Year Retrospective of the German Woods"

presented at the BYU House of Learning Lecture, Provo, Utah, November 20, 2008.


"The Boat is Full: Swiss Asylum Denied," film review in Swiss-American Historical Society Review

44, no. 3 (November, 2008): 26-29.


"Online Narratives of Famous Americans Traveling in Italy"

presented at the Italian Center of the West, Salt Lake City, Utah, September 18, 2008.


"The Current State of Primary Historical Sources Online," BYU Studies 47, no. 1 (2008): 148-52.


Central European Economic History from Waterloo to OPEC, 1815-1975. A Bibliography.

New York: Greenwood Press, 1987.

(Bibliographies and Indexes in Economics and Economic History, 6)


"Scandinavian Social Economics Since 1930:A Bibliographic Note,"

Review of Social Economy 44, no. 2 (l986): 159-77.


"Scandinavian Social Economics, 1850-1930:A Bibliographic Note,"

Review of Social Economy 41, no. 2 (l983): 137-51.


Book review on Swiss-American history in Society for German-American Studies Newsletter 5,

no. 4 (1984): 31.



Librarianship and Library History:


Big Data: Challenges and Opportunities for Digital Libraries.

            presented at the International Conference on Computing in Engineering and the Sciences,

            Istanbul, Turkey, July 30, 2015.


"The Obsessional Information Professional: Four Decades of Versifying Libraries and Librarians"

            published in ScholarsArchive, the BYU Institutional Repository

            Provo, Utah, May 5, 2015.


"Semantic Ontologies for Multimedia Indexing (SOMI): Application in the e-Library Domain"

Library Hi Tech 32, 2 (April 2014): 206-218.

Co-authored with Issam Bendib, University of Badji Mokhtar, Algeria;
Mohamed Ridda Laouar, University of Tébessa, Algeria, and Mat Miles, BYU-Idaho.


"A Social History of Technology in Libraries,"

presented at the International Conference on Information Systems and Technologies,

Tangier, Morocco, March 22, 2013.


"The Role of Web Services in Portal Design: Approaches for an Algerian University Library"

Library Hi Tech 27, 3 (November 2009): 460-479.

Co-authored with Ridda LAOUAR, Univeristy of Tébessa, Algeria, and Mat Miles, BYU-



"Designing an Academic Web Portal" presented by Ridda LAOUAR (with myself as co-author

in absentia)

at Second International Conference on Web and Information Technologies, Sfax, Tunisia,
June 14, 2009


Wozu Outreach in dürftiger Zeit? Fallstudie an einer UB in den westlichen USA

presented at the Berliner Bibliothekswissenschaftliches Kolloquium, Humboldt University,
June 30, 2009.


"Digital Germany: Virtual Archives, Powerful Portals, Wise Wikis,"

Global Resources Newsletter, no. 8 (Winter 2006-2007), pp. 12-13. [Internet File]


"Körperlich gesunde Tage." BuB: Forum Bibliothek und Information 58, no. 7/8 (July 2006): 540.

             A German-language report of the 2006 German librarians' convention in Dresden.


"The WESS East German Study Tour: A Report"

            WESS Newsletter, Fall 2006 [Internet File]


"Online Guides und andere Hilfsmittel zur Informationskompetenz" presented at Seminar on

Teaching Information Skills, Amerika-Haus, Berlin, Germany, March 14, 2006.


"Recognizing, Digitizing, Advertising: GNARP Efforts with Unique German Studies Materials,"

Global Resources Newsletter, no. 6 (Winter 2005-2006), pp. 7-8. [Internet File]


"Types of Digital Library Cooperation in German Studies"

Paper delivered at the Toronto ACRL/WESS program, June 23, 2003.


"The Jewish Community Library in Vienna: From Dispersion and Destruction to Partial Restoration."

Leo Baeck Institute Year Book 47 (2002): 151-172.

"The Current State of European Studies in North America and of Scholarly Publishing in

Western Europe," The Journal of Academic Librarianship XXIV/3 (May 1998): 201-207.

The above article was first presented as a keynote address at the pre-conference of WESS
(Western European Studies Section) of ACRL (Association of College and Research
Libraries) of the American Library Association (ALA) in 1997:

"The Current State of European Studies in North America and of Scholarly Publishing in
Western Europe


"Finding Your Proper Niche in the Bibliotheca Academiae: Or, The Study of Elephant Hunting

Behavior," Collection Management XVII/3 (1993): 25-27.


"The RLG Conoco Study and Its Aftermath: Is Resource Sharing in Limbo?"

The Journal of Academic Librarianship XVIII/1 (1992): 17-23.


"The Germanic Studies Collection at Brigham Young University,"

in: Western European Studies: Current Research Trends and Library Resources,

ed. E. Sartori et al.Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries, 1990.

    (WESS Occasional Publication, 3): 103-109.


"Tomorrow's Research Library: Vigor or Rigor Mortis?"

College and Research Libraries XLIX/6 (1988): 485-493.


"Statistical Assumption-Making in Library Collection Assessment: Peccadilloes and Pitfalls,"

 VII/2 (1985): 17-32.


"Current Trends in the Planning and Development of Northern European Collections,"

Collection Management V/3-4 (1983): 69-87.


"Madrid to Malmö, Thames to Tiber, and Seine to Spree:Being the Letters of Two West European

Studies Bibliographers" [with Eva Kronik, Cornell],Western European Specialists Section

Newsletter VI/2 (1983): 6-12.


Book reviews on librarianship in Collection Management XVI/4 (1992): 99-104 and in

Serials Librarian XXXII 3/4 (1997): 186-88.



Grants and Honors


March 2006:  WESS Study Tour: "Leipzig, Dresden, Weimar: Exploring a Library Landscape"

         [See interactive online report].


October 2003: Nedbook Northwest Europe Award for attendance at Frankfurt Bookfair.


October 1999: Martinus Nijhoff International West European Specialists Study Grant

[to Vienna for research into the fate of the Jewish libraries of Vienna following the Anschluss
of 1938, resulting in the article listed above, published in the
Leo Baeck Institute Year Book


June 1993: Named a Fellow of the Molesworth Institute for Library Humor.


August 1988:National Endowment for the Humanities "Travel to Collections"

[to the Niedersächsische Landesbibliothek in Hannover, resulting in the bibliography on the

contemporary German writer Walter Kempowski listed above].


October 1984:National Endowment for the Humanities "Travel to Collections"

[to the University of Kansas Howey Economic History Collection, resulting in the two
bibliographic articles on Scandinavian social economics listed above].


June-July 1984:Fulbright Commission "Landeskunde Seminar" in Bonn and Berlin.


October-November 1982:[research at the Library of the Weltwirtschaftsinstitut at the University of Kiel, West
Germany, leading to the bibliography on Central European economic history listed above].