A Magazine of the
Fort Huachuca Museum

The Buffalo Soldiers
at Fort Huachuca
The first of three issues

James P. Finley

Volume 1, 1993

Printed in the U.S.A., 1993 ©
Graphic design by Jeanne Reilly




 "Colonel Charles Young,"
1991, James P. Finley,
Colonel Charles Young, 10th U.S. Cavalry,
was for a time in 1917
Fort Huachuca's commander
 Available from:
Huachuca Museum Society
P.O. Box 766
Fort Huachuca, AZ 85613



I. Introduction

1. Buffalo Soldiers at Huachuca: The Traditional Home of the Buffalo Soldier

2. Buffalo Soldiers at Huachuca: The 10th Takes Up Station

3. Uniforms: 1910-39

4. Weapons: 1910-39

5. Equipment: 1910-39

6. Strategy and Tactics: 1910-39

7. Lifestyles along the Border

8. The Situation in Mexico

9. Buffalo Soldiers at Huachuca: Preserving Neutrality

10. Buffalo Soldiers at Huachuca: The Battle of Naco

11. Timeline

12. Buffalo Soldiers at Huachuca: Villa's Raid on Columbus

13. Buffalo Soldiers at Huachuca: Organizing the Punitive Expedition

14. Roll Call: Black Jack---Gen. John J. Pershing

15. Buffalo Soldiers at Huachuca: The 10th Cavalry Joins Pershing

16. Buffalo Soldiers at Huachuca: The 10th Cavalry Marches into Chihuahua

17. Buffalo Soldiers at Huachuca: The Battle of Agua Caliente

18. Buffalo Soldiers at Huachuca: The 10th Cavalry to the Rescue

19. Roll Call: Colonel Charles Young-Black Cavalryman, Huachuca Commander,
and Early Intelligence Officer

20. Roll Call: Brig. Gen. William C. Brown, Regimental Commander, 10th Cavalry

21. Military Intelligence in the American Southwest: Pioneering Aerial Reconnaissance

22. Buffalo Soldiers at Huachuca: The Battle of Carrizal

23. Apache Scouts in the Punitive Expedition

24. Military Intelligence in the American Southwest: Border Spy Network



If these volumes succeed in providing a mildly interesting diversion for a small readership, or even edify a broader audience, it is because several unusually bright people have donated their considerable talent to the project. Foremost among them is Orville Cochran, the first professional director of the Fort Huachuca Museum, who amassed a remarkable archives. After his death on the job in 1969, he was ably succeeded by Dr. Bruno Rolak who continued the foundation work for the emerging museum.

Museum workers who leap to mind by virtue of their distinct contributions are Terry Ray, Staff Sergeant Bernie Hooper, Carmen Kelly, Master Sergeant Mel Jesionowski, Gene Lyons, Karl Wolff, Barbara Tuttle, and Tim Phillips.

Equally as important as the professional staff are the members and leaders of the Huachuca Museum Society (HMS), those unselfish people who give generously of their time and money to see to it that the museum thrives. The HMS board of directors that sanctioned the publication of these first volumes was made up of Preston Holtry, President; Mrs. Jane Gonseth, Vice President; Gary W. Munroe, Sr., Treasurer; Mrs. Vivien E. Blatti, Secretary; Patrick Shane and David B. Emmons, Board Members.

The faithful general membership continue to give in relative anonymity. They may take justifiable pride in the achievements they make possible.

A special note of thanks goes to the incomparable artist, Jeanne Reilly, who accomplished the design, layout, and production work-all those hundreds of hours free of charge. I love her like a sister.

James P. Finley
-------------------------------------------------------Fort Huachuca, Arizona, 1993

Note about the photographs: Most of the photographs used in this issue are unretouched, historic prints. As such, they sometimes are not of the quality and resolution that would be expected today. However, in the interest of preserving both the flavor and authenticity of the era described, they are included without computer enhancement or alteration.

Permission is granted to reproduce for educational or training purposes.