The Great Haig Debate

'The Great Haig Debate,' which originated on the WWI-L discussion list (1995-96), reflects the passionately held and historiographically defensible positions of military historians about both the personality and behaviour of General Haig, and about his conduct of one of the most bloody and wasteful battles of the Great War. Both arguments carry considerable weight, both reflect reasoned scholarship and considered judgement. It may be that we are still too close in time to choose one over the other decisively -- WWW/WWI suggests the student of history read and evaluate each position and be persuaded accordingly.

- A. J. Plotke

Great Haig Debate Articles

Haig: The Great Captain- by Gervase Phillips. (Revised, 2/98)

Haig: Was He a Great Captain?- by Geoffrey Miller. (Revised, 12/97)

The Battle of 3rd Ypres (Passchendaele) - by Geoffrey Miller

(The Battle of) Third Ypres: A Decisive Victory?- by Gervase Phillips. (Revised, 2/98)

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