A wide range of authors have contributed their efforts to bring you this Biographical Dictionary of WWI. Their initials appear at the end of each biography. Below, is a listing of those initials along with the authors' names and a brief description of their research interests. The editors of World War I Document Archive wish to thank all those who contributed their efforts towards making this Biographical Dictionary a useful historical resource.
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AA -- Alan Albright, co-founder of WWW/WWI, is a freelance translator and author, and was for a number of years the official representative of the American Field Service at the French National Museum of Franco-American Cooperation at Blera ncourt. His main field of interest is the history of volunteer medical and social service, in particular the American volunteers in France in WWI.

MBB -- Michael B. Barrett, Ph.D, teaches history at The Citadel, Charleston, SC. where his speciality is Weimar Germany, and has a consequent interest in the First World War. He teaches upper level and introductory graduates course on the war in addition to courses on Hitler, Plato to NATO, etc.

SB -- Suzanne Barrett is a writer with a strong interest in the events surrounding the establishment of the Irish State. At the same time, she is a facilities engineer for a major defense contractor.

PC -- Patrick Collins is an historian by preference and an engineer by profession. With extensive experience in foreign travel (but without the financial success of the subject of his essay) he felt some sense of fellowship, even if he will likely be "not much of a fellow" by Hoover's standards.

RD -- Robert Demaine

NTD -- N. Thompson Downs is an MIS manager, and student of 20th Century Russian/Soviet military history.

SHF -- Suzanne Hayes Fischer holds a BS in geography from Michigan State University and an MA (history) from Indiana University, and is currently employed by the State of Indiana, working on their cultural resources database. She was former museum technician at the Smithsonian (Natural History) and at Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome. and is the author of "Manfred von Richthofen," "Aircraft Production," "Fighter Tactics," "The German Home Front," and "Music in the War," in the Encyclopedia of World War I, Garland Publishing, 1995; "Introduction to a Flying Book," in Over the Front (Winter 1995); and "Schweidnitz Revisited," Over the Front, (Spring 1991)

EF -- Elizabeth Foxwell is an editor and writer in Washington, DC. Her master's thesis on women pacifists in World War II (1990) focused largely on Vera Brittain and received distinction from Georgetown University. A presenter at the 1993 "A Testament to Vera Brittain" conference at McMaster University (Canada), she will have an essay on Testament of Youth in a forthcoming volume from Popular Press.

MF -- Michele Fry is a computer programmer by day, but would rather be engaged in researching the life and work of Siegfried Sassoon for the biography which she wants to write about this complex man. Her interest in Sassoon started with hearing just one of his poems on a radio programme and has grown with each new piece of information she has learned. She hopes to have the full biography on Sassoon researched, written and published in the next five years, day job permitting.

NNG -- Nancy Nygaard Gaynor is an instructor in English and Comparative Literature at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is currently completing a book on VADs during World War One.

EG -- Elizabeth Greenhalgh is Research Assistant/Assistant Editor of War and Society , at the School of History, University College, UNSW, Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra, ACT, Australia.

GH -- Glenn Hyatt is owner of the Fredericksburg Memorial Military Museum (Private), the Historian of VFW Post 3103, Fredericksburg VA., a collector of WWI Artillery, and Member: Co. Mil. Historians, USMC Air Ground Museum Volunteer Staff.

WPI -- William P. Isele is an attorney, scout leader and proud father of a United States Marine.

EGL -- Ed Lengel is currently writing his dissertation in British history at the University of Virginia.

J-MM -- Jens-Marin Mehler is an historian with the Institute Orientale, Beirut.

GM -- Dr. M. Geoffrey Miller, MB.BS. (London), MRCP(London), FACRM, FAFRM, Sydney, Australia, is a Consultant Physician in Internal Medicine, with special interests in the medical problems of war veterans and medical and military history.

TM -- Tom Morgan is an amateur WWI researcher, teacher, and Primary School Principal in the United Kingdom.

GP -- Gervase Phillips, M.Phil., M.Sc., B.A.(Hons), educated at The University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, 1985-92, and currently Lecturer in Modern History at The Manchester Metropolitan University. Research interests span the First W orld War, sixteenth century military history, particularly the Anglo-Scots wars, and computing applications in the humanities.

(A)JP -- AJ Plotke, PhD, is the author of Imperial Spies Invade Russia, and interested in British Empire history, the Hudson's Bay Company and the genesis of modern intelligence organisations. She is co-founder/co-owner of WWI-L, takes all the blame for WWW/WWI, is a member of the Heritage Group, and prior to all of this once was paid to be an historian, ending up (on the occasional day when she wasn't expected to type up the meeting notes for GS-13's), as the historian in charge of designing and implementing the near-real time Haiti Intervention Archive of the Automated Historical Archives, USA, Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. She still listens very carefully to Dr. LH Nelson.

CR -- Craig Renard, Australia.

LR -- Linda Robertson

JR -- Dr. James Roche, Sydney, Australia.

BAR -- Brooks A. Rowlett holds a Master's of Engineering (specialization in Engineering Physics) from the University of Louisville, and has a life-long interest in military, especially naval history. He is an engineer at the Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division, Indianapolis, Indiana (formerly the Naval Avionics Center). In addition to technical publications with restricted distribution, he has produced articles for hobby naval war game publications.

JPS -- John P. Stein, USA (ret).

MS -- Micheal Shackelford, Co-Founder of WWW/WWI, MEd., B.S. in Commercial Design, is a graphic designer in the Boston (USA) area. He is interested in most aspects of the Great War in general, a student of WWI aviation and the German experience in particular.

TT -- Tim Tezer lives in Los Angeles, California and works in the entertainment industry. He is a published writer, and has been collecting medals, orders, and decorations of the world for almost twenty years.

RW -- Lieutenant Colonel Richard J. Whitaker is currently assigned in the Pentagon at Headquarters Department of the Army, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans, Directorate of Strategy, Plans, and Policy, War Plans Division, Washington, DC. LTC Whitaker is an active Great War re-enactor with the Great War Association and a member of the Stokes Mortar Platoon, 116th Inf Rgt, 29th Inf Division.

JY -- James A. Young is Professor of History emeritus at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Wilson College. Dr. Young also serves as a business representative of the PA Social Services Union/SEIU#668 and belongs to the National Writers Union. He has contributed to the books Doves and Diplomats, ed. Solomon Wank; Fear Itself, ed. Nancy Schultz; and Advocates and Activists, 1919-1941, ed. David Izzo, among others.

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