World War I, German Army Groups, 1914-1919, The Eastern Front

German Army Groups, 1914-1919,
The Eastern Front

Commanders of the German Army Groups, Numbered Armies and Named Armies, 1914-1919
A list of all German Army Group, numbered Army, and named Army commanders for the war followed by birth-death dates and the dates of a general's tenure of command. Many generals had several commands, thus if one comes across an officer whose name simply has the dates of the command, that officer likely held a previous army command and appears somewhere else on the list. Keep in mind his initial command may have been on another front or at a lower level. From, 'Führer des Kaiserl. Dt. Feldheeres im Ersten Weltkriege,' Deutsches Soldatenjahrbuch, 1968), 92ff.
GFM=Generalfeldmarschal (Field Marshal)
GO= Generaloberst (General)
GdI (or Kav or Art)= General der Infanterie (Kavallerie, Artillerie) Lieutenant General
GLT=Generalleutnant (Major General)
GM=General Major (Brigadier General)


Oberbefehlshaberost (OBOST): (Commander-in-Chief, East)

Heeresgruppe Linsingen: (Army Group Linsingen)

GdInf v. Linsingen (10 February 1850 - 6 May 1935), 18 September 1915 - 31 March 1918.

Heeresgruppe Hindenburg (Riga): (Army Group Hindenburg, called Army Group Riga at one point).

Heeresgruppe Eichhorn (Kiev): (Army Group Eichhorn, after August 1918 'Kiev')

Heeresgruppe Woyrsch: (Army Group Woyrsch)

GO v. Woyrsch (4 February 1847 - 6 August 1920), 28 August 1916 - 31 December 1917.

Heeresgruppe Mackensen: (Army Group Mackensen, often also called Army Group East, Balkans, and Rumania)

GFM v. Mackensen (6 December 1857 - 6 November 1945), 30 September 1915 - 2 December 1918.

Heeresgruppe Below: (Army Group Below)

GdInf Otto v. Below, 10 October 1916 - 22 April 1917.

Heeresgruppe Scholtz/Macedonia: (Army Group Scholtz/Macedonia)

GdArt Scholtz (23 March 1851 - 2 May 1927), 22 April 1917 - 14 January 1919.

Heeresgruppe (Yildirim) Palestina: (Army Group Palestine)


8th Army

8th Army disbanded and turned into Njemen Army until 30 December 1915.

Reconstituted from the Njemen Army:

9th Army

Moved to Rumania and reconstituted on 6 September.

10th Army

Njemen Army

GdInf Otto v. Below, 26 May 1915 - 30 December 1915.

Deutscher Suedarmee

Bug Army

GdInf v. Linsingen, 6 July 1915 - 31 March 1918.

Donau Army (Rumania)

GdInf Kosch, 28 August 1916 - 19 January 1918.

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