Children of Darkness and Light.

One of the Ten Thousand Soviets

Lenin Speaks

The Red Horseman

A Cathedral of Communist Faith

"The River of Red"

The Sailors Enter Petrograd

Lying Down to Escape Death

Peasant Paradoxes

The Woodchoppers

The Harvesters

Forward to the Light

Obliterating the Past

The Bronze Czar Beheaded

The Illiterate is a Blind Man

Cossack, with Whom are You?

A Crack Fighting Regiment

Red Guards Before the Winter Palace

The Trojan Horse of the Bolsheviks

The Sentinel

Antonov, Head of the Red Guards

Bolsheviks at Study

Bolsheviks under Arms

 At Work

The Sickle and the Book

Palace Passes to the Children

At Play

Bolshevik Milk Maids

Clay Modelling

The Children's Theatre

Trotzky Salutes
The Czar's Surprise Party

A Siberian Mother Mourns her Dead

Ivan Finds a True Friend

The Steel Ring of Bayonets

A Defender of Land and Liberty

Intervention Begins

The Red Funeral

Comrades! Fight Typhus (color)

A Communist Pays the Price

On the Death Train

The Kremlin in Moscow

Table of Contents