...Illustrations in Chapter XIII


 94. A group of colored clerks employed in the Bureau of War Risk Insurance. Front Row, Left to Right---Miss V. L. Comer, Atlanta, Ga.; Mrs. F. Alston, Mobile, Ala.: Mr. W. Bernard Gardner, Philadelphia, Pa.; Miss V. B. Adams, Washington, D. C.; miss F. M Botteese, Washington, D. C.; Miss B. Kebble, Waco, Tex. Second Row, Left to Right---Miss C. J. Tarby, Boston, Mass.; Miss E. M. Cameron, Bimingham, Ala.; Mrs. H. L. Johnson, Washington, D. C.; Miss E. R. Nelson, Laurel, Miss.; Mrs. E. T. Albert, Washington, D. C.


 95. Officials of Young Men's Christian Association Department for Colored Troops. Front Row, Left to Right---Wrn. J. Faulkner, Placement; Jesse E. Moorland, Executive Secretary , Robert B. DeFrantz, Personnel. Back Row, Left to Right-Geo. L. Johnson. Religious work: Max Yorgan, Overseas; Franz Gregory, Religous Work.


 96. Group of Depot Company Segpeants of the 372nd Infantry behind the lines waiting for orders to advance.


 97. Truck Train of 365th Infantry unloadingtroops at Bruyeres. It required the services of 500 big army trucks for three days and nights to transport the 92nd Division from Bourbonne-les-Bains to this point in the Vosges zone.


 98. Group of typical French Colonials. These Senegalese Troops were brought directly from the Colonies in Africa for the war, as fully related in Chapter X of this volurne.


 99. German prisoners of war being brought into camp by the Negro soldiers who surpriserl a large detachment and took thein prisoners.

 100. This group of Colored physicians served during the war as lecturers under Captain Arthur B. Spingarn, Surgeon General's Office, U.S. Army, visiting camps and cantonments and instructing Negro soldiers upon the subject of Sex Hygiene. Top-- Dr. Ralph Burnette Stewart of Washington, D.C.; Dr. C.V. Roman, Nashville, Tenn.; Center--Captain Arthur B. Spingarn; Bottom--Dr. A.B. Jackson, Philadelphia, Pa.; Dr. Roscoe C. Brown of Richmond, Va.


 101. Motor Corps Women did much for the comfort of sick and wounded during the war and after. Two are here shown doing their bit in helping a wounded hero from ambulance into a theatre where a show was given for wounded Colored soldiers.


 102. One of the thousands of Young Negro American Boy and Girl Red Cross Workers who, took part in the Nation-wide drive for war funds.


 103. Commander of Labor Battalion and Staff at Governor's Island. Capt. E.S. Jones was Commander of the U. S. Labor Battalion stationed at this point.


 104. Baltimore War Camp Community Circle. Some of the beds at the War Camp Community Service Colored Club which ss typial of many such clubs organized throughout the entire United States.


 105. Group of colored woman war workers of the New Orleans Chapter of American Red Cross.


 106. Negro Sailors enjoying a few hours' "liberty" in the restrooms, American Red Cross Headquarters, New Orleans.
   107. Left to right: Ernest P. Attwell, who did organization work among the colored people f'or Food Administration. . 1st Lt. Denton J. Brooks, Regimental Insuran, Officer, 365th Infantry, who covered members of his regiment with over $29,000,000 War Risk Insurance. -Chas. H. Williams, Special Investigator for Committee on Welfure of Negro troops and conditions existing among Negro soldiers in camps and war camp community centers.


 108. Capt. Dee Jones, and sample Identification Card printed in English and French carried by all American soldiers of Expeditionary Forces in Europe. On each identity card was shown photo of its owner and a number corresponding with metal tag worn by each soldier

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