Book Price Information

Continental Europe

The following links lead to national statistical databases for information about consumer price inflation, including for books:

To retrieve the German book price index for the years 2003-2007:
1) Go to: Federal Statistics Office
2) On the column of links on the left, click "GENESIS-Online"
3) Login as Guest
4) On the list of subject areas, scroll down to number 61 and click the blue/white arrow on that row
5) Click the blue/white arrow next to "Verbraucherpreise" for a list of consumer prices
6) Click the blue/white arrow under the Tables column of "Verbraucherpreiseindex für Deutschland"
7) Select the third choice, that with code "61111-0003"
8) Click "Value Retrieval" on the right hand side beneath the table
9) Scroll down to "Bücher", which has the code "CC0951"

Portuguese CPI statistics do not reach down to the category level of books, as far as I could find.