Commanding Officers

Major Richard P. Bell, M. C . April 12th, 1918 May 8th, 1918.
Lt. Col. Daniel A. Sinclair, M. C . May 9th, 191 18 Nov. 5th, 1918.
Col. William Lee Hart, M. C . Nov. 6th, 1918.


Major Richard P. Bell, M. C . May 9th, 1918 May 24th, 1918.
Capt. William E. Whelan, S. C . May 25th, 1918 June 21st, 1918.
Major Richard P. Bell, M. C . June 22nd, 1918 August 11th, 1918.
Capt. Alfred P. Chronquest, M. C. August 12th, 1918 August 24th, 1918
Capt. Herbert Sharman, S. C . August 25th, 1918 Feb. 7th, 1919.
Major Wood S. Woolford, M. C . Feb. 8th, 1919 March 17th, 1919
Lt. Fred P. Hall, S. C . March 18th, 1919 April 5th, 1919
Major Lewis E. Inman, M. C . April 6th, 1919.

Executive Officers

Major L. L. Mobley, M. C . Feb. 8th, 1919 March 17th, 1919.
Major Wood S. Woolford, M. C . March 18th, 1919.

The size of the hospital made an Executive. Officer a desirable addition to the administration in order that the Commanding Officer might be relieved of some of his numerous duties, by having the chiefs of the various services---the Evacuating, Receiving and Personnel Officers, the Registrar and the Medical Officer of the Day report to this assistant to the Commanding Officer. The latter is then enabled to devote more time to the more important matters pertaining to Hospital Administration.

Chiefs of the Surgical Service

Lt. Col. Albert Halstead, M. C . May 20th, 1918 Sept. 6th, 1918.
Major Richard P. Bell, M. C . Sept. 7th, 1918 Jan. 24th, 1919.
Capt. Joseph W. Hooper, M. C . Jan. 25th, 1919.

The Surgical Service has been fortunate in that each of the three men assigned as its Chief has been a man of unusual ability. We feel confident that the patients have, at all times, received the best and most conscientious surgical treatment possible.

Chiefs of the Medical Service

Major M. S. Goodkind, M. C . April 26th, 1918 Jan. 4th, 1919,
Major James M. Stoddard, M. C . Jan. 5th, 1919.

Here, as in the case of the Surgical Service, the reports of the Medical Service bear witness to the success of the faithful work and professional ability of the men of the Department.

Chief of the Clinical Service

Major O. Prescott Bennett, M. C Feb. 8th, 1919.

The creation of a Clinical Service, placing under one head the various specialties---opthalmology, oto-laryngology, roentgenology and dental surgery---has been an innovation that has worked well in practice. It has enabled the Chief of the Surgical Service to devote more time to strictly professional duties. The reports of the various departments under this head show the advisability of this change in administration.

Chiefs of the Laboratory

Capt. Kenneth D. Graves, M. C . May 7th, 1918 Feb. 7th, 1919
Major Harold H. Bell, M. C . Feb. 8th, 1919.

The usual difficulties encountered in establishing a satisfactory laboratory in a hospital of this kind have been overcome and at present very good work is being done in this department in all of its branches. This adds materially to the efficiency of the hospital service in the sections. The staff is made up of experienced and capable officers, who are doing most creditable work,

Chief Nurses

Louise Matilda Spohr Sept. 15th, 1918 Mar. 26th, 1919.
Mabel Berry Mar. 27th, 1919.

Evacuating Officers

Capt. John G. Potter, M. C . August 14th, 1918 Oct. 6th, 1918.
Capt. W. H. Byford, M. C . Oct. 7th, 1918 Feb. 7th, 1919.
Major L. E. Inman, M. C . Feb. 8th, 1919 April 5th, 1919.
Lt. Starnes E. Walker, M. C . April 6th, 1919.

Receiving Officers

Capt. John G. Potter, M. C . August 14th, 1918 Feb. 6th, 1919.
Major L. E. Inman, M. C . Feb. 8th, 1919 April 5th, 1919.
Lt. Starnes E. Walker, M. C . April 6th, 1919.

The work of the Receiving Officer has been less exciting since the signing of the armistice as few convoys have been received. Most of the patients I have been brought in by ambulance from the various organizations in this area. The Evacuating Officer, however, has been kept busy with almost daily evacuations of "A" class cases and arrangements concerning the evacuation trains which involve a vast amount of paper work. That the duties of this department have been well performed has been evident to us all.


Capt. John A. Powers, M. C . August 12th, 1918 Nov. Ist, 1918.
Capt. Herbert Sharman, S. C . Nov. 2nd, 1918 Jan. 17th, 1919.
Lt. Charles C. Sutter, M C . Jan. 18th, 1919.

The Registrar's Office has at all times, been a busy place, as the many reports demanded here have required a great amount of work and absolute accuracy is necessary. We have been fortunate in having capable officers in charge of this office.

Personnel Adjutants

Lt. Fred S. Glascock, M. C . June 15th, 1918 August 10th, 1918.
Lt. Thomas R. Maxwell, M. C . August 11th, 1918 Sept. 3rd, 1918.
Capt. Herbert Sharman, S. C Sept. 4th, 1918 Jan. 11th, 1919.
Lt. Merle S. Ward, S. C . Jan. 12th, 1919 Feb. 7th, 1919.
Lt. Fred P. Hall, S. C . Feb. 8th, 1919 Mar. 17th, 1919.
Lt. Merle S. Ward, S. C . Mar. 18th, 1919.

The personnel officer has been kept at work with the numerous records that are a part of his official duties. The making out of the pay-roll and the keeping of records for a hospital with as large a command as this one is no trivial task.

Mess Officers

Lt. John R. Turner, M. C . August 12th, 1918 Oct. 31st, 1918.
Capt. John A. Powers, M. C . Nov. Ist, 1918.

The providing of food for two thousand five hundred patients, nurses and enlisted men in France, with meagre supplies, unreliable transportation and with not one rated cook, was at times a very difficult undertaking. Food shortage was often acute but the Mess Officer was always equal to the emergency and abundant quantities of nourishing food of reasonable variety has been furnished, so that considering the difficulties encountered no ground of complaint has been found.

Detachment Commanders

Major Richard P. Bell, M. C . May 9th, 1918 May 14th, 1918.
Capt. Walter A. Ford, M. C . May 15th, 1918 July Ist, 1918.
Lt. Thomas R. Maxwell, M. C July 2nd, 1918 Oct. 21st, 1918.
Lt. Ralph McFadden, M. C . Oct. 22nd, 1918 Nov. 25th, 1918.
Capt. Clinton D. Hiene, M. C . Nov. 26th, 1918 Jan. 11th, 1919.
Major L. L. Mobley, M. C. 12th, 1919 Feb. 7th, 1919.
Lt. Col. Charles A. Betts, M C . Feb. 8th, 1919.

The office of the Detachment Commander in a Hospital the size of this one is one of the most difficult to fill satisfactorily. With an enlisted personnel of over six hundred and the incessant demand for more assistants from all branches of the hospital, great tact and discrimination must be shown by this officer. That this department has been conducted with the same skill as has been shown in the others is apparent to all.

Medical Supply Officers

Lt. Harold A. Bachman, M. C . June 17th, 1918 Sept. 23rd, 1918.
Lt. M. C. Eaton, Q. M. C . Sept. 24th, 1918 Oct. 22nd, 1918.
Lt. Herschel C. Walker, M. C . Oct. 23rd, 1918 Nov. 30th, 1918.
Capt. William H. Byford, M. C . Dec. 1st, 1918 Feb. 7th, 1919.
Capt. William Alexander, M. C. Feb. 8th, 1919 Feb. 18th, 1919.
Lt. George N. Ragan, S. C . Feb. 19th, 1919 March 17th, 1919.
Capt. Herbert Sharman, S. C . Mar. 18th, 1919.

Railroad transportation being very uncertain in the A. E. F., the Medical Supply Officer has frequently been forced to send trucks for supplies that were most urgently needed. These trucks have often had to travel 400 kilometers over the roads in bad weather. Inevitable shortage in minor supplies has helped to develop, in the hospital personnel, ingenuity in providing substitutes. Since the signing of the armistice the supplies have arrived with fair degree of regularity and such heroic efforts on the part of the supply officer are no longer demanded.


Lt. Melvin C. Eaton, Q. M. C . May 7th, 1918.

The Quartermaster experienced the same difficulty as did the Supply Officer, due to the lack of transportation; however, by the use of many trucks, every patient leaving the hospital was fully equipped with clothing and ordnance.

Fire Marshals

Lt. Melvin C. Eaton, Q. M. C . Aug. 7th, 1918 Aug. 27th, 1918.
Lt. Thomas R. Maxwell, M. C . Aug. 28th, 1918 Sept. 10th, 1918.
Lt. Ralph McFadden, M. C . Sept. 11th, 1918 Jan. 13th, 1919.
Capt. Clinton D. Heine, M. C . Jan. 14th, 1919 Feb. 7th, 1919.
Capt. L. A. Pulling, Q. M. C . Feb. 8th, 1919.

Sanitary Officers

Capt. Frank P. Strome, M. C . August 28th, 1918 Sept. 2nd, 1918
Lt. Samuel D. Greenfield, M. C . Sept. 2nd, 1919. Sept. 17th, 1918.
Lt. William F. Hopkins, D. C . Sept. 18th, 1918 Nov. 6th, 1919.
Capt. W. H. Byford, M. C . Nov. 7th, 1918 Feb. 7th, 1919
Capt. Jason D. Brownson, M. C Feb. 8th, 1919.

Athletic Officers

Lt. Harry D. King, M. C . Aug. 12th, 1918 Feb. 7th, 1919.
Lt. Samuel D. Greenfield Feb. 8th, 1919.

Amusement Officer

Lt. Samuel D. Greenfield, M. C . Feb. 8th, 1919.


Capt. John A. Potter, M. C . Aug. 12th, 1918 Oct. 14th, 1918.
Chaplain J. A. Nesbitt Oct. 14th, 1918 Jan. 30th, 1919.
Lt. Charles C. Sutter, M. C . Feb. 7th, 1919.


Chaplain Thomas B. Roche Feb. 8th, 1919.

Summary Court

Major Richard P. Bell, M. C . May 1st, 1918 May 24th, 1918.
Capt. W. E. Whelan, S. C . May 25th, 1918 June 8th, 1918.
Major Richard P. Bell, M. C . June 9th, 1918 Aug. 23rd 1918.
Capt. Herbert Sharman, S. C . August 24th, 1918 Mar. 3rd, 1919.
Major Lewis E. Inman, M. C . Mar. 3rd, 1919 Mar. 5th, 1919.
Major James M. Stoddard, M. C. Mar. 6th, 1919 Mar. 18th, 1919.
Capt. Herbert Sharman, S. C . Mar. 19th, 1919.

Transportation Officers

Major Lewis E. Inman, M. C . Feb. 8th, 1919 April 5th, 1919.
Lt. William M. Irvine, S. C . April 6th, 1919.

Red Cross Director: Capt. H. W. B. Barnes

Red Cross Searchers: Miss Jessye Branscomb, Miss Genevieve L. Swezey.

The Red Cross, under the direction of Captain H. W. B. Barnes, assisted by Searchers Jessye Branscomb and Genevieve Swezey accomplished wonderful results during the period of activity. Most of the time conditions necessitated long trips by automobile under extreme weather conditions in order to get supplies from Red Cross Depots, all of which were greatly appreciated by the sick and wounded.

The Red Cross Searchers toiled incessantly, distributing supplies and investigating inquiries from loved ones at home, the results of which cannot be over-estimated.

Sergeant Majors

Master Hospital Sergeant,
William G. Somerville
April 12th, 1918 Feb. 7th, 1919
Master Hospital Sergeant,
Ned C. Larimer
Feb. 8th, 1919.

Chief Clerk

Master Hospital Sergeant,
William G. Somerville
Feb. 8th, 1919.

First Sergeants

Sgt. 1cl. Edward B. Sarles April 12th, 1918 July 26th, 1918.
Sgt. 1cl. Edward C. Oney July 27th, 1918 Nov. 15th, 1918.
Sgt. 1cl. Clyde J. Swartz Nov. 16th, 1918 Jan. 10th, 1919.
Sgt. 1cl. Don R. Windle Jan. 11th, 1919 Feb. 7th, 1919.
Master Hospital Sergeant,
Kinlock F. Cole
Feb. 8th, 1919.

Registrar Sergeants

Master Hospital Sergeant,
Francis E. Sheain
Sept. 25th, 1918 Dec. 24th, 1918.
Master Hospital Sergeant,
Walter C. Tenwick
Dec. 25th, 1918.

Personnel Sergeants

1919 May 1st, 1919.
Sergeant Walter R. Bagot Jan. 10th,
Master Hospital Sergeant,
Francis E. Sheain
May 2nd, 1919.

Mess Sergeants

Sgt. 1cl. Warren A. Diehl April 13th, 1918 March 8th, 1919.
Sgt. 1cl. Don R. Windle March 9th, 1919.

Property Sergeants

Sergeant Howard G. Hufnagle Aug. 24th, 1918 Dec. 24th, 1918.
Master Hospital Sergeant,
Francis E. Sheain
Dec. 25th, 1918. May 1st, 1919.
Sergeant Howard G. Hufnagle May 2nd, 1919.

Band Master

Hospital Sergeant, Maurice P. Botts Dec. 12th, 1918 May 2nd, 1919.



Supply Service

Capt. L. A. Pulling, Q. M. C.
Post Supply Officer
Feb. 8th, 1919.

Administrative Service Company No. 186

2nd Lt. Harold W. Grismore, Q. M. C.,
Commanding Company
Feb. 8th, 1919.

On February 8th, 1919, all of the Medical Department activities in what was formerly Hospital Centre, A. P. O. 714, were consolidated into Base Hospital No. 53. The above troops were attached at this time.

Staff of Base Hospital No. 53.





Bachman, Harold A., 1st Lt. M. C . 614 New York Ave., Sheboygan, Wis.
Belli Richard P., Major M. C 1220 North Augusta St., Staunton, Va.
Bennett, O. Prescott, Major M. C Washington, Ill.
Braxton, Henry H., Capt. D. C . 217 East McKinley St., Phoenix, Ariz.
Byford, William H., Capt. M. C . 5528 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Chronquest, Alfred P., Capt. M. C . Hawthorne and Boston Mass.
Eaton, Melvin C., 1st Lt. Q. M. C . 333 North Broad St., Norwich, N. Y.
Foley, Walter E., 1st Lt. M. C . 306 West 16th St., Davenport, Iowa.
Ford, Walter A., Capt. M. C . Kankee, Ill.
Frazier, Nelson R., 1st Lt. M. C . Hotel Puliff, Glen Falls, N. Y.
Frazier, Claude E., Capt. M. C . 2708 East 36th St., Kansas City, Mo.
Girvin, Richard D., Capt. M. C . Villard, Minn.
Glascock, Fred L., 1st Lt. M. C . 515 West Liberty St., Muncie, Ind.
Goodkind, Maurice L., Major M. C . 5329 Hyde Park Bvde., Chicago, Ill.
Graves, Kenneth D., Capt. M. C . Bedford, Va.
Greenfield, Samuel D., 1st Lt. M. C . 579 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Halstead, Albert E., Lt. Col. M. C . 5528 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Heine, Clinton D., Capt. M. C . Hooper, Dodge Co., Neb.
Hooper, Joseph W., Capt. M. C . 415 So. 3rd St., Willington, N. C.
Horrigan, Arthur J., Capt. M. C . 127 Chestnut St., Holyoke, Mass.
Hopkins, William F., 1st Lt. D. C. 2420 Morris Ave., New York City, N. Y.
Kennon, Beverly R., Major M. C . 201 Taylor Building, Norfolk, Va.
King, Harry W., 1st Lt. M. C . 1130 Garfield St., Kansas City, Mo.
Maxwell, Thomas R., 1st Lt. M. C . New Berlin, Ill.
McFadden, Ralph H., 1st Lt. M. C . Chester, South Car.
Northrup, Fred D., Capt. M. C. 624 East California St., Pasedena, Cal.
Pickney, Frank H., 1st Lt. M. C . Normandy Park, N. J.
Potter John G., Capt. M. C . Houlton, Me.
Powers, John A., Capt. M. C . Warrensburg, Mo.
Ross, Vergil A., 1st Lt. M. C . Rossburg, Ohio.
Scull, Charles E., Capt. M. C. 732 North Palmetto Ave., San Antonio, Texas.
Sharman, Herbert, Capt. S. C. Allbright Ave., Ashburn, Montgomery Co., Pa.
Sinclair, Daniel A., Lt. Col. M. C. Polyclinic Hospital, New York City, N. Y.
Strome, Frank P., Capt. M. C . 38 South Main St., Ashley, Pa.
Turner, John R., 1st Lt. M. C . Temple, Ga.
Walker, Herschel C., 1st Lt. M. C . 322 North High St., Hillsboro, Ohio.



Alexander, William, Capt. M. C. care Surgeon General, Washington, D. C.
Argus, Myron G., Chaplain 1st Lt . 404 Pleasant St., Waukesha, Wis.
Bell, Howard H., Major M. C . 425 Logan St., Lewiston, Pa.
Betts, Charles A., Lt. Col. M. C . 423 Terry Ave., Seattle, Wash.
Bock, Clarence L., Capt. M. C . 503 South Courtland Ave., Kokomo, Ind.
Brownson, Jason D., Capt. M. C . Monona, Iowa.
Brown, Harold R., 1st Lt. M. C . 602 West 157 St., New York City, N. Y.
Clurman, A. W., 1st Lt. M. C . Board of Health, New York City, N. Y.
Courtney, J. W., Capt. M. C . 167 Elmwood Ave., Burlington, Vt.
Cruzen, Roy E., Capt. M. C . University Club. Minneapolis, Minn.
Driscoll, Theodore G., 1st Lt. S. C . 312 Summit Ave., St. Paul, Minn.
Fridline, Jacob, Capt. M. C . Ashland, Ohio
Hall, Frederick P., 1st Lt. S. C . Brunswick Apts., Washington, D. C:
Harris, Andrew W., 1st Lt. M. C 623 Lawrence St., Muskogee, Okla.
Hart, William Lee, Lt. Col. M. ~: York, South Carolina.
Heilman, William G., 1st Lt. M. C. 468 West Jackson St., Hope, Ind ,
Heller, James B., 1st Lt. M . C . 317 West Market St., Pottsville, Pa.
Hunt, Lee F., Capt. M. C . 332 West 11th St., Anderson, Ind
Inman, Lewis E., Major M. C., 409 East 10th St., Oklahoma City, Okla:
Irvine, William M., 2nd Lt. S. C . 407 Capitol St., Salimas, Cal.
Jones, Thomas M., Capt. M. C . 310 West 12th St., Anderson, Ind.
Lee, Henry M., 1st Lt. M. C . Decorah, Iowa.
Mauldin, John D., Capt. M. C . New Holland, Ga.
Mayfield, Alfred L., 1st Lt. M. C . Abbotsford, Wis.
Mobley, Lewis F., Major M. C. Walnut and Main Sts., Summitsville, Ind.
Morrow, Thomas M., 1st Lt M. C . Medicine Lake Montana
Nesbitt, J. A., 1st Lt. Chaplain Catonsville, Md .
Pett, William W., 1st Lt. D. C . Indianapolis, Ind.
Ragan, George N., 2nd Lt. S. C . 1920 East Evans Ave., Pueblo, Col .
Riley, George L., 1st Lt. M. C . Merna, Neb.
Roche, Thomas B., 1st Lt. Chaplain Mt. St. Alphonsus, Esopus, N. Y.
Slattery, John L. J., 2nd Lt. S. C . Cresson , Pa.
Stoddard, James M., Major, M. C . 914 West 6th St., Anderson, Ind.
Sutter, Charles C., 1st Lt. M. C . 23 Delamar Ave., Evansville, Ind.
Thomas, Roy C., 1st Lt. M. C Mt. Gilead, Ohio.
Tracy, Julius R., Capt. M. C . Anderson, Ind.
Twachtman, Eric, Capt. M. C . 2221 So. Kedzie Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Van Paing, John F., 1st Lt. M. C . 221 So. Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Walker, Starnes E., 1st Lt. M. C . Dresden, Tenn.
Ward, Merle S., 2nd Lt. S. C . 517 West Pearl St., Union City, Ind.
Weeks, Clark B., Major D. C . Palmetto, Fla.
Wiltrout, Irving, 1st Lt. M. C . Two Rivers, Wis.
Woolford, Wood S., Major M. C . 1263 Cherokee St., Denver, Col.

Officers, Base Hospital No. 53. Langres, France.




Akers, Margaret Jardine Unionville, Missouri
Anderson, Anna Justine Forest Lake, Minnesota.
Argo, Mary Emma 4947 N. Christianna Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Beauchamp, Olive V . Wilson Meniminee Co., Michigan.
Beidler, Mary Allison 2833 17th Ave., Minneapolis, Minn.
Brown, Bertha Susana Leckrone, Pa.
Brown, Dale Arloween . Barry, Illinois.
Brown, Katherine Hay Witten, South Dakota.
Cahill, Bess Lucile Dixon, Illinois.
Callahan, Mary Agness 8515 Pennsylvania, Ave., St. Louis, Mos.
Carney, Margaret Elizabeth Ft. Wayne, Indiana.
Carr, Audie May Rapid City, South Dakota.
Carson, Alma F . Malakoff, Texas.
Cavanagh, Katherine Goldie 145 East 53rd St., New York City, N. Y.
Chenoweth, Meryle Vivian 146 Fellows Ave., Ottumwa, Iowa.
Clark, Rachel Esther 1659 Plainsfield Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich.
Clark, Susie Alice Grants Pass, Oregon.
Coakley, Johanna Agnes West Stockbridge, Mass.
Collins, Eunice Mildred 1050 W. Galena St., Butte, Mon.
Cordes, Irene Dorothy Gladstone, New Jersey.
Edwards, Ferne Pollock, Missouri
Ephlin, Winifred Louise 503 Jefferson Ave LaPorte, Ind.
Farrington, Grace Fillomin Spring Valley, Minn.
Fitch, Ethel Annie Church St., Bridgetown, Annapolis, Nova Scotia.
Fritz, Josephine 648 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich.
Fitzgerald, Eva Julia Kidder, Missouri.
Freeberg, Hilma Wheaton, Minnesota.
Gray, Myrtle Gladys Sumer, Washington.
Greenberg, Lillie Rebecca R. R. No. 1, Amery, Wisconsin.
Haley, Sara Augusta 504 North 2nd St., Rockford, Ill.
Hanser, Esther Rachel Horicon, Wisconsin.
Heraldson, Taletta . Rembrandt, Iowa.
Harrington, Anna Frances 516 1/2 So. St. Louis St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Haupt, Laura May 1211 Cherry St., Williamsport, Pa.
Hedemark, Mabel Sophia Claremont, Cal.
Heney, Eva Alma 56 Harvard St Laconia, New Hampshire.
Henry Julia Agnes 232 Colina Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.
Hinderman, Clara Elizabeth Fairfax, Minnesota.
Hooker, Dora Leone Prymont, Indiana.
Holmes, Martha Dolores 414 West 23rd St., Cheyenne, Wyo.
Horn, Mary Josephine 408 W. Genesse St., Lansing, Mich.
Irish, Lavina Dow East Peru, Maine.
Johanssen, Nora Sophia Pemberville, Ohio.
Johnson, Augusta Elizabeth 21st St., South Hadley Falls, Mass.
Keaton, Martha Elizabeth 522 South Main St., Pratt, Kansas.
Kelly, Flora May 1905 5th St., Eureka, Cal.
Kindt, Janet 111 20th St., Milwaukee, Wis.
Krueger, Bertha Dorothy Reedsburg, Wisconsin.
Lambert, Mildred Estelle 94 Clairmont Ave., Detroit, Mich.
Leas, Helen Jeanette 760 South Webster St., Decatur, Ill.
Lee, Agness 102 Ash St., Nashua, New Hampshire.
Lehman, Estelle Orilla North Manchester, Indiana.
Lindor, Esther Victoria Mandan, North Dakota.
Lizee, Eva Marie Allard, Washington.
Ludwig, Petrea Willie R. F. D. No. 3, Watsonville, Cal.
McBride, Elizabeth Elk River, Minnesota.
McDole, Zaida R. No. 3, Dekalb, Illinois.
McLean, Estelle Laura 1122 Messame St., St. Joseph, Mo.
MacLean, Mary North Port, Ontario, Canada.
McMillan, Grace Aiken Richmond, Jefferson Co., Ohio.
McNerthney, Sue 1508 North Oakes, Tacoma, Wash.
McNiff, Marie Agnes Horseheads, New York.
Mayberger, Philomena A . Columbus, Neb.
Melgaard, Elsie Margaret Lombard, Illinois.
Myers, Claire Irene New York, N. Y.
Nifong, Geneva Virden, Illinois.
O'Connor, Margaret Ellen 37 Carew St., Springfield, Mass.
O'Keefe, Rose Mary 1365 Park Road, Washington, D. C.
Owen, Enfer Ashville, North Carolina.
Palmer, Dorris 1132 Forest Ave., Wilmette, Ill.
Parkinson, Margaret Allen 4508 Oakenwalk Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Pederson, Thyra Elizabeth 118 W. 105th St., Chicago, III
Potwin, Inez Eva Ellington, New York.
Prince, Helen 911 Niagara St., Buffalo, N. Y.
Randall, Helen Fern Milwaukee, Wis.
Robinson, Hortense 050 Eggleston Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Rowley, Bessie A . Kennedy, N. Y
Ruff, Clara Margaret L . Buffalo, Minn
Runyon, Sybil C . 707 South Downing St., Denver, Col.
Schaffner, Edith Evansville, Ill.
Scott, Mary Blanchard 56 Bayard Lane, Princeton, N. J.
Schafranck, Abbie Bertha Wilber, Nebraska.
Spohr, Louise Matilda Manhattan, Kansas.
Spoor, Carrie Ethel Sterling, Colorado.
Smith, Agnes Isabel Vandalia, Illinois.
Smith, Sara Angeline 423 North 4th St., St. Joseph, Mo.
Starin, Frances Allison 273 North Christianna St., Sarnia, Ont.
Stimson, Helen Virginia 231 Bellaire Place, Appelton, Wisconsin.
Sturm, Mabel Belva 224 North University St., Peoria, Ill.
Thompson, Grace Evelyn Glen Ellen, Cal.
Toerner, Meta Adeline 2848 6th St., Port Arthur, Texas.
Urch, Lillina May Davisburg, Michigan.
Waale, Nathalie 6th St., 6th Ave., South Nampa, Idaho.
Welborn, Susie Lee Smoky Butte, Montana.
Wilkins, Ethel Bibiau R. F. D. No. 2, Penscola, Pa.
Williams, Anna T . Glenwood, Minnesota.
Winnington, Olive Iola Hayden Lake, Idaho.
Wintermantel, Kate 827 East Hinneywell Ave., Hoepston, Ill.
Yates, May Margaret 820 North Madison Ave., Peoria, III,


Slocum, Ruth 58 Brighton St., Rochester, N. Y.

Nurses, Base Hospital No. 53.


Adams, Myrtle May 104 Prospect St., Brattleboro, Vermont.
Anderson, Clara 729 Jefferson St., Gary, Indiana.
Baildon, Bertha Malboro on Hudson, New York.
Barnes Edna Pearl 17 Oxford Ave., Belmont, Mass.
Bashaw, Effie Merle 224 Wardwell Ave., West New Brighton, N. Y.
Bauman, Della 621 E. Jefferson St., Fredonia, Kansas.
Berry, Mabel M . Port Hope, Ontario, Canada.
Biddles, Florence Marvel Bedford House, Portman Sq., York PI, London Eng.
Billings, Lydia May 417 West 118th St., New York, N. Y.
Bonifas, Ludvena Bryant, Indiana.
Brown, Esther L . Mount Vernon, N. Y.
Bruton, Frances 207 West Lincoln Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y.
Burnham, Clara Winifred 28 Worchester Lane, Waltham, Mass.
Byers, Lucy B . 2008 North 12th St., Terre Haute, Indiana.
Campbell, Winifred Black Capes, Quebec, Canada.
Chalmers, Williamina Breezmont Park, Riverside, Conn.
Chapman, Jetta Amherst Head, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Chapman, Mabel P . R. R. No. 3, Amherst, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia.
Chapaman, Norma M . 310 Mammoth Rd., Lowell, Mass.
Clark, Mary Summit Hill, Carbon Co, Pa.
Clemenshaw, Eva Luther, Michigan.
Collins, Mary Alice 1218 Stewart St., Winifred, Kansas.
Cook, Marion Cobden, Ontario, Canada.
Crawford, Mary B . Ilderton, Ontario, Canada.
Dawson, Florence 7075 Jenkins Arcade, Pittsburg, Pa.
Davis, Edith Barlybuth, Bracon Wales, England.
Dermody, Julia 18 Thomas St., Rockway Beach, N. Y.
Driscoll, Kathleen 550 50th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Easton, Marguerite Pinconning, Michigan.
Entriken, Esther Route C., R. F. D. West Chester, Pa.
Ferguson, Ethel North Blurnfield, N. Y.
Foster, Esther 6104 Kenwood Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Garrison, Martha French Lick, Indiana.
Geist, Sarah R. R. No. 2, South Whiteley, Indiana.
Grant, Cora 484 Grant St., Buffalo, N. Y.
Gray, Anna Strathglass Farm, Portchester, N. Y.
Grasse, Lulu 1452 Neil Ave., Columbus, Ohio.
Gustat, Jessie 4378 Forest Park Bvd., St. Louis, Mo.
Hagan, Alma 946 W. 32nd St., Indianapolis, Indiana.
Haldeman, Mabel Willowgrove, Pa.
Hanlon, Mary 122 Kingston Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Harkin, Camille 693 Euclid Ave., Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Herndon, Mamie C. Huntington, Indiana.
Jacques, Vera Kings Co., Nova Scotia, Canada.
Jenkins, Luba Box 11, Center Point, Indiana.
Jewell, Edith 405 Main St., Negaunie, Mich.
Johnson, Lulu 940 South St., Toledo, Ohio.
Jones, Annie L . Andalusia, Alabama.
Jones, Lillian E . Elmvale, Ontario, Canada.
Jordon, Ruth Vincennes, Indiana.
Lee, Florence Chatham, Ontario, Canada.
Lee, Mary L . Barnum, Minnesota.
Leveque, Eva Julia 458 Grosvenor Ave., Montreal, Que., Canada.
Liffick, Blanche 412 North Michigan Ave., Marshall, Ill.
Low, Margaret Cleveland, Ohio.
Mathiason, Helena Keyport, N. J.
Meers, Charlotte 124 Pine St., Danvers, Mass.
Miles, Helen 314 Springfield St., Springfield, Mass.
Moir, Dorothea 2236 Estaugh St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Moore, Alice 605 North 18th St., Philadelphia, Pa.
McBride, Mayme Culver, Indiana.
McCarthy, Anna 58 Sylvester St., Brockton, Mass.
McDonald, Loretta Bayshore, Lon., Island, N. Y.
MacDonald, Mary 18 School St., Randolph, Maine.
MacGregor, Margaret Phalen Park Hospital St., St. Paul, Minn.
Nilsson, Betty 3210 Broadway, New York, N. Y.
Nisbet, Pamella 420 Confederation St., Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.
O'Bryan, Dolores Charleston, Missouri
O'Donnell, Katherine 1811 Alain St., Anderson, Indiana.
Olson, Emily 910 Van Lennen St., Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Olson, Laura Port Whig, Wisconsin.
Paulson, Anna Greattinger, Iowa.
Pifer, Mollie Reynoldsville, Pa.
Ray, Mary Sikeston, Missouri.
Rotering, Hulda Cochrane, Wisconsin.
Scattergood, Lucy 2236 Estaugh St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Self, Nancy Ogden, Utah.
Shinn, Grace 921 Highland Ave., Pelham Manor, N. Y.
Silas, Mary 486 Grand St., Bridgeport, Conn.
Small, Harriett 163 Pritchard St., Fitchburg, Mass.
Smith, Evangeline R. F. D. No. 2, Warren, Ohio.
Spangle, Jessie Grace R. R. No. 2, Martinsville, Indiana.
Stamper, Carrie T . New Washington, Indiana.
Sterling, Elizabeth Brooklyn, Ohio.
Stuart, Mary Abigail 34 Summer St., Newburyport, Mass.
Swope, Edna May Bethel, Ohio.
Tierney, Mary Etta 91 Inman St., Cambridge, Mass.
Towne, Blanche E . Sebec, Maine.
Von Seelen, Mary W . 1923 Jackson St., Scranton, Pa.
Wallace, Wilma M . Richmond, Indiana.
Watson, Fanny 31 South 7th St, Terra Haute, Indiana.
Wood, Mary Esther 1268 Pacific St. Brooklyn, N. Y.
Yeager, Carrie Ethel R. R. "A" Farmersburg, Ind.


Von Gunten, Louise Blenheim, Ontario, Canada.
Wagle, Margaret Blairsville, Pa.


BASE HOSPITAL No. 53, A. P. O. 714, A. E. F.

1. Soldiers assigned, pp 4, SO 9, Hq. Hosp. Bn. 14, Camp Greenleaf, Ga., April 6th, 1918.

Master Hospital Sergeants

Somerville, 2579544, William G . I Chestnut St., Amsterdam, N. Y.
Tenwick, 3328887, Walter C 1638 N. Karlov Ave., Chicago, Ill.

Sergeants First Class

Davis, 806322, Clarence M . 210 Clyde St., Youngstown, Ohio.
Freeman, 2579542, Phillip Q . 215 S. Poplar St., Fostoria, Ohio.
Millikin, 2579403, Frank H . 756 Connecticut St., Gary, Indiana.
Sarles, 754033, Edward B . 270 S. 12th St. Newark, N. J.
Schied, 2579512, Walter A . R. F. D. No. 3, Monroeville, Ohio.
Swartz, 2579537, Clyde J . 188 Oakwood St., Barberton, Ohio.
Wiedenhoft, 2579519, Henry A. 231 E. Bancroft St., Toledo, Ohio.
Windle, 806277, Donald A . Garfield, Ohio.
Wiselogel, 3363846, Arthur E . Springport, Mich.

Non-Commissioned Officers, Base Hospital No. 53.


Abrams, 806061, Alexander 21 Berlin St., Rochester, N. Y,
Blacklock, 2579435, James M. 2515 E. High St., Springfield, Ohio.
Brady, 806079, Joseph A. 541 Laurel St., Cincinnati, Ohio.
Chase, 2579443, Pierre 2115 Washington St., Toledo, Ohio.
Doebel, 2579445, Clarence 29 Townsend St., Nor-walk, Ohio.
Erickson, 2579382, Reuben F. R. F. D. No. 2, Marine-on-St. Croix, Mich.
Gardner, 2579541, William W. 218 Victor St,, Toledo, Ohio.
Gleeson, 2579460, Leo 1002 Washington St., Toledo, Ohio.
Kessler, 433106, Clifton P. Bloomfield, Ind.
Marinus, 2579400, John A. Laclede Ave. Memphis, Tenn.
Miller, 2579402, Harold A. 426 S. Hawthorne St., Dayton, Ohio.
Nutter, 2579485, Odbert F. Clarksburg, W. Va.
Nye, 2579507, Merrell 627 South 2nd St., Memphis, Tenn.
Palmer, 2579409, Harry W. 67 W. 10th Ave., Columbus, Ohio.
Sims, 2579506, Kirk W . 2138 Vermont Ave., Toledo, Ohio.
Stewart, 2579414 Ralph P . 923 W. Columbia St., Springfield, Ohio.
Salee, 2579412, Harden 1504 Walnut St., Evansville, Ind.
Walker, 2579525, Albert D . Jackson Hotel, Elyria, Ohio.
Wertheim, 2579538, Roy J . 2123 S. Main St., Findley, Ohio.


Bee, 2579431, Carl H . 786 Locust St., Clarksburg, W. Va.
Chandler, 2579440 Ray F . N. Tilton St., Greenwich, Ohio.
Furst, 806351, Ferdinand J . 4313 Ardmore Ave., Cleveland, Ohio.
Evans, 2579450, Joseph W. 126 Eaton Ave., Hamilton, Ohio.
Fox, 431263, Kenneth E . Box 214, Ellwood City, Pa.
Frank, 2579453 Arthur G. Chestnut St., Elyria, Ohio.
Skelton, 2579497, Earl J . 1113 W. Virginia St., Evansville, Ind.
Waite, 2579523, Warner B. 114 N. Mason St., Owasso, Michigan.
Woofter, 754039, Marvin D. 1415 S. Franklin Ave., South Bend, Ind.

Cooks .

2029 Oliver St., Ft. Wayne, Ind.
Dunten, 2579368, Leslie M
Erdman, 2579451, Otto A . 1054 Blum St., Toledo, Ohio.
Goldberg, 2579458, Harry C. 104 E. 4th St., Elyria, Ohio.
Herzog, 2579468, Clarence J . 727 W. Park St., Sandusky, Ohio.
Johnston, 806163, Glen G 1407 Patterson St., Alliance, Ohio.
Kaszubiak, 2579472, Steve 238 Pearl St., Toledo, Ohio.
La Chapelle, 2579371, George Florence, Wis.
Navakowski, 2579484, Benjamin 8 Lake St., Toledo, Ohio.
Sikaras, 2579509, Charles G . 515 Decatur St., Sandusky, Ohio.
Sowers, 2579500, Arthur 320 Liberty St., Fostoria, Ohio.
Stainforth, 2579499, Alva Lynville, Ill.
Veeck, 2579515, Walter G . 224 Jewett Ave., Dennison, Ohio,
Wright, 2579521, Lewis H . 2234 Montgomery St., Philadelphia, Pa.

Privates First Class

Anstine, 2579426, Robert R . Truit St., Huntsville, Ohio.
Balsley, 2579434, Karl D . 130% Superior St., Toledo, Ohio.
Barker, 2579372 Lancelot Shelbyville, Ill.
Barton, 433397, Fred G . 302 E. Pike St., Clarksburg, W. Va.
Basorico, 2579373, Guisippe 619% E. Michigan Ave., Lansing, Mich.
Bast, 3326901, Joseph D . 902 W. 7th St., Sedalia, Mo.
Blake, 2579436, George E . 374 Belmont Ave., Toledo, Ohio.
Bland , 2579433, Forest L . 267 S. Sandusky St., Tiffin, Ohio.
Blass, 434782, Kenneth U. 919 Dorchester Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich.
Busby, 2579430, Calvin E . 28 Franklin St., Dayton, Ohio.
Carter,, 2579375, Herman N . 352 Crigg St., Memphis, Tenn.
Corbin, 2579378, William 2018 Clifton Ave., Springfield, Ohio.
Culver, 2579439, Verl T . R. F. D. No. 1, Tiffin, Ohio.
Dreifus, 434585, Raymond H . 5066A Eastern Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
Durno, 434691, Norman D . 5230 Carnegie Ave., Pittsburg, Pa.
Eddington, 2579381, Thomas W . 19 Oak St., Waterville, Maine.
Evarts, 2579448, Robert A. 1342 Penn. Ave., Tyrone, Pa.
Ferrell, 2579383, George M. Uniontown, Pa.
Fleck, 2579552, Lawrence F . 17 Walker St., Tiffin, Ohio.
Fledderjohn, 2579455, Herman G. 431 Cherry Pl., Toledo, Ohio.
Foughty 2579454, Chester A . West Liberty, Ohio.
Friend, 2579385 Harry S . R. F. D. No. 1, St. Joseph, Ind.
George, 2579459, Abraham R. F. D. No. 1, Amherst, Ohio.
Gorden, 2579387, Asa H . R. F. D. No. 4, Hartford City, Ind.
Gray, 2579461, William E . R. F. D. No. 1, Bellwood, Pa.
Green, 433519, Joseph H . 509 Glendale St., Kenton, Ohio.
Hague, 2579464, Amos V . 1204 E. Bancroft St., Toledo, Ohio.
Hall, 2579369, Marion F . Marral, Ohio.
Harris, 2579462, Charles J . 421 Walnut St., Findlay, Ohio.
Hauenstein, 2579471, Ray S . Warren St., Toledo, Ohio.
Heidbreder, 2579470, Fred 502 Harrison St., Quincy, Ill.
Heiman, 2579466. Harry C . 913 Huron St., Toledo, Ohio.
Hess, 2579469, Joseph J . 1402 Walnut St., Cincinnati, Ohio.
Holzmiller, 2579467, Anthony F . 1004 Decatur St., Sandusky, Ohio
Jacob, 806156, Clifford 838 Laurel St., Cincinnati, Ohio.
Kakagis, 2579390, George J 1324 12th Ave., East Moline, Ill.
Kelly, 2579477, Patrick J . Cherry St., Toledo, O.
Kelly, 806169, Thomas J . 1119 Valley St., Youngstown, Ohio.
Kennedy, 2579391, Joseph P . 724 Kenton St., Springfield, Ohio.
Kesting, 2579392, George H R. F. D. No. 5, Appleton, Wis.
Kier, 2579474, Ray E . 255 Maple St., Dayton, Ohio.
King, 2579476, Bernard 1322 Columbus Ave., Pittsburg, Pa.
King, 2579393, Fred 7 Seavey St., Waterville, Maine.
King, 2579395, Wilfred R. F . D. No. 5, Springfield, Ohio.
Knauer, 2579394, Edward 3 Laser St., Rochester, N. Y.
Kolb, 2579475, Herman 4 225 South B. St., Hamilton, Ohio.
Kolomeichuk, 806173, Paul W. 11th St., Cleveland, Ohio.
Konczal, 2579473, Frank 1513 Buckingham St., Toledo, Ohio.
Kunsman, 2579478, John R, F. D, No. 3, Norwalk, Ohio.
Larson, 2579396, Carl A. R. F. D. No. 2, Copas, Minn.
Lent, 2579397, Walter L . Stacy, Minn.
Leone, 806179, Carmel 223 Hine St., Youngstown, Ohio.
Linneman, 806184, William 332 Bold St., Cincinnati, Ohio.
Lynch, 2579479, Jacob N . R. F. D. No. 2, Kansas, Ohio.
McCarthy, 2579398, John W . 20 Irvington St., Evansville, Ind.
McEwen, 2579482, Edmund 5 Race St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Malley, 2579399, Francis J. 66 Lincoln Ave., Springfield, Ohio.
Mauck, 2579401, George 114 Hillnay, Ill.
Merritt, 2579406, Frank Toledo, Ohio.
Mitchell, 2579404, William R . 1821 Davis Ave., Lansing, Mich.
Moes, 985204, Alvin F . R. F. D. No. 6, Dubuque, Iowa.
Moore, 2579481 Charley A . Broadway St., Toledo, Ohio.
Nadolny, 2579486, Louis 225 Kosciusco St., Toledo, Ohio.
Nevicki, 2579483, Anastas 642 Detroit Ave,, Toledo, Ohio.
Oury, 2579487, Alfred 816 Madison Ave., Toledo, Ohio.
Payne, 2579410, Edgar W. T . Ashland, Ky.
Posey, 2579411, Curtis 13th St., Ashland, Ky.
Ragland, 2579491, Seals E . 16 E. 9th St., Cincinnati, Ohio.
Reiter, 2579489, Herbert C . 101 Nebraska Ave., Toledo, Ohio.
Robaskiewicz, 2579490, James F . 1133 Evendale Ave., Toledo, Ohio.
Rudiger, 2579493, John R. F. D. No. 1, Castalia, Ohio.
Sabiers, 2579501, Charles H . 247 Tenney Ave., Amherst, Ohio.
Schira, 2579496, William J . Wallaceburg, Ont., Canada.
Schneider, 434284, Edward 1036 Adams Ave., Evansville, Ind.
Schweinger, 2579504, George 220 Columbus St., Toledo, Ohio.
Sengstock, 2579505, Herman C . 616 Jay St., Sandusky, Ohio.
Shegogue, 754057, Frank W . 660 Columbia Ave., Baltimore, Ind.
Sipes, 2579510 Ben G . 11 S. Collett St., Danville, Ill.
Smud, 25795O8, Frank J . 828 Vinton St., Toledo, Ohio.
Staup, 2579498, Roy 124 Grosvenor St., Dayton, Ohio.
Stewart, 2579413, Jesse E . Glen Caston, W. Va.
Steiner, 2579502, Lester M . 822 W. Church St., Orville, Ohio.
Stone, 400465, Carl A . 227 Columbus Ave., New York City, N. Y.
Sturvedent, 2579415, Clair B . R. F. D. No. 2, Paradise, Kansas.
Thompson, 2579513, Harry C . Bridgeport, W. Va.
Thompson, 431800, James R . Three Churches, Hampshire Co., W. Va.
Thrash, 2579514, Oral B . Lost Creek, W. Va.
Trimble, 2579421, Harry E . 136 E. 2nd Ave., Columbus, Ohio.
Trimble, 2579420, James E. 111 Island Ave., Lansing, Mich.
Tyndall , 2579418, Marquis Spencerville, Ind.
Van der Laan 2579422, Richard 122 East 5th St., Patterson, N. J.
Videen, 2579423 John E . Copas, Minn.
Walker, 2579424, Harry Pokiwteras, W. Va.
Wallace, 2579425, Frank H Chestnut St., Terre Haute, Ind.
Walsh, 2579522 , Stephen Lyme Twp., Huron, O.
Weir, 2579520 , Clarence 3127 Franklin St., Toledo, Ohio.
Wellington, 2579518, William J . 2001 South 1st St., Elwood, Ind.
White, 2579516, Frank R. .- State Hospital, Dayton, Ohio.
Wyndham, 2579524, Frank E Perry St., Tiffin, Ohio.
Zakrzewski, 2579528, Leo F . 2927 Hartman St., Toledo, Ohio.


Barncord, 434698, George H . Mt. Savage, Allegheny Co., Md.
Curtis, 2,579438, Arthur L. 30 E Mechanic St., Titusville, Pa.
Fahey, 2579384, Leo E . 363 Girard St., Marion, Ohio.
Graham, 2579540, Joseph W . Wayne St., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Lewis, 806180, James E . 502 W. Clay St., Collinsville, Ill.
Oran, 2579408, John 119 W. Franklin St., Evansville, Ind.
Short, 2579495, Ray 740 Superior Ave., Toledo, Ohio.
Sporrer, 2579511, Joseph 1311 Ontario Ave., Toledo, Ohio.
Stevenson, 2579494, George H . 1311 Edison Ave., Hamilton, Ohio.
Zakrzewski, 2579527, John 2927 Hartman St., Toledo, Ohio.

2. Soldiers who have joined subsequent to August 7th, 1918, date of arrival of Detachment at Langres, France, A. P. O. 714, A. E. F.

Master Hospital Sergeants

Cole, 6610, Kinloch F . Crowell, Texas.
Larimer, 1297207, Ned C . 217 Cirrillo St., Santa Rosa, Cal.
Sheain, 6810, Francis E . 512 N. Carey St., Baltimore, Md.

Hospital Sergeants.

Botts, 2068009, Morris P . 3607 Ellis Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Hopper, 2276489, Russell M . White Sulphur Springs, W. Va.

Sergeants First Class.

Chamberlain, 5423, Harry Saginaw, Mich.
Garrity, 1262826, Bernard F . 23 Rector St., East Hartford, Conn.
Harris, 805151, Henry C . 4th and Hardin Sts., Arkadelphia, Ark.
Huffnagle, 808933, Howard G . Lighthouse Rd., Westville, N. J.
McGill, 804838, Charles P . 609 N. Columbia St., Union City, Ind.
Millard, 3463369, Arnold A . 503 E. Telegraph St., Carson City, Nev.
Morton, 804870, John W. 517 N. Howard St., Union City, Ind.
Murchison, 3448261, John D . 2924 Benvenue Ave., Berkeley, Cal.
Murray, 645098, Raymond J . 187 Camp St., Meriden, Conn.
Reese, 2067809, James M . Smith Center, Kansas.
Rivers, 1794, Frank H . 4824 Winona Court, Denver, Col.
Rizner, 1552476, Andrew Union, Conn.
Schulz, 3362325, August G . 8191/2 12th St., Altoona, Pa.
Smith, 760177, Claude R . Liberty, S. C.
Stubbs, 805161, Charles D . 622 1/2 Main St., Little Rock, Ark.
Weiss, 2793194, Benjamin 1410 Wilkins Ave., New York City, N. Y.


Albert, 3032944, Louis 96 Cook St., Waterbury, Conn.
Bagot, 804840, Walter R . 342 W. 8th St., Anderson, Ind.
Bisbee, 2352965, John G . 1651 W. 24th St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Byrkett, 804845, Wilford B . 1625 Central Ave., Anderson, Ind.
Carver, 2291963, David F . 2211 Warren Ave., Seattle, Wash.
Dameris, 835288, William A . 200 N. 12th St., St. Louis, Mo.
Denis, 2824781, Walter P . 2138 W. Polk St., Chicago, Ill.
Duperrault, 3025342, Ernest W . 1295 7th St., Milwaukee, Wis.
Ellitson, 3337157, Adam D . 1110 Beltrame Ave., Bemidji, Minn.
Hanson, 4801, Edwin 0 . Lisbon, N. Dakota.
Hedmark, 2068038, Arthur 6844 Champlain Ave Chicago, Ill.
Hennessy, 38112, John L . 17 Peabody St., Newton, Mass.
Hoge, 843095, George R . 1619 Ridge Ave., Evanston, Ill.
Hook, 804860, James M . 531 N. Howard St., Union City, Ind.
Hoover, 3463388, Chester L . 1614 West 16th St., Oklahoma, Iowa.
Leahey, 2856169, Glen A . Comfrey, Minn.
McDonald, 3448259, Caleb R . R. F. D. No. 5, Antigo, Wis.
Minehane, 3464270, Patrick J . 1123 Cramer St., Milwaukee, Wis.
Morrow, 3049077, Elmer H. 1610S . Yewdall St., W. Philadelphia, Pa.
Moynihan, 3462678, John H . 519 E. Elm St., Wichita, Kansas.
Muller, 3026035, James H. Big Heart, Okla.
O'Dell, 3369044, Alfred C. Hinsdale, Ill.
Pfieffer, 2823254, Ervin C. 419 8th St., Oshkosh, Wis.
Robbins, 1415969, Harry W. 1601 11th Ave., Greeley, Col.
Rosenbush, 804872, Russell W . 323 N. Walnut St., Union City, Ind.
Royster, 2292589, Herbert N . 1930 8th Ave., Birmingham, Ala.
Ruane, 3155914, Mathew F. - Waverly Oaks Pl., Waltham, Mass.
Schuetz, 3043562, Joseph E . 3409 Broadway, Kansas City, Kansas.
Tallentire, 638378, Ames R. Apt. 405, Alabama Apts., Washington, D. C.
Triplett, 2067893, Fred R. Bend, Oregon.
Walters, 1542625, James C. 1615 Cornelia St., Chicago, Ill.
Wehler, 1442473, Raymond E. Algona, Iowa.
Wiemers, 935451, Nicholas 549 19th Ave., Moline, Ill.
Williams 3028491, Melton H . Francis, Okla.
Wobig, 1442750, Elmer E . Pine Island, Minn.
Wright, 14272, Gordon D . 769 Tatum Ave., St. Paul, Minn.
Youngs, 727163, Robert W . 1200 Barber Ave., Little Rock, Ark.


Ayers, 2587429, William A. Temple, Ga.
Bailin, 3030384, Joseph 161 Henry St., New York City, N. Y.
Chambers, 804848, John H. 827 Lake Ave., Battle Creek, Mich.
Davidson, 2581676, Samuel C . P. O. 312, Beaver, Pa.
Geary, 3156732, John J . 13 Beacon St., Salem, Mass.
Hardesty, 2713309, Dudley R . Ryceville, Md.
Harris, 3102979, Elmer J . Mound City, Ill.
Hill, 1773179, Roy N . Leechburg, Pa.
Lane, 3160056, James 24 Chapman St., Charlestown, Mass.
LeBlanc, 1672004, Adelard 69 S. Main St., Fall River, Mass.
Maher, 34,62519, Arthur J . 903 7th Ave., Worthington, Minn.
Newburg, 2789823 , Otto 17 Manhasset PI., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Norton, 935727, James A . Turner, Kansas.
O'Brien, 3151120, Edward W . 7 Sunnyside, Belmont, Mass.
O'Brien, 3160027, William R 39 Soley St., Charlestown, Mass.
Shaw, 804874, Hugh G . 217 W. Oak St., Union City, Ind.
Smiley, 1454201, Samuel L . 2001 Illinois Ave., Granite City, Ill.
Stewart, 4439639, Samuel 332 Grove St., Bridgeport, Pa.
Wagner, 804835, Winton A . 503 W. 5th St., Anderson, Ind.


Alligood, 2587485 , Manson B . R. F. D. No. 4, Thomasville, Ga.
Auderer, 2996051 Harry . . 209 W. 8th St., Little Rock, Ark.
Bristol, 3033204, Edward R . Canton Center, Conn.
Clemons, 3208402, Leon K . McWilliams, Ala.
Hanson, 3025273, Oscar B . Woodville Wis.
Hilligoss, 804839, Kenneth V . R. F D. No. 5, Andersonville, Ind.
Hudson, 804861, Roy Calhoun, Mo.
Jelinek, 1671845, Emil Chicago, Ill.
Jennings, 1671990, John Jr . 358 Lowell St., Lawrence, Mass.
Lerche, 2135340, Edwin 0 . 1222 Main St., Evansville, Ind.
Menjin, 1690284, Sarkis G . 79 Waltham St., Boston, Mass.
O'Brien, 1672043, James H . 365 President Ave., Fall River, Mass.
Moccia, 4440810 Mennato 552 E. Main St., Norristown, Pa.
Schmidt, 3102774 William J . Valmeyer, Ill.
Sova, 3102875, Mathew Collinsville, Ill.
Straus, 3704299, Frederick L . 1071 Grand Ave., Newport, Ky.
Virgil H . 553 Woodward Ave., Atlanta, Ga.

Privates First Class

Adair, 1442389, Lawrence F . 412 Thompson Ave., Waterloo, Iowa.
Baessler, 3260059, Jacob J . Mable Vale, Ark.
Baldwin, 2067896, Almon H . 3527 Cottage Grove Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Bauer, 3048819, William 2566 Emerald St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Bernat, 2460801, Eugene 4 Bishop St., Jamaica Plain, Mass.
Benefiel, 804841, Leon G . Pendleton, Ind.
Biddle, 804842, Jesse S. = R. F. D. No. 46, Markleville, Ind.
Binnings, 977806, Elza Yale, Okla.
Bitner, 804843, John R . Anderson, Ind.
Blair, 3261539, Harvey N . Camden, Ark.
Blanchard, 2790190, Edward 128 Colyer St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Bostick, 2820216, Edward J . 1515 W. Munroe St., Chicago, Ill.
Boyce, 3259938, Samuel L . Foreman, Ark.
Branton, 2588615, Arthur F . Cartersville, Ga.
Brown, 804844, Harry S . 429 Jackson St., Anderson, Ind.
Brumback, 1350484, Carl E. 2230 4th Ave., Birmingham, Ala.
Buntrock, 3025734, Walter J . 601 10th St., Watertown, Wis.
Call, 804846, Joseph N . 404 Jackson St., Anderson, Ind.
Campbell, 804847, Malcolm 772 Jackson St., Anderson, Ind.
Chamberlain, 804849, Joseph M . Pendleton, Ind.
Clark, 804851, John A . 36 N. Main St., Pendleton, Ind.
Clark, 3445370, Walter W . R. F. D. No. 2, Carleton, Neb.
Cole, 2083894, Howard G . 441 Day St., Galesburg, Ill.
Conatser, 936975, Homer M . Bernie, Mo.
Cook, 804853, Robert M . 1327 Jackson St., Anderson, Ind.
Corbett, 804854, William L . 1737 Delaware St., Anderson, Ind.
Crady, 2083794, Delbert A . Prairie Du Chien, Wis.
Degrave, 3337875, Gustaff . 720 17th Ave., Moline, III.
Dilley, 979966, Bill Noxie, Okla.
Dillon, 1576213, Karl M. Marion, Ind.
Doerr, 2067539, Harry St. Anthony, Idaho.
Dollar, 979604, Ross L . Montpelier, Ind.
Dwyer 1442404, Leo M . Oelwein, Iowa.
Enders, 804856, Frank J . 940 N. Belmont Ave., Indianapolis, Ind.
Erickson, 2084970, Hjamlas G . White Rock, S. D.
Farren, 804857, James H. 763 Meridian Ave., Anderson, Ind.
Fisher, 492218, Laddie P . 3858 N. Paulina St., Chicago, Ill.
Gaines, 2583011, John R . Derry, Pa.
Gardner, 2898133, Albert R.F.D. No. 3, Louisburg, Ky.
Giese, 2829051, George E . 707 Forrest St., Wausau, Wis.
Giese 2830027, Walter J . 707 Forrest St., Wausau, Wis.
Godberson, 3026022, Charles G. Ponca City, Okla.
Goings, 2587545, Merle E . R. F. D. No. 3, Moultrie, Ga.
Goss, 2585401, Emos B. 0 518 N. Fredericks St., Lancaster, Pa.
Grossnickle, 1569567, Russell L . N. Manchester, Ind.
Gunn, 443891, Ray B . 1047 W. Broadway, Toledo, Ohio.
Hammel, 1580996, Ralph C . Mulberry, Ind.
Hanna, 2585441, William J . 1943 S. Cecil St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Hanson, 2831228, Frank E . Chetek, Wis.
Hardman, 804858, Walter M . 1321 Pearl St., Anderson, Ind
Harrison, 2791828, Charles F . 325 52nd St., Brooklyn, N. Y
Harwell, 2587305, Joseph B . 18 Capital PI., Atlanta, Ga
Heath, 2588639, Olen Cartersville, Ga
Heilman, 2582360, Earl M Manor Twp, Pa
Herbst, 1442462, Theodore T' . Algona, Iowa
Hicks, 2711171, Harry 2817 W. Albert St., Philadelphia, Pa
Hill, 804859, Perry L. 499 Maple St., Anderson, Ind
Howse, 1884629, Robert G . Trenton, Tenn
Hogan, 3029043, Frank 1673 W. loth St., Brooklyn, N. Y
Hubbard, 1557233, Tipton L . 213 3rd St., Frankfort, Ky.
Humphrey, 1978518, Sheldon L. Morgantown, Ky.
Jaffe, 3366597, Joseph A. 335 Cherry St., New York City, N. Y.
Jensen, 1442564, Raws A . Alvord, Iowa.
Jessup, 804862, John H . R. F. D. No. 26, Modoc, Ind.
Johnson, 2291033, Arthur G. N. Quine St., Tacoma, Wash.
Johnson, 1223615, Homer R . R. F. D. No. 3, Kernersville, N. C.
Jones, 2580119, John T. Wilmington Ave., Washington, Pa.
Kelley, 2725994, John R . 209 Appleton St., Lowell, Mass.
Kirschman, 4079579, Charles K . 316 Linwood Ave., Carrich, Pa.
Knotts, 429799, Albert R . Nottaway, Va,.
Krassner, 5787, Louis 73 Ross St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
LaHaye, 2832404, William J . 334 8th Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich,
Lane, 1508330, Edgar R. F. D. No. 1, Kellerville, Ill.
Lausch, 2082927, Walter 709 Jackson St., Charles City, Iowa,
Leidecker, 2587751, Frank J . 246 Emerson Pl., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Lindsey, 804863 Alva J . R. F. D. No. 2, Anderson, Ind.
Loosebrock, 3333956, Leo A . Linsmore, Minn.
Loscalzo, 2531534, Joseph 87 3rd St., Long Island City, N. Y.
Lundburg, 2076790, Carl J . R. F. D. No. 7, Litchfield, Minn.
McCall, 3464168, Edward D . Sharon Springs, Kansas.
McCallister, 804866, Charles G . 2001 Fletcher St., Anderson Ind.
McDonald. 980682, Clarence J. Dorsey, Nebraska.
McFarland, 2727675, Pearl M . Barharbor, Maine.
McGlumphy, 2580265, William L . Highland Ave., West Alexander, Pa.
Macklin, 980666, Howard A . Bloomfield, Neb.
Maher, 3448127 , Edward C. 903 7th Ave., Worthington. Minn.
Mark, 3462530, John M . F. D. No. 2, Dexter, Kansas.
Martin, 804865 Charles H . Broadway St., Pendleton, Ind.
Martin, 3707164, Lyter Ghent, Ky.
Matthias, 3463883, John F . R. F. D. No. 2, Perry, Kansas.
Maxwell, 34,64011, Vernon E . Englevale, Kansas.
Meckel, 804869, George C . 312 W. 8th St., Anderson, Ind.
Melton, 3504531, Benjamin H . Ft. Worth, Texas.
Metropoulos, 2254511, Harry J . 1311 Delaware Ave., Bartlesville, Okla.
Miner, 938220, Lewis D . Prosperity, Pa.
Mitchell, 3463845 , Ernest R . R. F. D. No. 3, Burlington, Kan.
Murrell, 2254683, Oliver 0 . Church Point, La.
Naples, 1542443, Morris 315 Mechanic St., Bethelem, Pa.
Nichol, 804871, George W . 329 W. 11th St., Anderson, Ind.
Park, 938400, William E . Lynch, Neb.
Pawlowski, 3193347, Arthur 0 . Union St., Holbrook, Mass.
Pflueger, 3102762, Ernest Redman, Ill.
Plue, 3104925, Cecil L . 1739 Missouri Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
Putman, 745223 , Gordon A . 232 Prospect St., Manchester, N. H.
Putman, 7442619, Harry L . 2005 S. Alice St., Sioux City, Iowa.
Ralls, 938632, John W . Taylor, Neb.
Releford, 3704967, Jim Burnside, Ky.
Rhodee, 2833143, Arthur J . 263 Concord St., Oconomowoc, Wis.
Rieben, 4439271, Edward J. S . 2632 W. Cumberland St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Rognley, 638175, Peter H . Hills, Minn.
Rosinski, 3048810, Stanislaus 2511 Webb St., Richmond, Philadelphia, Pa.
Russell, 2579322, Charles L. 618 2nd St., Dennison, Ohio.
Ryan, 2034303, John F . 101 Oakland Ave., Battle Creek, Mich.
Santorski, 980038, Stephen 2708 N. 10th St., St. Louis, Mo.
Sbar, 2583930, Morris 16 W. 117th St., New York City.
Schaller, 33333811 Richard E . 415 Bryant Ave., Minneapolis, Minn.
Schlatter, 804873, George H. Jackson St., Anderson, Ind.
Schnur, 4439768, Paul P . R. F. D. No. 3, Butler, Pa.
Schroeder, 980435, Rudolph F . Seymour, Mo.
Schumann, 1442584, Rudolph Schleswig, Iowa.
Scott, 980914, Edward P . Battle Creek, Neb.
Shaw, 445675, Daniel A . 7 S. Broadway St., Baltimore, Md.
Shoemake, 1671874, Claude M . R. F. D. No. 1, New Palestine, Ind.
Slater, 804875, Vern 2326 Central Ave., Anderson, Ind.
Smiley, 3092884, Levi A . Colo, Ky.
Snyder, 2579350, Maniel G 541 N. 7th St., Allentown, Pa.
Springer, 4439638, Joseph W . R. F. D. No. 1, N. Wales, Pa.
Steele, 3705086, Joseph Coulterville, Ill.
Stanley, 3069847, John J. Jr . 2007 Flint St., Waco, Texas.
Straub, 804877, John T . 68 E. 9th St., Anderson, Ind.
Strong, 2067610, Harry L . Kaysville, Utah.
Sulko, 3032146, Andrew 500 Hallett St., Bridgeport, Conn.
Swick, 3463055, Herbert T . 100 N. Oak St., McPherson, Kansas.
Taylor, 4440977, Charles H . Olanta, Pa.
Templeton 804878, Harry D . St. Paul, Ind.
Thompson, 2085017, Oliver Milan, Minn.
Thunholm, 2040211, John G . 3232 N. Clark St., Chicago, Ill.
Ventresco, 1193600, Attylo 937 Harrison Ave., Columbus, Ohio.
Weimer, 804881, Golda S . R. F. D. No. 40, Union City, Ind.
Wert, 1581258, William 2310 W. 11th St., Marion, Ind.
Whiteker, 18166, Taylor J . Valley Center, Cal.
Willette, 3160263, Grover C . Houlton, Maine.
Wills, 1557246, Arnold 0. Beatyville, Ky.
Wyllie, 2082940, John M. 522 Jefferson St., Rockford, Ill.
Yeager, 3337617, Ervin J. H . Sanborn, Minn.


Adair, 3023900, George W. Stillwell, Okla.
Allman, 3024048, Vernie W . 721 1st St., Miama, Okla.
Arnold, 2578390, Charles M . Tourin, Ga.
Beasley, 2588958, Joe Georgetown, Miss.
Biggers, 2587594, David L . R. F. D. No. 4. Monroe, Ga.
Blau, 3025763, Simon E . Plain, Wis.
Bowen, 2.587431, Walter E . Carrollton, Ga.
Bracewell, 2588122, Billie Dublin, Ga.
Brock, 2588541, William R. R. F. D. No. 1, Cartersville, Ga.
Brown, 3027638, Elster B . R. F. D. No. 2, Tulsa, Okla.
Brunner, 3032483, John J . Relay Place, Conn.
Bultemeier, 3094237, Martin Decatur, Ind.
Bunn, 2587392, Allen H . R. F. D. No. 4, Senoia, Ga.
Busby, 980099, John H . Nowata, Okla.
Campbell, 1863194, James H . R. F. D. No. 3, Inman, S. C.
Carmical, 2587397, Wilbur G . R. F. D. No. 2, Senoia, Ga.
Carter, 2587433, Vivian R. F. D. No. 1, Whitesburg, Ga.
Clemmons, 3702942, Charles H . Edmonton, Ky.
Connolly, 3029620, Floyd A . Ringgold, Ga.
Conrad, 804852, Ronno J . W. Division St., Union City, Ind.
Countz, 3273909, Edward F . Little Rock, Ark.
Couzounis, 3041165, James . Temple St., New Haven, Conn.
Degagne, 1508325, Arthur M . 23 Main St., Biddleford, Maine.
Delange, 2583528, Harry H . 452 Beach St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Davey, 3463522, Karl W . 102 Grand Ave., Endicott, N. Y.
Depoyster, 937180, John G.~ Sam Blam, Mo.
D'Eramo, 2582415, Leonard 710 5th Ave., New Kinsington, Pa.
Dial, 980072, Oran Tar River, Okla.
Dunn, 3029525, Frank H. Troy Ave., Brooklyn, N. 'Y.
Easdale, 3463358, Donald R. F. D. No. 2, Ottawa, Kansas.
Edwards 3041972, James J . 463 3rd Ave., West Haven, Conn.
Elmer, 3025856, John B . R. F. D. No. 6, Oshkosh, Wis.
Elmore, 3023625, Jesse C . Seviesville, Tenn.
Finley, 3033159, Garry J . 35 Clark St., New Haven, Conn.
Fish, 3463311, William M . Hydetown, Pa.
Flannary, 3026150, George E. Stigler, Okla.
Fleming 2563765, Howard J . McComb City, Miss.
Francis, 3767996, Roy C . R. F. D. No. 1, Linncreek, Mo.
Frederich, 3025773, Charles F . 2412 Rilbourn Ave., Milwaukee, Wis.
Fugett, 3025070, Dilbert Muldrow, Okla.
Fuller, 4444076 Joseph M. Heagoo, Pa.
Gallagher, 2585230, Albert 1. 2525 S. Isminger St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Gallagher 2584053, Edward 432 N. 19th St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Galvin, 3156512, John F . 53 Henry St., Cambridge, Mass.
Gawrilowicz, 3201395, Tony 94 Clay St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Geraldi, 3203244, Leonadi 2 Lowell Pl., Jamaica, N. Y.,
Gilbertson, 2291675, Tollef 3927 Hoyt St., Everett, Wash.
Gillespie, 3026065, Floyd Porter, Okla.
Glass, 3702686, Fred Waddy, Ky.
Goldstein, 4187090, Medill 34 Sargents St., Lynn, Mass.
Goodchild, 2584586, James 4220 Parrish St., W. Philadelphia, Pa.
Gover, 3145558, Emery 0 . R. F. D. No. 2, Houlton, Me.
Greene, 3152837, Harry H . 34 Tyler St., Springfield, Mass.
Griesmer, 2531863, Andrew A . 1001 S. 7th St., Allentown, Pa.
Gutzman, 2035702, Arthur R. F. D. No. 4, Green Bay, Wis.
Haack, 3447041, Michael J . 1224 W. Mason St., Green Bay, Wis.
Hahesy, 3156369, Thomas J . 55 Harding St., Somerville, Mass.
Hall, 4002089, Ira R. F. D. No. 2, Martel, Tenn.
Hamilton, 3702883, Joe B . Mudlick, Okla.
Hamilton, 3026153, Andrew Stigler, Okla.
Haney, 3584512, James P . 1706 Callowhill St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Hansan, 3464247, Joseph F. St. Marys, Kansas.
Harrison, 2584084, Thomas 719 19th St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Hart, 2584064, John 823 N. 28th St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Harvey, 3148639, Charles E . 416 Talbot Ave., Dorchester, Mass.
Heald, 2584051, William F . 920 Fairmont Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.
Hedegard, 493563, Alvin A . Bismark, N. D.
Hernandez, 2584408, Lewis 738 N. 20th St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Hilbert, 2712065, Fremont P . R. F. D. No. 2, Mertztown, Pa.
Hobbs, 4002042, Thomas V . R. F., D. No. 1, Tyty, Ga.
Hodupp, 9421, Hubert C . Jonesboro, Ind.
Hogan, 3149957, James J . 53 Court St., Medford, Mass.
Hollingsworth, 1448338, Clarence Benedict, Kansas.
Hortman, 638104, Elmot Columbus, Ga
Howard, -3160140, John A . 42 Broad St., Woburn, Mass.
Hubble, 3025478, Lewis Sallisaw, Okla.
Huebner, 3102959, Louis G . R. F. D. No. 1, Fultz, Ill.
Huff, 3912210, William A . Austin, Col.
Huffstetler, 1581748, William E . Jenny Lind, Ark.
Hysom, 4187013, Walter E . 23 Fay St., East Lynn, Mass.
Iddings, 3088962, Clarence H . 4915 Bunker Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
Issermoyer, 2584287, Walter H 619 N. 9th St., Allentown Pa
Janecko, 2580574, John C . Mt. Pleasani, Pa:
Jester, 2584042, Joseph E . 1926 North St., Philadelphia, Pa,
Jewell, 459316, Cyril H. .3605 Franklin St., Bellaire, Ohio
Johnson, 3157669, August A . 96 Ridge St., Manchester, Conn'
Johnson, 3777786, Henry N . R. F. D. No. 5, Bloomington, Ind.
Julian, 3150510, Frank E . 154 Wallins St., Winsted, Conn.
Kelberg, 2560589, Knute Watford City, N. D.
Kelly, 2585306, James T . 103 Baltimore Ave Clifton, Pa.
Kelly, 3196452, William J. Boulevard St., Long Island City, N. Y.
Kelty, 2581706; Walter ....... Cannelton, Pa.
Kemmerer, 2584323, Herbert C . R. F. D. No. 6, Allentown, Pa.
Kirchner, 2585210, Frank X. 637 Polar St., Lancaster, Pa.
Kirkbride, 3083368, John H . Vermont, Ill.
Kneller, 258444 , Lloyd 0 . 542 Harrison St., Allentown, Pa.
Koch, 2700039, William H . Montevideo, Minn.
Koppenheffer 2584406, Henry 609 Chew St., Allentown, Pa.
Lamson, 1442424, George H Sioux City, Iowa.
Langlois, 3193438, Alcide 1529 Acushnet Ave., New Bedford, Mass.
Leibensperger, 2584353, Edward M . 48 Hamilton St., Allentown, Pa.
Lewis, 3699580, Gorden E . London, Ky.
Liebman, 2728304, Ernest C . R. F. D. No. 1, Eliot, Me.
McAndrew, 1542390, Joseph N . 514 Mereadian St., Scranton, Pa.
McLaughlin, 804867, Orien A . 410 W. 10th St., Anderson, Ind.
McPhillips, 804868, Raymond W . R. F. D. No. A, Evansville, Ind.
McQuade 3203060, Terence 128 East Ave., Long Island City, N. Y.
Mardirosian 3156141, Mardiros K . East Watertown, Mass.
Markowitz, 3047680, Max 3391 Wayne Ave., New York City, N. Y.
Mitchell, 3145264, Chester L . Greenville, Maine.
Mongeau 3153266, Wilfred J . 13 Church St., Cherry Valley, Mass.
Morris, 3464285, Oren C . 1517 W. 1st St., Marion, Ind.
Morse, 2713175, William Rockaway, N. J.
Mosher, 3447774, Landon J . Marysville, Kansas.
O'Brien, 1694486, Richard T. 10 Jackson St., Winchendon, Mass.
Pape, 3447728, Henry R. F. D. No. 2, Altavista, Kansas.
Patterson, 3104300, Harvey 0. 1021 S. Elm St., Centralia, Ill.
Pavelka, 3445735, John Milligan, Neb.
Peacock, 3150396, Paul F . 2 0 St., Boston, Mass.
Petterson, 4184790, Roy A. Welster St., Marslefield, Mass.
Peterson, 3024414, William B . Copan, Okla.
Phillips, 3705070, John Pinckneyville, Ill.
Pierce, 3104822, Bob Bonnie, Ill.
Pinkerton, 3705071, Walter L . Swanwick, Ill.
Preston, 2893098, George E . R. F. D. No. 1, Smith Grove, Ky.
Pugh, 3031874, Olin 162 Riley St., Atlanta, Ga.
Qualters, 3152062, Richard M . 207 North Ave., Wakefield, Mass.
Rago, 2531996, Rocco 476 E. 145th St., New York City, N. Y.
Ransdell, 3704285, Lefron E . R. F. D. No. 1, Turner Station, Ky.
Reamy, 3463510, John R. F. D. No. 9, Elmont, Kansas.
Reed, 2895929, John R. F. D. No. 10, Mayfield, Ky.
Reidelberger, 3705055, Peter J . Pinckneyville, Ill.
Riott, 4439766, Leo N . Herman, Pa.
Robleyq 3448088, Earl C . Ashland, Neb.
Robuck, 980426, Joe, Duncan, Neb.
Romanek, 3446589, John Abrams, Wis.
Santinno, 980402, Antonio 137 N. 14th St., Lincoln, Neb.
Santo, 3048025, William 47 N. 17th St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Schmelzel, 3445796, Marvin B . 224 W. 5th St., York, Neb.
Scranton, 3704461, Arthur T . R. F. D. No. 6, Onley, Ill.
Seguine, 980557, Alfred E . Kimball, Neb.
Seguine, 980552, Chester A . Kimball, Neb.
Shafer, 422042, Milford W . Troy, Ohio.
Sheftel, 3041252, Morris 12 Cedar St., Mariden, Conn.
Sheridan, 2580630, Aloysius J . Scottdale, Pa.
Skidmore, 980555, Harry L . Ogalalla, Neb.
Smiley, 3102870, Orville . Marysville, Ill.
Snide, 980385, Harvey A . Papillion, Neb.
Sollitt, 2713244, Daniel W . Fairport, Ohio.
Stacy, 3156967, Lawrence D . 14 Shute St., Everett, Mass.
Stamper 3704372, Alvin Grain City, Ky.
Stanton, 3150494, Lemuel H . 98 Lewis St., Everett, Mass.
Steike, 804876, Ralph C . 187 Morton St., Noblesville, Ind.
Stevens, 2033771, Earl A . 144 Morrell St., Detroit, Mich.
Stevick, 4439773, Walter F . Crow Ave., Mars, Pa.
Stewart, 939031, George Bruce, Wis.
Stewart, 980563, Noah N . Emerson, Neb.
Stillings, 3699604, Henry W . Green Mount, Ky.
Street, 980575, Clarence P . 318 1st St., Grand Island, Neb.
Stubs, 4249895, Conrad C . 7353 Wood St., Chicago, Ill.
Sutcliffe, 2714616, Robert 6118 Norwood St., Germantown, Pa.
Teeples, 936252, William A . Motley, Minn.
Uffelman, 4441126, Henry R . 870 4th Ave., Corapolis, Pa.
Vaughan, 3043816, Luther E . Eldon, Mo.
Vestal, 3447566, Wilfred A . Emporia, Kansas.
Viscusi, 3197484, Louis 825 S. 13th St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Vishanfski, 4439710, George 375 Cardover St., Plymouth, Pa.
Walcott, 980576, Herman Jenison, Mich.
Walker, 3024475, John A . Eucha, Okla.
Walker, 3043640, Willie 1018 Young St., Charleston, W. Va.
Walther, 2585896, Frederick 2108 S. Dorrence St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Wang, 425108, Oscar Beach Grove, Ohio.
Williams, 2712022, Sidney L . Fleetwood, Pa.
Wilson, 3471194, George E . Patminette, Ala.
Withem, 4184788, Sidney A . Scituate, Mass.
Zicht, 804882, Raymond S . W. Elm St., Union City, Ind.



Pulling, L. A., Capt. Q. M. C., Grasseli Chem. Works, Hamilton, Ontario, Can.
McDowell, L. E., 2nd Lt. Q. M. C . 5547 Lowe Ave., Chicago, Ill.



Q. M. Sergeant

McMinimy, 245401, Earl Frankfort, Kansas.


Cunningham, 1262404, Herbert J . 1252 8th Ave., San Francisco, Cal.

Privates First Class

Kearney, 2421550, John H . 50 William St., Dover, N. J.
Skeva, 3082083, Theodore E . 218 Swan St., West Burlington, Iowa.


Fragiori, 2906118, Paul 325 Tropner St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Hardel, 789575, Charles I . 286 West 147th St., New York City, N. Y.
Hardiman, 786901, William A . 504 East 87th St., New York City, N. Y.
Kuchler, 789879, Ernest L . 100 Rohr St., Rochester, N. Y.
Menton, 3195419, James J . 268 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Pierce, 3265183, Richard T . Thomasville, Mo.
Prather, 3510667, Thomas J . Wardsville, Okla.
Rozier, 2920837, William R . Bethune, S. C.
Saferight, 2991608, Waldo High Point, N. C.
Tirrell, 3145056, Arthur . Canton, Maine.
Wood, 3453581, Herbert L . 417 Milwaukee Ave., Kenosha, Wis.



Johnson, 3341805, Jesse Madison, Ill.


McLendon, 2208595, Isaac .Hillsboro, Miss.
Porter, 1887235, Oetzer . Gaffney, S. C.
Wilkerson, 3631278, Albert Clarksville, Va

Private First Class

Hill, 3301746, Anthony Zachery, La.


Alderman, 2818885, Garland Overbill, N. C.
Alston 2820383, John W Tillery, N. C.
Bailey, lost, Henry Lillington, N. C.
Bradley, 3611204, Lee R. F. D. No. 1. Rutledge, Ala.
Clark, 3065138, Willie 700 N. Samuels Ave., Fort Worth, Texas.
David, 4632963, Hamp Wilson, N. C.
Gardner, 1888333, Lewis Saluda, S. C.
Hewitt, 3302926, Robert Lake Providence, La.
Hughes, 2861436, Albert Jones, La.
Keth, 3303664, Very Blackburn, La.
Laster, 2049567, Richard Roy, Ala.
Likely, 3303955, Will Belcher, La.
McMillon, 3303018, Tennis . Atmore, Ala.
Moore, 3123229, Luther 240 S. Dallas St., Baltimore, Md.
Murchison, 3638076, David Lovers Lane, Savanah, Ga.
Powell, 3638379, Alexander Black Ridge, Va.
Smith, 3331603, Talmage Walls, Miss.
Taylor, 3303594, August LaPlace, La.
Turner, 1887306, Samuel 68 Nassau St., Charleston, S. C.
White, 3302807, Robert Tallulah, La.
Williams, 1885908, Willie Winnsboro, S. C.
Winston, 3331340, Ezra Lumberton, Miss.



Grismore, Harold W., 2nd Lt., Q. M. C. 1036 Soniat St., New Orleans, La.



Beachman, 2069357, Ralph E. 500 Broadway, Sommerville, Mass.
Drake, 190477, Aubrey W. Romulus, New York.
Kanner, 169260, Samuel N . 777 McAllister St., San Francisco, Cal.
Schneider, 3195633, Charles H. 29 Alburtis Ave., Corona, Long Island, N. Y.
Schulz, 2829243, Martin F . 423 Myrtle St., Sparta, Wis.
Tarpley, 168513, Yeargan T . Nelson, Ga.


Hughes, 2012874, Edward F . Millersville, Ohio.
Howser, 3371530, Orlo D . 445 18th St., Detroit, Mich.
Moegelin, 3508452, Alexander L . Fort McKavett, Manard Co., Texas.
Pierce, 3261489, Gus L . Parkin, Cross Co., Arkansas.
Powell, 3102945, William F. Edgemont Station, East St. Louis, Ill.
Powers, 3262082, Edward F . 150 St. Louis St., Pacific, Mo.
Prather, 3306670, Vonley R 211 North Oakland St., Salina, Kansas.
Russo, 3193240, James V . 89 Chestnut St., Lawrence, Mass.

History of Base Hospital No. 53.