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Dear colleagues,

Thank you for volunteering to contribute to the Western European Studies Section (WESS) Iberian Studies Web! It is only because of the work of volunteer selectors like you that this nationwide effort can be successful. Furthermore, by contributing to the Iberian Studies Web, you are part of a larger project that involves also Italian Studies, French Studies, Germanic Studies, Scandinavian Studies, and more. Connect to the main WESSWEB site to find more information about these projects and WESS.

When you start selecting, keep in mind the aim of this Web site: we are not striving for exhaustiveness but rather for quality. We hope to become a major Iberian Studies Web site for scholars, students and our own colleagues. When you select, select for this audience. Take some time to explore the existing pages on the Iberian Studies Web to get a better sense of the type of resources we try to select.

As an Iberian Studies Web selector you could target a specific subject within Iberian Studies or transgress the disciplinary boundaries.

There are a variety of volunteer levels:

  1. Start your own sub-page and host it at your institution.

  2. Send me by e-mail HTML files with your contributions (links to resources and possibly annotations).

  3. Send me by e-mail Word files with your contributions (URLs and titles of the resources, and possibly annotations).

  4. Send me by e-mail URLs (and try to give me some extra information).

Obviously, I would prefer you to be the first type of volunteer (above), since it makes it easier on me. But we appreciate all types of volunteers. Once you have the HTML basics under your belt, it will take only slightly less time to create a Word or ASCII file as it would be to create an HTML file.


How to volunteer?

Send me an e-mail message with your name, e-mail address, job title, institutional affiliation (this will appear in the credits) and possibly your area of expertise and focus ... and start mailing me your contributions!

Once again, thank you and I look forward to collaborate with you.

Marianne Siegmund
Coordinator, Iberian Studies Web

Spanish Language Cataloger
Brigham Young University Library
E-mail: Siegmund @ byu.edu

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Siegmund @ byu.edu
Created: April 22, 1996
Last updated: April 2003