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Classification: Subject Bibliography

Classify subject bibliography with the subject. Follow this policy when assigning a call number to a work consisting mainly of references to books on a given subject.


Chan, Lois Mai. Immroth's guide to the Library of Congress classification. 4th ed. p. 287-288, 347.


The Library of Congress classifies all bibliographies in numbers in the Z schedule. At BYU we do not use the Z schedule for bibliographies on a subject for which a regular class number exists. In such cases the bibliography is classed with other material on the same subject. Bibliographies on multiple subjects, such as all the books published in a given country or held by a given library, etc. may be classified in Z. Generally this means that numbers in the range Z1200-Z8999 should not be used. Exceptions include Z5051-Z5056 (general bibliography), Z6601-Z6625 (bibliography of manuscripts) and Z6940-Z6964 (general bibliography of newspapers and periodicals).

To formulate call numbers for subject bibligraphies:

.Z5-99 Sliding Scale:

Add one of the following numbers to form the final .X cutter according to the first letter in the author's name or main entry.
552535556 5866263656668 77274767888385 87993959697


  1. You have the book A selected bibliography on modern French history, 1600 to the present by John Bowditch, published in 1989. From the class schedules, you find the general works number for French history/Modern, 1515- is DC110. You add to this the .X1 cutter, a second cutter B6 for Bowditch formulated according to the LC cutter table (Immroth, p. 347) and the date. The completed number is DC110.X1B6 1989.

  2. You have a book by John Barber entitled Notes on historic sites in Utah County : a bibliography, published in 1954. The class number for Utah County history is F832.U8. Since this number already includes a cutter you can only add one more. You choose X3, the X for bibliography and the 3 because Barber falls near the beginning of the alphabet. The resulting call number, with date, is F832.U8X3 1954.