Tradition Runs Through It

Provo Canyon

Building upon the framework established last year in Fruits of Their Labors: The Orchards in Utah Valley, the Brigham Young University and American Folklife Center Folklife Field School focuses in 2005 upon the activities in dynamic Provo Canyon. Fifteen students researched the varied uses and meanings of Provo Canyon by a multiplicity of communities and individuals. The intensive work done by these students over a three week period paves the way for additional research by BYU students participating in the Utah Heritage Project over the next year.

Since the fieldwork transpired over such a short period of time, it was necessarily of a preliminary nature, and we look forward to the exciting and unexpected directions that will be uncovered. The topics that the students explored have revealed facets of the canyon that have surprised locals and those from far away. Thoughtfully investigating courtship, fly fishing, residential communities, the changing faces of the canyon, and families with almost a century of roots in the area, the field workers focused on the importance of individuals to the cultural landscape of Provo Canyon.

Many of those interviewed described the canyon as a “magical” place, a place where traditions runs through it.