The Origins and Emergence of West Semitic Alphabetic Scripts

Proto-Sinaitic Inscriptions

I. Discovery of the Proto-Sinaitic Inscriptions

A. Sir William FlindersPetrie

B. Sir Alan Gardiner

C. Hubert Grimme & A. Van Den Brander


II. The Harvard Expeditions

A. Harvard, 1927

B. Harvard, 1930-35


III. Decades of the 20th Century When Research Lagged

A. Scripts of Pre-Arabic Dialects: Fredrich V. Winnett & Emmanuel Anati

B. The Proto-Sinaitic Inscription and their Decipherment: William Foxwell Albright


IV. Research Revival: Proto-Sinaitic, Proto-Canaanite and Old Negev

A. Itzhaq Beit-Arieh (Ophir Expedition)

B. Benjamin Sass (West Semitic Alphabets)

C. Y. Linder, M. Halloun, M. Sharon (Ancient Rock Inscriptions)

D. James Harris & Dann Hone (Expanding the Old Negev Corpus)

The Names of God

I. Introduction

II. The Name of God in the Ancient Negev

III. The Name of God in the Ancient Land of Canaan

IV. How the Peoples of the Negev Perceived Yahweh