The building was a large Catholic College

Staff of Belgian Field Hospital

Staff of Floor H, Antwerp. Note the Boy Scouts .

The quaint Hotel de Ville of Furnes, dating from 1582, was King Albert's headquarters

Dunkerque is a wonderful city

The Munro Ambulance Corps-Lady Dorothy Feilding in foreground

Refugee nuns peeled potatoes and washed dishes .

The Curé

Miss McNaughton

That clergyman was a great sport

Arab Sheiks with flowing garments

A jolly couple

We had one wonderful case---a major's---the surgeons cut out twelve feet of intestines and he made an excellent recovery

Stretchers arrived constantly, borne by Red Cross orderlies

We took over the operation-theatre

We used to make them welcome in the theatre

In the sacred precincts of a ruined church a lone figure kneels at vespers

All they had to face was a desolated country and ruined homes

We were obliged to take two small class-rooms, scattering straw on the floor

Patients from the Officers' Ward

Nailing up festoons of bunting and holly

At a cemetery in a village near by we buried her .

Maurice---he was the sunniest fellow

Jean Lassoux

Joseph was a dear boy

A large ward, one of the big class-rooms

We were now in the Belgian Military Hospital

Madame Curie presented to King Albert in the hospital grounds

Radio Ambulance-Madame Curie at rear

Hospital nursing stag with matron in centre

Sleeping out in an open field

I sent home for a tent

Another pastime was riding

Their horses were superb

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