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Index of Places Referred To In the Documents In This Volume.

The figures placed against the names in this index denote the number of independent witnesses who mention the places in question, in the various connexions specified in the headings to each column. Two or more documents emanating from the same source cannot be regarded as independent testimony and are, therefore, not separately enumerated .

The index includes references to names which have been withheld by the editor himself and are represented in the text by arbitrary signs, but not, of course, references to names which have been withheld from the editor and are represented in the text by blanks. The names of places beyond the Ottoman frontier where refugees have passed or stayed have been placed between brackets, to distinguish them from places in Ottoman territory through or to which exiles have been forcibly conducted by the Ottoman Government.

Page 1, Index of Places - Abijalu - Broussa, vilayet
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Page 2, Index of Places - Caucasia, Cis - Gumushkhana
(.gif, 30k)

Page 3, Index of Places - Gurin - Khaskegh
(.gif, 29k)

Page 4, Index of Places - Kheder-Bey - Ordou
(.gif, 30k)

Page 5, Index of Places - Ortakeui - Tasholouk
(.gif, 27k)

Page 6, Index of Places - Tchai - Zindjirderé
(.gif, 21k)


N. desires his correspondents beyond the borders of Turkey to be confidentially informed: --

"That he has word from German Relief Agents at Aleppo sent through German Embassy, who report visits of their helpers to wide district, including Der-el-Zor and other places on Euphrates and in desert. They have seen thousands of deported Armenians under tents in the open, in convoys on the march, descending River in boats and in all phases of their miserable life. Only in few places does Government issue any rations, and those quite insufficient.. People therefore themselves forced to satisfy their hunger with food begged in that scanty land found in the parched fields. Agents found them eating grass, herbs, and locusts, and in desperate cases dead animals and human bodies are reported to have been eaten. Natural death-rate from starvation and sickness very high, and increased by brutal treatment of the authorities, whose bearing toward exiles as they are being driven back and forth over desert is not unlike that of slave-drivers. With few exceptions no shelter of any kind is provided, and the people coming from cold climate are left under scorching desert sun without food or water. Temporary amelioration can only be obtained by the few able to pay oflicials.

"Misery and hopelessness of the situation is sueh that many are reported to resort to suicide. Illustrating methods employed, agents report gathering group of one hundred children who they placed in care of educated young widow from Hadjin. Two weeks later these children were deported, and from two survivors found further down convoy route it was learned that the rest had perished. House mother, crazed by treatment of her charges, was among deported moving on. Boat-loads sent from Zor down the River arrived at Ana, one hundred and thirty miles away, with three-fifths of passengers missing. There appears, in short, to be steady policy to exterminate these people, but to deny charge of massacre. Their destruction from so-called natural causes seems decided upon."

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