Huachuca Illustrated, vol 1, 1993:

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chuca Illustrat

Buffalo Soldiers at Huachuca:
Postwar Reductions

chuca Illustrat


Postwar reduction of the Regular Army would have its effects on the four black regiments. In 1921 a reorganization of the Cavalry was ordered and the 9th lost six troops while the 10th at Fort Huachuca saw seven of its troops demobilized. The following year the Infantry regiments felt their share of cuts. At the same time enlistments in the black units were suspended since they were filled to capacity.

There were some cryptic references to the reorganization in the 10th Cavalry's newspaper. "It's an ill wind that blows no one good. It seems as though an awful wind is headed this way. Said wind is reported to be coming from Reorganization." And this one: "A fellow ... was heard singing this song:

What I'm gwine do after da reorganize?
I's gwine stay whar I am.
An as fur da hard times in civil life,
1 sho don't give er d-m."(35)

10th Cavalrymen fording Huachuca Creek.
From the Markel Collection.


35. Buffalo Bulletin, 12 April 1921, in Fort Huachuca Museum files.

15. Timeline: 1921

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