Huachuca Illustrated, vol 1, 1993:

chuca Illustrat

chuca Illustrat

U.S. Army Lifestyles at Huchuca in the Teens:

chuca Illustrat


John B. Brooks, a second lieutenant with the 10th Cavalry in 1914, had this to say about the recreational opportunities at the remote post of Fort Huachuca.

... In those days them were very few movies. Perhaps we had a movie once a week. The movie house was used largely for minstrel shows put on by the men themselves and they were, some of them, very good. You could always got fine singers out of a colored command. They liked to sing and they liked to have people come and applaud.

... [White City] was the only place anywhere around here where a man could go to have a little fun off the post and there wasn't any place for officers. It was called White City because, I think. it was originally probably adobe and then they put stucco over it and then they while-washed it.

... It was my understanding that the girls there were largely white girls when the while soldiers were here, but when the 10th Cavalry came, why the white girls left and the colored girls aome in very promptly. I think they were probably on the next train behind us.(8)

During the Punitive Expedition, in the camp at Colonia Dublan, a special stockade surrounded with barbed wire was maintained for prostitutes from El Paso and elsewhere. A gate guard checked to see if soldiers entering had the proper fee and each man exiting had to take a prophylactic. The incidence of venereal disease was kept low in this way. On Thanksgiving the stockade's women prepared a banquet and Capt. Julien Caujot, the provost Marshal and ad hoc commander of the facility, was the honored guest.(9)

The official title for this photo in the National Archives
is 'Two more Mexican beauties.' The photo was taken
by a Signal Corps photographer during the Pershing
Punitive Expedition into Mexico in 1916, National
Archives Series, 94-UM-203860


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