17----v. d. Goltz to Whitlock----Non-requisition of relief supplies----1
19----v. Lüttwitz to Shaler----
Passes for relief imports----618

1----Gibson to de Lalaing----British export permits----2
1----Gibson for Belgian F.O.----
Support of relief enterprise----3
6----Press Dispatch----
Shaler's mission for Comité Central----544
6----Page to Bryan----
U.S. diplomatic co-operation----4
13----Hoover to Amer. Press----
American support for Belgian relief----6
14----Hoover to Amer. Press----
American support for Belgian relief ----545
16----v. d. Goltz Guarantee----
Non-requisition of relief imports----7
Same [German text]
16----Whitlock to Bryan----U.S. diplomatic co-operation----8
16----Whitlock to President----
American support for Belgian relief----9
16----German F.O. to Gerard----
German approval of Belgian relief----10
17----Statement to Press----
Proposed organization of C.R.B.----546
20----Lansing to Whitlock----
Official U.S. approval----11
20----British F.O. to Page----
Non-interference with shipments----12
20----Hoover to Page----
Analysis of Belgian relief problem----13
20----Hoover to Whitlock----
Organization of Belgian relief----14
First C.R.B. meeting----15
22----Hoover to Amer. Press----
C.R.B. organization; Amer. support----16
25----Whitlock to Page----
C.R.B. organization----17
25----Grey and Runciman----
C.R.B. purchases and export permits----65
26----Page to Runciman----
British export permits----18
26----Page to Sec. of State----
C.R.B. sole, channel for relief----19
26----Francqui to Hoover----
Monthly import requirements----64
26----Francqui to Hoover----
Organization problems in Belgium----25
26----Hoover to Mrs. Hoover----
Pacific Coast support for C.R.B.----549
27----Hoover to Chalmers----
Chicago support for Belgian relief----550
28----Hoover to Bates----
C.R.B. organization in America----551
29----Lucey to Hoover----
Situation in Rotterdam and Belgium----24
29----Queen Elisabeth Appeal----
Support from American womanhood ----554
29----German Certificate----
Non-requisition of relief imports----619
30----Hoover to Bates----
C.R.B. organization in America----552
31----Hoover to Amer. Press----
American support for Belgian relief ----553
31----Hoover to Mrs. Bates----
Support from American womanhood ----555

2----Hoover to Governors----
State support; state ships----556
3----Hoover to Patrons----
First week's progress----20
3----Hoover to Havenith----
Relief organization in America----559
3----Hoover to Edgar----
Millers' support of Belgian relief----557
5----Grey and Hoover----
Government subsidy for C.R.B.----117
5----v. Lumm to Soc. Générale ----
London funds for financing relief----620
6----Hoover to Caetani----
Italian committee for relief----568
6----Page to State Dept.----
C.R.B. sole channel for relief----561
7----Crocker to Hoover----
California gift cargoes----562
8----Hoover to Percy----
British safe-conducts----185
9----Hoover to Governors----
State support; state ships----558
10----Hoover Memorandum----
C.R.B. ships; British insurance----186
11----Hoover to Bates----
C.R.B. organization in America----563
13----Shipping Agencies----
Voluntary service to C.R.B.----564
14----Hoover to Francqui----
C.R.B. organization and progress----26
14----German F.O. to Gerard----
German approval of Belgian relief----602
14----v. d. Goltz to Whitlock----
Non-requisition of local produce----316
16----General Government----
Non-requisition of relief imports----621
18----Acland in Parliament----
British Government attitude----21
19----Belg. Govt. to Havenith----
Relief organization in America----560
19----German Decree----
Belgian labor for Germans----405
23----German F.O. to Gerard----
German approval; non-neutral ships----22
Same [German text]
25----Hoover to Grey----
Government subsidy for C.R.B.----118
25----Hoover to Page----
Commercial exchange through C.R.B. ----119
27----Admiralty to C.R.B.----
C.R.B. ships; British insurance----188
27----Hoover to Gerard----
German financial assistance----120
-------Comité National Report----
Formation of C.R.B. and C.N.----23

-------Memorandum----C.R.B. organization in Belgium----27
1----Hoover to Whitlock----
Commercial exchange through C.R.B.----121
1----Whitlock to Page----
Commercial exchange through C.R.B.----122
2----Hoover to Halifax----
Morning Chronicle; Canadian gifts----569
2----Admiralty Circular----
C.R.B. ships; British insurance----189
5----Hoover to Gerard----
Requisitions and British attitude----317
6----Percy to Hoover----
C.R.B. ships; British insurance----190
7----Admiralty to Hoover----
C.R.B. ships; British insurance----191
8----Francqui to Hoover----
C.R.B. organization in Belgium----28
10----General Govt. to C.R.B.----
Reduction of freight rates----622
10----Hoover to Runciman----
C.R.B. ships; British insurance----192
12----v. Sandt to Villalobar----
Non-requisition of clothing----623
19----General Govt. Decree----
Relief in Belgian Etape----657
21----de Lalaing to Hoover----
Australasian gifts for relief----570
21----Hoover to Runciman----
C.B.B. ships; British insurance----193
24----General Govt. to C.R.B.----
Customs duties in Belgium----624
24----German F.O. to Gerard----
Safe-conduct for C.R.B. ships----196
Same [German text]
28----Gerard to Zimmermann----
Requisitions in Belgium----318
23----Page to Sec. of State----
British safe-conduct passes----194
31----Zimmermann to Gerard----
Requisitions in Belgium----321


1----Label----Protection of imported supplies----625
2----Gerard to Hoover----
Need of relief in N. France----263
2----Whitlock to State Dept.----
Non-requisition in Belgium----319
5----v. Sandt to Whitlock----
Relief in Maubeuge (France)----658
6----Hoover to Percy----
Commercial exchange; subsidies----123
6----Hoover to Gerard----
Need of relief in N. France ----264
9----Van de Vyvere to Hoover----
Belgian Government advance----124
9----Hoover to Lit. Digest----
"Belgian Flour Fund"----566
13----Whitlock to Hoover----
C.R.B. organization in Belgium----29
13----Hoover and Grey----
German levies and British support----125
13----Hoover to Grey----
German ships; exchange operations----126
13----Hoover to Gerard----
German levies and British support----127
13----v. Sandt to Whitlock----
Non-requisition of imported fodder----626
15----v. Sandt to Whitlock----
Relief in Givet-Fumay (France)----659
19----Hoover to de Bruyn----
Argentine committee for relief----571
19----v. Sandt to C.R.B.----
Customs duties on relief supplies----627
20----Hoover and Parker----
British conditions for subsidy----128
21----Hoover, Lloyd George----
Commercial exchange through C.R.B. ----129
21----Hoover, Brit. Treasury----
Commercial exchange through C.R.B. ----130
21----Decree by v. Bissing----
Non-requisition of Belgian produce----322
Same [German text]
21----Gen. Govt. to Whitlock----
Non-requisition of imported drugs----628
22----Gerard to Hoover----
Non-requisition of Belgian produce----320
24----General Govt. to C.N.----
Canal tolls on relief supplies----629
25----General Government----
Non-requisition of C.R.B. auto parts----630
26----Hoover to Bryan----
German attitude and Allied support----131
26----Hoover to Page----
C.R.B. attitude toward French relief----265
27----Captain's Declaration----
Relief cargoes; C.R.B. flag----195
30----Hoover to Press----
Relief finances and C.R.B. future ----132

3----Hoover, Rose and Gerard----German attitude toward relief----133
5----Connett to Delegates----
Functions of American delegates----30
5----Hoover and Zimmermann----
German attitude toward relief----134
6----Hoover and Helfferich----
German indemnities in Belgium----135
6----Hoover and Warburg----
Relief financing----136
6----Hoover and Ballin----
German ships; relief financing----137
6----Hoover and Melchior----
Indemnities and relief financing----138
6----German Pass----
German safe-conduct pass----197
6----Hoover to Stubbs----
Kansas gifts for Belgium----567
7----Hoover and v.Jagow----
German attitude toward relief----139
7----Hoover, Bethmann-Hollweg ----
German attitude toward relief----140
8----Hoover and Schacht----
German proposals for financing----141
8----General Govt. to C.N.----
Canal tolls in Belgian Etape----660
9----Hoover, Schacht, v. Lumm----
Relief loan proposal----142
9----v. Longchamp to Whitlock----
Relief in Givet-Fumay----661
11----General Govt. to C.N.----
Non-requisition in Belgian Etape----662
12----Hoover to v. Bissing----
Freedom for C.R.B. delegates----31
15----v. Haniel to Bates----
1915 War Zone and C.R.B. ships----198
16----Francqui to Hoover----
Relief financing----143
17----Hoover and Lloyd George----
Belgian relief finances----145
17----Hoover to Lloyd George----
Necessity of British support----146
17----Hoover to C.R.B., N.Y.----
1915 War Zone and C.R.B. ships----199
17----Hoover to Poincaré----
Appeal for civilians in N. France----266
17----General Govt. to C.N.----
Non-requisition in Belgian Etape----663
18----Hoover and Lloyd George----
Government support granted----147
18----v. Sandt to Whitlock----
Non-requisition in Belgium----323
19----C.R.B. to Australasia----
Continued support from Australasia----572
20----v. Bissing to Heineman----
Restrictions for C.R.B. delegates----32
22----Grey to Hoover----
Direct British subsidy refused----144
25----Hoover to Pinchot----
C.R.B. attitude toward French relief----267
25----C.R.B. R'dam to Hoover----
915 War Zone and C.R.B. ships ----200
26----Hoover to C.R.B. R'dam ----
1915 War Zone and C.R.B. ships ----201
27----Pinchot Memorandum----
French Govt. policy, French relief ----268

2----Francqui to Hoover----Belgium's increasing requirements----66
6----v. Jagow to Gerard----
1915 War Zone and C.R.B. ships----202
Same [German text]----603
6----Hoover to Whitlock----
American control of distribution----33
8----Hoover to Connett----
Relief organization in N. France----272
8----Military Authorities----
Non-requisition in N. France----664
9----Hoover to Gerard----
C.R.B. delegates in N. France----34
9----Chevrillon to Hoover----
French Govt. policy; French relief----270
9----Hoover to Gerard----
German guarantees in N. France----278
10----Hoover to Chevrillon----
C.R.B. extension to N. France----269
11----Hoover to Chevrillon----
C.R.B. extension to N. France----271
12----v.Bissing to C.N.----
Non-requisition in Belgium----324
15----Hoover to Pinchot----
Northern France requirements----67
16----Grey to Hoover----
German interned ships for C.R.B.----207
18----Hoover to Whitlock----
Restrictions for C.R.B. delegates----35
18----Hoover to Van de Vyvere----
Finance for N. France relief----273
21----v. Bissing to Ger. F.O.----
Relief extension to N. France----279
21----v. Jagow to Gerard----
American delegates in N. France----280
Same [German text]
21----C.R.B., General Staff----
First agreement for N. France relief----281
Same [German text]
C.R.B., French Govt.; relief finances----274
23----Francqui to V. de Vyvere----
Finances for N. France relief----275
26----Memorandum by Sengier----
Finances for N. France relief----276
26----V. de Vyvere to Hoover----
French subsidy through Belg. Govt.----277
27----Hoover to Gerard----
Protection of Belgian harvest (1915)----325
27----v. Jagow to Gerard----
Relief extension to N. France ----665

6----Percy to Hoover----Protection of Belgian harvest (1915)----326
8----Hoover to Chevrillon----
C.R.B. extension to N. France----282
8----v. Sandt to C.R.B.----
Flags on C.R.B. warehouses----631
13----C.R.B., General Staff----
Final agreement for N. France relief ----283
Same [German text]
16----C.R.B. R'dam to Hoover----
1915 War Zone and C.R.B. ships----204
16----Hoover to White----
1915 War Zone and C.R.B. ships----205
17----White to Hoover----
German interned ships for C.R.B.----208
18----Page to Gerard----
1916 War Zone and C.R.B. ships----203
18----v. Jagow to Gerard----
1915 War Zone and C.R.B. ships----206
19----Bates to Hoover----
American support for Belgian relief-----574
19----v. Kühlmann to C.R.B.----
1915 War Zone and C.R.B. ships----604
20----Hoover to Bates----
American support for Belgian relief----575
21----Percy to Hoover----
Protection of Belgian harvest (1915)----327
23----Hoover to de Fleuriau----
C.R.B. organization in N. France----284
Protection of imports to N. France ----666

1----Hoover to Gerard----Protection of Belgian harvest (1915)----328
1----v. Jagow to Gerard----
Safe-conduct for C.R.B. ships----605
2----General Govt. to C.R.B.----
Importation of drugs ----632
4----Percy to Hoover----
Protection of Belgian harvest (1915) ----329
5----Gerard to v. Jagow----
Protection of Belgian harvest (1915)----330
7----Francqui to Hoover----
Protection of Belgian harvest (1915) ----331
13----Hoover to Young ----
U.S.-German diplomatic crisis; relief ----465
26----Percy to Hoover----
Protection of Belgian harvest (1915)----332
26----Hoover to Whitlock----
Protection of Belgian harvest (1915)----333
31----Percy to Hoover----
Protection of Belgian harvest (1915)----334

1----Hoover to Bates----Protection of Belgian harvest (1915) ----335
1----Hoover to Hemphill----
Operating methods; Amer. support----576
7----General Govt. to C.R.B.----
Exports, Belgium to N. France----633
18----Hoover to v. d. Lancken----
Protection of Belgian harvest (1915)----336
21----Hoover Memorandum----
Program of imports to harvest----68
22----Hoover to v.d.Lancken----
Protection of Belgian harvest (1915)----337
25----v. Bissing Memorandum----
Protection of Belgian harvest (1915)----338
26----v. Bissing to Whitlock----
German restrictions for C.N.----36
Same [French text]
30----Hoover to Percy----
Protection of Belgian harvest (1915)----339
30----Decree by v. Bissing----
Protection of Belgian harvest (1915)----342
Same [German text]

2----Hoover to de Fleuriau----Relief and forced labor in N. France ----285
3----General Govt. to C.R.B. ----
Non-requisition of C.R.B. horses----634
4----Hoover to Percy ----
Revival of Belgian industry----388
4----v. Bissing to Whitlock----
Protection of Belgian harvest (1915) ----340
4----Same ----
Same [French text]
5----Hoover to Page ----
German restrictions for C.N.----37
6----Military Authorities ----
Relief work in Belgian Etape----667
7----Hoover to Chevrillon ----
C.R.B. organization in N. France----286
7----Crewe to Page----
German requisitions; British attitude ----341
8----Crosby to Hoover ----
Forced labor in Belgium----406
12----Hoover to V. de Vyvere ----
C.R.B. organization in N. France----287
15----Chadbourn to Hoover----
Relief and forced labor in N. France ----288
16----Whitlock to v. d. Lancken----
German requisitions; British attitude ----344
16----Villalobar to Lancken ----
Forced labor in Belgium----407
17----Grey to Page----
Conditions for continuing relief ----38
19----Whitlock to Page----
German agreement to Brit. conditions ----39
20----Meeting, C.R.B. and C.N.----
Functions of two organizations----41
23----Decree by v.Bissing----
Protection of Belgian harvest (1915) ----343
Same [German text]
27----Decree by v. Bissing ----
Belgian oat crop, 1915----346
Same [German text]
29----Lancken to Whitlock----
Restatement of German guarantees ----40
29----Same ----
Same [French text]
29----Lancken to Villalobar ----
Restatement of German guarantees----345
29----Lancken to Villalobar ----
Forced labor in Belgium----408
Duties of C.R.B. in Belgium ----42

5----Kellogg to Crosby----1915 harvest in N. France----360
6----Kellogg to Crosby----
1915 harvest in N. France----361
6----Order by v. Bissing----
Belgian hay crop, 1915----347
Same [German text]
14----German Decree----
Belgian labor for Germans----409
18----Mil. Authorities to C.R.B.----
Relief work in Belgian Etape ----668
23----General Staff, C.R.B.----
1915 harvest in N. France----362
Same [German text]
24----Hoover to Percy----
Revival of Belgian industry----389
27----Hoover to V. de Vyvere----
Organization for N. France relief ----289
31----Hoover to Bates----
American support for Belgian relief----577

3----Decree by G.H.Q.----1915 potato crop in N. France----363
Same [German text]
3----Order by G.H.Q.----
1915 harvest in N. France----669
4----General Govt. to C.R.B.----
Movement of American delegates----635
7----Hoover to C.R.B., N.Y.----
Proposed appeal for clothing----578
8----Hoover to Chevrillon----
German interned ships for C.R.B.----209
11----British F.O. to Hymans----
Revival of Belgian industry----390
14----Hoover to Crosby----
Local produce in Belgian Etapes ----353
14----Crosby to Wengersky----
Local produce in Belgian Etapes----354
14----Hoover to Crosby----
1915 harvest in N. France----364
Organization for N. France relief----290
22----Grey to Page----
Forced labor in Belgium----412
28----Hoover to Hymans----
Revival of Belgian industry----391
29----Crosby to C.R.B. London----
1915 harvest in Belgian Etapes----356
30----Percy to Hoover----
Local produce in Army Zones ----355

-------Table of Imports----Program for winter 1915-16----69
6----Chevrillon to Hoover----
German interned ships for C.R.B.----210
7----Ostertag to C.R.B.----
1915 harvest in Belgian Etapes----357
11----Hoover to Percy----
Fodder in Occupation Zone----348
11----Hoover to Percy----
1915 harvest in Belgian Etapes----358
13----Memorandum by Hoover----
Revival of Belgian industry----392
21----Percy to Honnold----
Fodder for Occupation Zone----349
21----Percy to Honnold----
Harvest in Belgian Etapes----359
25----Appeal to v. Bissing----
Lessines quarries; forced labor----410
27----C.R.B. London to Hoover----
Relief of Poland----436
28----Hoover to C.R.B. London----
Relief of Poland----437
29----v. Bissing to C.R.B.----
Non-requisition of canal boats ----636

-------Plans of Operation----Proposed Comité Industriel----393
-------Plans of Operation----
Proposed Comité Industriel----394
-------Plans of Operation----
Proposed Comité Industriel----395
3----White House Statement----
U.S. Government and the C.R.B.----579
3----President to Hoover----
Presidential Committee of C.R.B.----580
5----Statement by v. Bissing----
Lessines quarries; forced labor----411
6----Hoover to C.R.B., N.Y.----
Clothing for Belgium and N. France----581
9----Whitney to Poland----
1915 harvest in N. France----365
30----Gibson and v. d. Lancken----
Espionage charges----43
-------Kellogg's Report----
Relief of Poland----438

-------Memorandum by Hoover----Review of relief work in N. France----291
2----C.R.B. and German Staff----
German administration in Belgium----44
2----C.R.B. and German Staff----
Relief of Poland----439
3----Petition to C.R.B.----
Warsaw citizens appeal for Poland----440
3----Amer. Polish Committee----
C.R.B. assistance for Polish relief----441
4----Hoover and v. d. Lancken----
Creation of Vermittlungsstelle----45
6----Rockefeller Foundation----
Clothing for Belgian relief ----582
16----Percy to Hoover----
British restrictions on imports----70
21----Hoover to Percy----
Requirements-Belgium, N. France----71
22----Hoover to Grey----
Relief of Poland----442
24----General Government----
Bacon, lard exports from Belgium----637
28----Percy to Hoover----
British restrictions on imports----72
31----Grey to Page----
British restrictions on imports ----73


-------Note----Industrial conditions in Poland----448
5----Chevrillon to Hoover----
Revival of Belgian industry----396
6----Resolution in Congress----
U.S. naval colliers for relief----214
9----U.S. Poles to Asquith----
Relief of Poland----443
12----Hoover to Hymans----
Belgian-owned ships for C.R.B.----216
14----Asquith to Zychlinski----
Relief of Poland----444
19----Hoover to Chevrillon----
Belgian-owned ships for C.R.B.----218
21----Percy to Hoover----
Leakage of relief supplies----46
25----Percy to Hoover----
British restrictions on imports----74
26----Hoover to Belgian Govt.----
Belgian-owned ships for C.R.B.----217
27----Percy to Hoover----
Govt. approval of relief methods----292
29----Chevrillon to Hoover----
Belgian-owned ships for C.R.B.----219
30----Francqui to Hoover----
Leakage of relief supplies ----47

2----Percy to Hoover----British restrictions on imports----75
3----Hoover to Chevrillon----
Belgian-owned ships for C.R.B.----220
4----Hoover to Benn----
Belgian-owned ships for C.R.B.----221
4----G.H.Q. to C.R.B.----
Recovery of empty milk tins----670
5----Grey to Hoover----
Relief of Poland----445
6----G.H.Q. to C.R.B.----
1916 harvest in N. France----671
7----Hoover to Gerard----
Relief of Poland----446
8----Hoover to Whitlock----
Belgian-owned ships for C.R.B.----223
8----Hoover to Percy----
Leakage of relief supplies----48
11----German Guarantees----
Relief of Poland----447
14----Daniels to Hoover----
U.S. naval colliers for relief----215
15----v. Kessler to C.R.B.----
1916 harvest in N. France----366
16----v. d. Lancken to Whitlock----
Guarantees in the Occupation Zone----638
18----Conferences Hoover, French Govt.:----
French relief----293
19----Whitney to Poland----
German guarantees in N. France----672
21----Memorandum by Hoover----
Relief of Poland----449
22----British F.O. to Hymans----
Belgian-owned ships for C.R.B.----224
23----Percy to Hoover----
Permitted program of imports----76
23----Service Note----
Inspection and control in Belgium----51
Inspection and control in Belgium----52
24----Hoover to Page----
Functions of the C.N. and C.R.B.----53
24----Hoover to Gerard----
Relief of Poland----451
25----Whitney to Poland----
1916 harvest in N. France----673
26----Lansing to Page----
Relief of Poland----450
26----Francqui to Page----
Belgian dependence on C.R.B.----54
28----Grey to Villalobar----
C.R.B. responsible for relief----56
28----Grey to Villalobar----
British restrictions on imports ----77

1----Hoover to Benckendorff----Relief of Poland----452
2----Hoover to Hymans----
Dietary of restricted program ----78
6----Hoover to C.R.B., R'dam----
German interned ships for C.R.B.----211
7----General Govt. to C.R.B.----
Movement of American delegates ----639
8----Gen. Govt. to Whitlock----
Movement of American delegates ----640
11----Percy to Hoover----
Leakage of relief supplies----49
13----Grey to Page----
C.R.B. responsible for relief----56
14----Percy to Hoover----
Restriction of clothing imports----79
15----Hoover to C.R.B. R'dam----
German interned ships for C.R.B.----212
18----Hoover to Chevrillon----
1916 harvest in N. France----367
20----General Govt. to C.R.B.----
Establishment of milk herds----641
29----Torrey to C.R.B.----
Forced labor in Belgium----413
30----Elisabeth to D.A.R.----
American support for Belgium ----583

1----Hoover to v. Kessler----Local produce in N. France ----368
1----Cecil to Page----
Revival of Belgian industry ----397
5----Hoover to Percy----
Increased requirements in Belgium ----80
5----Hoover to Percy----
Increased requirements in N. France----81
5----Hoover to Percy----
Inspection and control in Belgium ----50
11----Crowe to Hoover----
Import increases for N. France----82
14----v. d. Lancken to Whitlock----
Non-export of local products----83
Same [French text]
22----v. Bissing Proclamation----
Exports from Occupation Zone ----642

6----De Bunsen to Page----Agreement to program increases ----84
8----Memorandum by Poland----
Deportations from Lille ----433
10----De Bunsen to Hoover----
Permitted program of importations----85
10----Rickard to Hoover----
Origin of C.R.B.----5
10----G.H.Q. to C.R.B.----
Non-requisition of milk herds----674
10----General Govt. to C.R.B.----
Chartering of tugs----643
10----British F.O. to Page----
Relief of Poland----453
12----Hoover to Page----
Relief of Poland----454
16----Grey to Page----
Continued British co-operation----57
23----Grey to Page----
Relief of Poland ----455

1----Gerard to Page----Relief of Poland ----456
13----Chevrillon to Honnold----
1916 harvest in Army Zones----369
14----Grey to Page----
Restriction of clothing imports----86
15----Grey to Page----
Relief of Poland----457
30----Hoover to Percy----
Inspection and control in Belgium ----60

1----Wilmink to Hoover----German interned ships for C.R.B----213
7----Cecil to Page----
British Govt. and 1916 harvest ----371
8----Percy to Hoover----
French Govt. and 1916 harvest ----370
8----Decree by v. Bissing----
Protection of Belgian harvest, 1916 ----350
Same [German text]
8----U.S. Govt. note----
Appeal to belligerents for Poland ----458
11----Hoover to Gerard----
1916 harvest in Army Zones----372
15----Percy to Hoover----
C.R.B. responsible for relief----58
15----Hoover to Van de Vyvere----
C.R.B. financial responsibility----512
18----Hoover to Van de Vyvere----
Liquidation; educational foundation----527
18----Gerard to Helfferich----
1916 harvest in Army Zones----373
25----Helfferich to Gerard----
1916 harvest in Army Zones ----374
26----British F.O. to Page----
Relief of Poland----459

3----Berlin Conferences----Hoover, German authorities: harvests----375
7----General Govt. to C.R.B.----
Movement of American delegates----644
7----British F.O. to Laughlin----
Relief of Poland----461
10----Gibson to C.R.B. London----
Relief of Poland----460
12----Hoover to Chevrillon----
1916 harvest in N. France----376
18----Hoover to Bultinck----
Belgian-owned ships for C.R.B.----222
21----v. d. Lancken to Whitlock----
Fertilizers in Belgium----645
24----Hoover to Hymans----
Increased subsidies required----148
24----Hoover to Chevrillon----
Increased subsidies for N. France----294
1916 harvest in Army Zones----377
C.R.B. financial responsibility----513
Hoover, French, British: N. France ----295

4----Hoover to Percy----1916 harvest in Army Zones----378
4----Hoover to Chevrillon----
1916 harvest in Army Zones----379
8----Hoover to Percy----
Belgian-owned ships for C.R.B.----225
15----Hoover to Patrons----
Relief requirements, winter 1916-17----91
19----Hoover to v. Kessler----
1916 harvest in Army Zones----380
20----Memorandum by Hoover----
Relief program in N. France----296
23----British F.O. to U.S. Chargé----
Revival of Belgian industry----398
26----Hoover to Percy----
Revival of Belgian industry----399
28----Hoover to Percy----
C.R.B. clothing situation----87
28----Hoover to Chevrillon----
1916 harvest in Army Zones ----381

4----Grey to Laughlin----Forced labor in Belgium----414
5----Hoover to Honnold----
Proposed relief loan in America----155
6----Wellington Memorandum----
Deportations from Lille----434
7----Hoover to Percy----
Food situation; recommended program----92
8----Honnold to Hoover----
Proposed relief loan in America----156
9----Francqui to Bruhn----
Revival of Belgian industry----400
10----Hoover to Lansing----
Deportations from Lille----435
12----Poland to Percy----
Boots for Northern France----88
15----Hoover to Honnold----
Proposed relief loan in America----157
20----Grey to Page----
C.R.B. responsibilities defined----59
20----Cecil to Page----
Inspection and control in Belgium----62
20----Percy to Hoover----
Forced labor and deportations----415
20----Memorandum by Kellogg----
Forced labor in Belgium----416
21----Percy to Poland----
Restrictions on clothing imports----89
23----Page to Whitlock----
Relations of C.R.B. and C.N.----61
23----Bruhn to C.N.----
Revival of Belgian industry----402
26----Francqui to Whitlock----
Revival of Belgian industry----403
27----British F.O. to Hoover----
Increased subsidies granted----149
27----Percy to Poland----
Revival of Belgian industry----401
28----Benedict XV to Gibbons----
C.R.B. appeal for Belgian children ----584

-------Report by Angell----Benevolent institutions in Belgium----600
7----Grey to Page----
Conditions for increased subsidies----150
8----Hoover to Whitlock----
Forced labor and deportations----417
10----General Govt. to C.R.B.----
C.R.B. canal lighters----646
11----Hoover to Bruhn----
Forced labor and deportations----418
11----Percy to Hoover----
Permitted program, end of 1916----93
15----Hoover to C.F.----
Financial arrangements in N. France----297
15----Press Statement----
State Dept. and deportations ----419
18----Labbé to Hoover----
Gratitude of N. France population----298
20----Memorandum by Gregory----
Forced labor and deportations----420
20----Gregory to Bruhn----
Forced labor and deportations----421
20----Hoover to C.R.B., N.Y.----
Forced labor and deportations----422
22----Grey to Page----
Forced labor and deportations----423
24----Hoover to C.R.B., N.Y.----
Forced labor and deportations----424
29----State Dept. to Grew----
Forced labor and deportations ----425

4----Card. Gibbons to Clergy----C.R.B. appeal for Belgian children----585
5----Allied Governments----
Forced labor and deportations----426
9----German F.O. to Gerard----
Safe- conducts for C.R.B. ships----606
Belgian Kiddies, Ltd.----586
20----General Govt. to C.R.B.----
Non-requisition of C.R.B. horses----647
26----Percy to Poland----
Restriction on clothing imports----90
26----Hoover to Chevrillon----
Proposed relief loan in America----158
29----Lansing to Page----
Belgian deportations----428
30----C.R.B. report----
Forced labor and deportations----427
30----C.R.B., C.N. agreement----
Functions of two organizations ----63


2----Hoover to State Dept.----Deportations from Belgium----429
9----Hoover to Van de Vyvere----
Proposed relief loan in America----159
10----Whitlock to v. d. Lancken----
Deportations from Belgium----430
10----Hoover to Page----
Deportations from Belgium----431
11----Briand to Cambon----
Extra rations in N. France cities----299
20----Poland to Hoover----
Proposed relief loan in America----160
22----Poland to Brown----
Extra rations in N. France cities----300
25----British F.O. to Page----
Revival of Belgian industry----404
25----General Govt. to C.R.B.----
Importation of Dutch produce----648
27----Poland to Van de Vyvere----
Financial problems of relief----151
29----Poland to Percy----
Inadequacy of subsidies ----152

1----General Govt. to C.R.B. ----Submarine campaign; C.R.B. ships----607
2----v. Haniel to C.R.B., N.Y. ----
Submarine campaign; C.R.B. ships----227
2----C.R.B. London to R'dam ----
Submarine campaign; C.R.B. ships----228
2----C.R.B. Brussels to London----
Submarine campaign; C.R.B. imports----229
3----Lansing to Page----
U.S.-German diplomatic break; relief----466
4----v. Stumm to C.R.B. R'dam ----
German regulation of C.R.B. ships----608
6----Hoover to C.R.B. London ----
Diplomatic break; status of C.R.B.----467
9----C.R.B. London to Hoover ----
C.R.B. shipping and danger zone----230
11----Poland to Hoover----
Proposed relief loan in America----161
11----Villalobar and Francqui ----
Diplomatic break; status of C.R.B.----468
11----Gregory to Hoover----
Diplomatic break; status of C.R.B.----469
11----Gray to Hoover----
Diplomatic break; status of C.R.B.----470
12----Page to State Dept.----
Diplomatic break; status of C.R.B. ----471
12----C.R.B. London to Brussels ----
Diplomatic break; status of C.R.B.----473
13----Poland to Hymans----
Diplomatic break; status of C.R.B.----474
14----Hoover to Villalobar ----
C.R.B. shipping and danger zone----231
14----Hoover to Poland----
Proposed relief loan in America----162
14----Hoover to C.R.B. London ----
Diplomatic break; status of C.R.B.----472
14----Statement by Cecil----
Proposed withdrawal of Americans----475
14----Statement by Briand----
Proposed withdrawal of Americans ----476
15----C.R.B. R'dam to London----
Continuation of C.R.B. in Belgium----477
15----Hoover to C.R.B. London----
Continuation of C.R.B. in Belgium----478
15----C.R.B. London to Brussels----
Continuation of C.R.B. in Belgium----479
15----Hoover to C.R.B. London----
Continuation of C.R.B. in Belgium----480
15----Merry del Val to Cambon----
Spanish offer to continue relief----481
15----Cambon to Merry del Val----
Continuation of American direction----482
17----de Wiart to Hoover----
Continuation of American direction----483
18----Zimmermann to Bernabé----
Continuation of C.R.B.; guarantees----609
18----Zimmermann to Bernabé----
German regulations for C.R.B. ships----232
Same [French text]
21----Declaration by G.H.Q.----
Seeds, vegetables for N. France----675
22----Poland to Merry del Val----
German regulations and C.R.B. ships----233
23----de Wiart to Hoover----
Continuation of American direction----484
23----Merry del Val to Poland----
Continuation of American direction----485
27----Hoover to C.R.B. London----
Reorganization of C.R.B. in Belgium----486
27----Poland to Percy----
C.R.B. cargoes in British ports----234
28----British F.O. and C.R.B.----
C.R.B. cargoes in British ports----235

1----Hoover to C.R.B. London----Reorganization of C.R.B. in Belgium----487
2----Poland to Hoover----
Inadequacy of finances----153
2----Poland to Hoover----
German, British attitude: C.R.B. ships----236
3----British Govt. and C.R.B.----
C.R.B. cargoes in British ports ----237
5----Hoover to C.R.B. London----
Reorganization of C.R.B. in Belgium ----488
7----Hymans to C.R.B. London----
Continued American direction----490
8----Spring Rice to Hoover----
Reorganization of C.R.B. in Belgium----489
12----Lancken to Villalobar----
Withdrawal of Americans from Belg.----492
Same [French text]
12----Roosevelt Appeal----
Rocky Mountain Club; Belg. children----587
12----v. Stumm to C.R.B. R'dam----
Safe lane for C.R.B. ships----610
13----v. Stumm to C.R.B. R'dam----
Safe lane for C.R.B. ships ----611
15----Poland to Merry del Val----
German restrictions; C.R.B. shipping----238
20----Paravicini to Poland----
German safe-conducts; C.R.B. ships----612
22----C.R.B. R'dam to London----
German regulation of C.R.B. ships----613
22----British to French F.O.----
Continued American direction----491
26----Honnold to Hoover----
Allied credits and relief subsidies----163
28----Poland to Percy----
Increased subsidies required----154
29----Hemphill to President----
Allied credits and relief subsidies----164
31----German F.O. to Bernabé ----
German safe-conduct for C.R.B. ships----614

-------Report by Hoover----Distribution of benevolence----601
4----Rockefeller Foundation----
C.R.B. appeal for Belgian children----588
4----Hoover to C.R.B. R'dam----
Reorganization of C.R.B. in Belgium----493
5----Hoover to Villalobar----
C.R.B. ships sunk; German guarantees----239
6----Balfour to Merry del Val----
Reorganization of C.R.B. in Belgium----494
8----Hoover to Merry del Val----
C.R.B. operations and submarine war----240
13----Cambon to Poland----
Reorganization of C.R.B. in Belgium----495
13----Carlin to Hoover----
Swiss delegates for Belgium----496
14----Hoover to Carlin----
Swiss delegates for Belgium----497
14----Percy to Poland----
Spanish-Dutch committee----498
15----Honnold to Hoover----
Allied credits and relief subsidies----165
16----Hoover to British F.O.----
Revised program, spring of 1917----94
16----de Fleuriau to Hoover----
U.S. subsidies for C.R.B.----166
17----Hoover to Merry del Val----
Spanish-Dutch committee----499
18----Hoover to C.R.B., N.Y.----
U.S. subsidies for C.R.B.----167
19----Hoover to Villalobar----
Spanish-Dutch committee----500
23----Villalobar to Hoover----
Spanish-Dutch committee----501
23----British F.O. to C.R.B.----
C.R.B. operations and submarine war----241
25----Gray to Francqui----
Functions of Spanish-Dutch com.----503
28----Poland to Hymans----
Spanish-Dutch committee----502
30----Poland to British F.O.----
Shipping losses; relief continuation----242

--- ----Account by Wickes----The American delegate in Belgium----314
--- ----Account by Simpson----
The American delegate in N. France ----315
1----Poland to Cambon----
Functions of Spanish-Dutch com. ----504
3----Hoover to C.R.B. London ----
Proposed ship purchases canceled----226
4----Brown to Poland----
Dutch produce for N. France cities----301
10----Merry del Val to Poland----
German observance of guarantees----96
12----General Govt. to C.R.B.----
Non-requisition of canal lighters----649
14----Poland to Page----
British import restrictions----95
14----Blockade Ministry, C.R.B.----
Imports of Dutch produce----97
14----Hoover to Committees----
U.S. Govt. subsidies and charity----589
17----Lancken to Dutch Chargé----
Importation of seed potatoes----650
19----Crowe to C.R.B. London----
Functions of Spanish-Dutch com.----505
19----Hoover to Flood----
U.S. subsidies for C.R.B.----168
26----Hoover to Lansing----
Neutral ships for C.R.B.----243

4----Lancken to Villalobar----Imported church supplies ----651
9----C.R.B. London to Brussels----
1917 harvest in Army Zones ----382
9----Hoover to Nat. Committee----
British Empire support of C.R.B.----590
15----Zimmermann to Bernabé----
Approval of relief reorganization----506
Same [French text]

3----Poland to Baetens----1917 harvest in Army Zones ----383
5----British F.O. to Poland----
Withdrawal of British credits----169
12----Poland to Daly----
Spanish-Dutch committee----507
13----Poland to British F.O.----
Withdrawal of British credits----170
30----Rieth to C.H.N.----
1917 harvest in Army Zones----384
Same [German text]

8----G.H.Q. to C.R.B.----Live stock imports in N. France----676
22----Hoover to Nansen----
Norwegian ships for C.R.B.----244
Belgian coal for C.R.B. ships----615
29----Hoover to Poland----
C.R.B. shipping problems----245


3----British F.O. to Poland----Chartering of neutral steamers ----248
4----Baker to Hoover----
Clothing for Belgium----591
15----Hoover to Honnold----
Diversion of ships from C.R.B.----246
17----Poland to British F.O.----
Chartering of neutral steamers----249
18----King Albert to President----
American finance and ships----172
20----Memorandum by Poland----
Food requirements, coming winter----98
26----President to King Albert----
American support of relief----247
30----Hoover to Poland----
C.R.B. finances in Europe----171

1----Poland to British F.O.----Chartering of neutral steamers ----250
9----C.R.B. London to Hoover----
Relief remittances to Poland ----462
13----Order by v. Falkenhausen ----
Protection of Belgian harvest (1917)----351
Same [French text]
15----Lancken to Vollenhoven----
Relief remittances to Poland----464
16----Block to Beal----
Relief remittances to Poland----463
25----Ribot to Cambon----
C.R.B. finances in Europe----173
29----Inter-Allied Conference----
C.R.B. priority in ships and food----252

7----Poland to Hoover----Inter-Allied Conference decisions ----251
21----Poland to Lloyd George----
C.R.B. finances in Europe----174
22----Banque Belge to C.R.B.----
C.R.B. finances in Europe----175
27----Poland to Lloyd George----
C.R.B. finances in Europe----176
28----Avenol to Poland----
C.R.B. finances in Europe ----179


1----Lloyd George to Poland----C.R.B. finances in Europe ----177
1----Poland to Cecil----
C.R.B. finances in Europe ----178
2----Bradbury to Moncheur----
C.R.B. finances in Europe ----180
2----Poland to Hoover----
C.R.B. finances in Europe ----181
5----Cambon to Poland----
C.R.B. finances in Europe ----182
10----Lancken to Villalobar----
Extension of Army Zone----677
24----Hoover to Francqui----
C.R.B. and U.S. Food Administration ----508

1----C.I.R. and C.R.B.----C.R.B. finances in Europe ----183

1----Hoover to Davison----Red Cross clothing collections ----592
4----Davison to Hoover----
Red Cross clothing collections ----593
5----G.H.Q. to C.H.N.----
Imported seeds in Belgian Etapes ----678
7----Poland to Goode----
Clothing collection in England----594
8----Falkenhausen Statement----
Guarantees; Belgian harvest (1918) ----352
Same [French text]
15----Declaration by G.H.Q.----
Seeds and produce in Army Zone ----679

15----State Dept. to Hoover----Ships: military purpose or relief----253
18----Poland to A.M.T.C.----
C.R.B. shipping shortage----254
24----Declaration by G.H.Q.----
Clothing in the Army Zones----680
25----A.M.T.C. Minutes----
C.R.B. shipping priority----255
27----Falkenhausen Statement----
Non-requisition of clothing----652

6----General Govt. to C.N.----Non-requisition of clothing ----653
8----Hoover to Poland----
C.R.B. priority; shipping shortage ----256
11----Poland to Hoover----
C.R.B. shipping shortage----257
13----Poland to Hoover----
Shipping shortage; 50-50 agreement----258
16----Hoover to Lloyd George----
C.R.B. shipping requirements----259
17----Rieth to C.R.B. Brussels----
Safe-conducts for C.R.B. ships----616
21----Hoover to Poland----
U.S. Shipping Board; C.R.B. shipping----261
22----Hoover to Poland----
U.S. Shipping Board; C.R.B. shipping----262
23----Lloyd George to Hoover----
C.R.B. shipping requirements----260

27----Hoover to Hemphill----C.R.B. and U.S. Food Administration----509

2----Le Blan to Guérin----Reorganization of Comité Français----302
8----Hoover to Committees----
Special charities in Belgium ----595
17----General Govt. to C.R.B. ----
Non-requisition of clothing----654
27----Hoover to Pichon----
Reorganization of Comité Français----303
30----Falkenhausen Statement----
Canal transportation ----655

1----C.R.B. Table----Minimum monthly rations program----99
1----General Govt. to C.R.B.----
Non-requisition of belting----656
14----Hoover to Guérin----
Reorganization of Comité Français----304
14----Memorandum by Hoover----
Reorganization of Comité Français ----305

-------Resolutions of C.F.----Services of C.R.B. to N. France----306
2----Wengersky to Langenbergh ----
1918 harvest in Army Zones----385
Same [German text]
1918 harvest in the Army Zones----386
Same [French text]
13----Wengersky to Langenbergh ----
1918 harvest in Army Zones----387
Same [German text]
19----C.R.B. London to Brussels----
Forced labor and deportations ----432

3----Hoover to Francqui----U.S. Govt. administration and C.R.B.----510
5----Memorandum by Poland----
Relief and German evacuation----100
7----C.I.R. to C.R.B.----
Belgian dependence on C.R.B.----101
14----Poland to Hoover----
Feeding during evacuation and after----102
14----Bradbury to C.R.B.----
Emergency army rations----103
15----Hoover to Poland----
Feeding during German evacuation----104
18----Maltzan to Dutch F.O.----
Safe-conducts for C.R.B. ships----617
21----Hoover to President----
Continuation of relief----110
25----de Fleuriau to Poland----
Relief in liberated France----105
29----Hoover to Poland----
Increased program; rehabilitation ----106

2----Poland to de Fleuriau----Relief in liberated France----107
3----Hoover to Poland----
Continuation of relief----109
4----Poland to Belgian Govt.----
Feeding in liberated Belgium----108
7----President to Hoover----
Continuation of relief----111
12----Hoover to President----
Plan for extension of relief----112
13----Hoover to McAdoo----
Increased U.S. subsidies for C.R.B.----184
27----Poland to C.R.B. Wash.----
Increased program for winter months----113

18----French Government----Ravitaillement of liberated France----307
20----C.R.B. to Subscribers----
Termination of charitable collections----596
28----Hoover to Rickard----
Continued relief in N. France ----114


3----Poland to Gray----Relief in liberated France----308
3----Poland to Gray----
Conditions in Belgium and N. France----511
7----C.R.B., C.F., C.R.----
Organization in liberated France ----309

26----Hoover to Francqui----Cessation of C.R.B. imports ----116

8----Hoover to Vilgrain----Termination of imports to N. France----115

10----Hoover Memorandum----C.R.B. financing and accounting ----514

26----Versailles Treaty----The Belgian War Debt ----535

16----Delacroix to C.N.----Liquidation of the C.R.B.----515
17----Klotz to Poland----
Liquidation of the C.R.B.----516
19----Hoover to Klotz----
Liquidation of the C.R.B.----517
22----French F.O. to Poland ----
Withdrawal of C.R.B. from N. France----311

28----Hoover to Delacroix----Balances for educational purposes ----528

5----Delacroix to Hoover----Balances for educational purposes ----529
6----Lebrun to Poland----
Services of C.R.B. to N. France ----312

10----Hoover to Delacroix----
Balances for educational purposes----530
24----Labbé to Poland----
C.R.B. benevolence in N. France ----313


-------Nat. Committee Report----British Empire support for relief----573

11----C.R.B., N.Y. to Brussels----
Educational foundations----531
16----C.R.B. Brussels to N.Y.----
Educational foundations ----532

19----Hoover to U.S. Treasury----C.R.B. liquidation; unused subsidies ----519
21----U.S. Treasury to Hoover----
C.R.B. liquidation; unused subsidies---- 520
25----C.R.B. to French Govt.----
C.R.B. liquidation; French account ----518

2----C.R.B. to Labbé----C.R.B. liquidation; benevolent acct.----524

9----Houston to Casenave----
C.R.B. liquidation: unused subsidies----522

-------Charitable collections----
Through C.R.B. London office, 1914-19----597
-------Charitable collections----
Nat'l. Committee from Brit. Empire----598
-------Charitable collections----
Through C.R.B. N.Y. office ----599

27----Symon to Kelley----
C.R.B. liquidation: unused subsidies ----521


3----C.R.B. to Chevrillon----
C.R.B. liquidation: benevolent acct.----525
11----Memorandum by Poland----
C.R.B. benevolence in N. France----310
22----President to Congress----
Belgian War Debt ----536

26----U.S. Treasury to C.R.B.----
C.R.B. liquidation; unused subsidies ----523


1----C.R.B. to Chevrillon----
C.R.B. liquidation: benevolent acct.----526

31----Reparation Commission----
Belgian War Debt----537


14----Paris Agreement----
Dawes Plan annuities----538
-------U.S. Debt Commission----
Belgian pre-Armistice debt to U.S.----534
-------U.S. Debt Commission----
Belgian post-Armistice debt----539
-------U.S. Debt Commission----
French debt to U.S. ----541


-------U.S. Debt Commission----French debt to U.S. ----542
9----Belgian Chamber----
British reconstruction loan ----540

12----British Govt.----Franco-British debt agreement ----543


3----Deloitte to C.R.B.----
C.R.B. accounting methods ----533

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