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Scandinavian Studies Web: Reference Shelf

Associations, Organizations

Nobel Foundation - includes up-to-date information on prizes and events

Swedish Institute - with an excellent collection of links to Swedish sources


YourDictionary.com (formerly A Web of Online Dictionaries)

Icelandic Online Dictionary and Readings - compiled by the University of Wisconsin for its Digital Collections.

Svenska Akademiens Ordbok - Dictionary of the Swedish Academy

Retskrivningsordbogen på nettet (Dansk Sprognævn)
- spell-checking service from the institute for the Danish language


caplex.net (Cappelen) - the first Norwegian web encyclopedia

General Country and Tourist Information

The Nordic FAQ - a very good source of information about the Nordic countries, from the Usenet newsgroup soc.culture.nordic

The Nordic Pages - a good start page for various topics

CIA World Factbook - includes geographical, government, statistical information

Faroe Islands Travel Guide

Åland Internet Guide


Yahoo Danmark

Yahoo Norge

Yahoo Sverige

Other Web Gateways

Electronic Resources for the Scandinavian Scholar (SASSLink)

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