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North American research libraries with substantial Scandinavian collections

    Brigham Young University
        Research Guide: Scandinavian History & Politics
        Research Guide: Scandinavian Languages & Literatures

    Columbia University Libraries
        Research Guide: Foreign Countries

    Cornell University Library
        Fiske Icelandic Collection
        Subject Bibliographies: Icelandic Studies
        Selected Web Sites: Other Resources on Iceland

    Harvard University Library
        Research Guide: Finding Nordic/Baltic Periodicals

    Library of Congress
        Research Guide: European Collections

    New York Public Library - Humanities & Social Science Libraries
        Research Guide: Modern European History

    University of California at Berkeley
        Research Guide: Scandinavian Resources

    University of California, Los Angeles
        Research Guide: European Studies

    University of Chicago Library
        Research Guide: Scandinavian Literatures

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
        Research Guide: History & Philosophy Library
        Research Guide: Modern Languages & Linguistics Library

    University of Minnesota Libraries
        Research Guide: Scandinavian Studies
        Research Guide: Danish Language & Literature
        Research Guide: Finnish Language & Literature

    University of Texas at Austin
        Research Guide: Germanic Language and Literature Resources

    University of Washington
        Research Guide: Scandinavian Studies

    University of Wisconsin-Madison
        Research Guide: European History

    Yale University Library
        Research Guide: Scandinavian Studies -- Highly recommended but points away from Yale resources!
        Research Guide: European History

Gateways to libraries in Scandinavia

    Nordic Libraries Information Server

Danish Libraries and Library Catalogs

Det Kongelige Bibliotek/The Danish Royal Library - online catalog, online databases and reference works; many pages are in Danish only.
A note about the catalog: Subject searching in REX is primarily applicable to foreign books (subject searching in English is possible for English works). To search Danish titles effectively, search by subject code. See the Danish help documentation for details.

Nationalbibliografi (Royal Library) - the national bibliography along with a number of bibliographic indexes (with links to descriptions). A note about Dania Polyglotta: this bibliography of literature on Denmark in languages other than Danish ceased publication with volume 29 (1997).

University Library of Southern Denmark - online catalog combining resources of Esbjerg, Kolding, Odense, Sønderborg and Flensborg Library information and selected Internet resources in Danish with instructions in English.

Roskilde University Library - online catalog and databases, including DANDOK, a database of research in progress and published at Danish institution, in English with a link to the Danish interface).

Dansk Biblioteks Center-  The Dansk Biblioteks Center provides information service to Danish libraries. With a link to English interface.

Den Danske artikelbase - from Københavns Kommunes Biblioteker (Copenhagen public libraries), an index with some brief abstracts of articles in 750 Danish periodicals and 8 Danish national newspapers. Interface in Danish only. (København)

Bogens Verden: Tidsskrift for Dansk Biblioteksvæsen - from Danmarks Biblioteksforening (Danish Library Association). Articles from 1994 onwards.

Finnish Libraries and Library Catalogs

The National Library of Finland - online catalog (HELKA) and databases, including Fennica, the National Bibliography of Finland. Also includes a list of archival collections in the library.

Gateway to Finnish Research Libraries - a list of links to university libraries in Finland.

Libraries.fi - Linking to other libraries in Finland.

Eduskunnan kirjasto/Riksdagsbiblioteket/Library of Parliament - mostly in Finnish. Some descriptions of specific collections in English.

Arto - database of approximately 10,000 Finnish journal articles (1995- ) with fee-based searching.

Icelandic Libraries and Library Catalogs

National and University Library of Iceland

Reykjavík City Library

Norwegian Libraries and Library Catalogs

Biblioteknett Norge - the official gateway to library resources in Norway, in Norwegian with some English descriptions.

Nasjonalbiblioteket /National Library of Norway - online catalog and information about the library and its projects, in English, with a link to the Norwegian.

Bergen University Library Links lead to Norwegian-language resources.

Universitetsbibliotek i Oslo - University of Oslo Library, in English with a link to pages in Norwegian.

Biblioteksentralen - Norwegian county, city, and research libraries with links to searchable catalogues. Norwegian interface only.

BIBSYS - searchable database for all national and university libraries in Norway, in Norwegian, with a link to an English information page.

Swedish Libraries and Library Catalogs

Libris - union catalog that allows searching of more than three million titles in nearly 160 Swedish libraries.
Libris: Artikeldatabasen - contains approximately 40,000 references to Swedish articles in the humanities and social sciences, primarily to journal articles and reviews, but also to essays, chapters, and the like from yearbooks, monographs, and comprehensive works. Most articles have appeared since 1990, with inclusion of some older titles.

The Swedish Royal Library

Stockholm University Library

GUNDA, Göteborgs Universitetsbibliotek
University Library of Gothenburg, also available in English.

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