English Translations of Norwegian Children's Books

A bibliography for, "Trolls, Mrs. Pepperpot and Beyond: Celebrating Norwegian Children's Books," a traveling exhibit by Capital Children's Museum,  Washington, D.C. 
Bob Evans, Curator

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Nina Ring Aamundsen: Two short and one long.
Houghton Mifflin, NY. 90.

Hans Aanerud: Lisbeth Longfrock/ Little Sidsel Longskirt.
Boston, USA 07. Dent, London 40.

Hans Aanerud: Sidsel Longskirt and Solve Suntrap.
Philadelphia, USA. London.

Hans Aanerud: Solve Suntrap.
GB 26.

Rune Belsvik: Kissing in the wind.
Groundwood Books, Can. 89.

Haakon Bjørklid: The very hungry cat.
Menthuen, GB 74.

Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson: A happy boy.
Macmillan, NY 32.

Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson: Sunny hill.
Macmillian, NY 32.

Else Breen: Martin Meeker and Pauline Lagrande.
Annick Press, Can. 89.

Tor Åge Bringssværd: The blue people and the lonesome people.
Scand. Review 79.

Reidar Brotkorb: The gold coin.
Harcourt Brace, NY 60.

Jan Magnus Bruheim: Kauto from Kautokeino.
Noregs boklag, NO 66.

Berit Brænne: Boy of the mountains.
Harcourt Brace, NY 60.

Berit Brænne: Little Brother Tom.
Harcourt Brace, NY 60.

Berit Brænne: Little sister, Tai-mi.
Harcourt Brace, NY 64. Macmillan, NY 64.

Berit Brænne: Reindeer boy.
Methun, GB 72.

Berit Brænne: Trina finds a brother.
Harcourt Brace, NY 62. Macmillian, GB 63.

Haakon Christensen: Little Bruin and Per.
Abingdon, Cokesbury 62.

Lars Saabye Christensen: Herman.
White Pine Press, NY 92.

Rolf Døcker: Marius.
Brockhampton Press, GB 70.

Thorbjørn Egner: Karius and Bakus.
Bobbs-Merill, USA 62. Thomas Nelson & Sons, 63.

Thorbjørn Egner: The singing town.
Methuen, GB 59. Macmillian, NY 59.

Thorbjørn Egner: When the robbers came to Cardamon Town.
ISBN 82-02-13977-5. Cappelen 1993.

Paul Lorck Eidem: Peter Magpie.
Murray, GB 47. Musson, Can. 47.

Paul Lorck  Eidem: Peter Magpie and Clarence Crow.
Murray, GB 49.

Halvor Floden: Frick.
Augsburg Publ. House, USA 26.

Babbis Friis-Baastad: Don't take Teddy.
Schribners, NY 67.

Babbis Friis-Baastad: Kjersti.
Branner & Korch, 62.

Babbis Friis-Baastad: Wanted. A horse.
Harcourt Brace, NY 72.

Babbis Friis-Baastad: Word of honour.
Max Parrish, GB 60.

Jostein Gaardner: The Christmas mystery.
GB 96.

Jostein Gaardner: The Solitary mystery.
GB 96.

Jostein Gardner: Sophie's world.
Orion, GB 95.

Eva Glad: Peter and Kari.
Allen & Unwin, 64.

Klaus Hagerup: Kristin and Håkon and the Olympic torch.
Aschehoug 1993.

Leif Hamre: Blue two-bail out.
Univ of London Press, GB 61. Fitzhenry & Whiteside, Can. 61.

Leif Hamre: Contact lost.
Brockhampton Press, GB 65. Harcourt Brace, NY 68.

Leif Hamre: Edge of disaster.
Harcourt Brace, NY 61.

Leif Hamre: Leap into danger.
Harcourt Brace, NY 60.

Leif Hamre: Operation Arctic.
Brockhampton Press, GB 73. Atheum Publishing, USA 73.

Leif Hamre: Otter three two calling.
Univ. of London Press, GB 60. Fitzhenry & Whiteside, Can. 60.

Leif Hamre: Perilous wings.
Harcourt Brace, NY 62.

Leif Hamre: Ready for take off.
Univ. of London Press, GB 62. Fitzhenry &Whiteside, Can. 62.

Marie Hamsun: A Norwegian family.
Lippincott, USA 34.

Marie Hamsun: A Norwegian farm.
Lippincott, USA 33.

Tormod Haugen: Keeping secrets.
Harper Collins Publishers, USA 94.

Tormod Haugen: The nightbirds.
Delacorte Press 82. Williaem Collins, GB 85.

Tormod Haugen: Zeppelin.
Turton & Chambers, GB 91.

Torill Thorstad Hauger: Captured by the Vikings.
Breakwater, Can 91.

Finn Havrevold: Maren's little owl.
Abelard Shuman: GB 60.

Finn Havrevold: A seat in the park.
NRK 70.

Finn Havrehold: Summer adventrue.
Abelard Shuman, GB 61.

Finn Havrevold: Undertow.
Athenum, USA 68.

Stig Holmås: Apache pass.
Spindlewood, GB 94.

Stif Holmås: Fire wagons.
Spindlewood, GB 95.

Stig Holmås: Son-of-Thunder.
Spindlewood, GB 90. Harbinger House, USA 93.

Zinken Hopp: The magic Chalk.
David McKay, NY 60.

Marit Kaldhol/Wenche Øyen: Goodbye, Rune.
Breakwater, Can. 87.

Trygve Bj. Klingsheim: Julius.
Exley Publ., 1983.

Håkon Lie: The Squirrel Boy.
Albert Whitman, usa 50. Frederick Mueller, GB 68.

Karin Lorentzen: Lanky Longlegs.
Dent, GB 82. Atheneum, NY 83.

Johan Lunde: Talks with children.
O.J. Haukeness.

Mette Newth: The abduction.
Simon & Schuster, GB 89 / Farrar, Straus and Giroux, USA 89 /
Collins publishers, Can 89.

Mette Newth: The little viking.
Brockhampton Press, GB 73. Western Orienting HOuse, USA 73.

Mette Newth: Stories from Norway.
BBC, GB 74.

Philip Newth: Roly goes exploring.
Collins, GB 80. Philomel, USA 80.

Mette Newth: Tiny Terror.
Hudder & Stoghton, GB 75.

Harald Nordberg: Sofie and the rainbow.
Dent, USA 78.

Harald Nordberg: Sofie and the tree.
Dent, USA 79.

Johanna Bugge Olsen: Stray dog.
Constable Young Books, GB 66.

Alf Prøysen: Christmas Eve at Santa's.
(Utg. i Sverige i 1993)

Alf Prøysen: Down the mousehole.
McGraw Hll Book Comp, USA 65. Hutchinson Junior Books, GB 68.

Alf Prøysen: Little old Mrs. Peppperpot.
Hutchinson Junior Books, GB 59. Puffin paperback Can; Aus;
New Zea; GB, USA 77. Beaver Books, GB 84. Sparrow Books, 84.

Alf Prøysen: Mrs. Pepperpot again.
Hutchinson Junior Books, GB 60. Sparrow Books, 83.

Alf Prøysen: Mrs. Pepperpot and the bilberries.
Randon, GB 91.

Alf Prøysen: Mrs. Pepperpot in the magic wood.
Puffing Paperbacks, Penguin Books, Can, New Zeal.

Alf Prøysen: Mrs. Pepperpot to the rescue.
Hutchinson Junior Books, GB 63. Penquin, GB 80. Puffin Books, 84.

Alf Prøysen: Mrs. Pepperpot's busy day.
Hutchinson Junior Books, GB 70.

Alf Prøysen: Mrs. Pepperpot's Christmas.
Hutchinson, GB 72. Penguin, GB 81.

Alf Prøysen: Mrs. Pepperpot's outing.
Beaver Books, GB 88. Puffin Books, 85.

Alf Prøysen: Mrs. Pepperpot's second omnibus.
Hutchinson Junior Books, GB 75.

Alf Prøysen: Mrs. Pepperpot's Year.
Puffin Books, 84.

Alf Prøysen: Mrs. Pepperpot and the macaroni / Mrs. Pepperpot
at the bazar / Mrs. Pepperpot minds the baby / Mrs.Pepperpot
and the hidden treasue. Hutchinson, London 87.

Alf Prøysen: The town that forgot it was Christmas.
Burke, GB 65. Toronto, Can.

Ragde, Anne B.: Kristin and Håkon on the trail.
Universitetsforlaget, 1993

Barabra Ring: Peik.
Little Brown & Co, NY 32.

Barbara Ring: The Tomboy Cousin.
Stokes, USA 27. Harrap, GB 27.

Bjørn Rongen: Anna of the bears.
Nethuen, GB 65/66. Farrar, Straus & Giroux, NY 67.

Bjørn Rongen: Olaf in the echoing cave.
McGraw-Hill, USA 61. Methuen, GB 62.

Constance Weil Schram: Olaf Lofoten Fisherman
Codmus, NY 40. Longmans Green & Co, GB 40.

Amund Schrøder: The bird that got left behind.
Methuen, 59. Criterion Books, USA 68.

Gabriel Scott: Kari. A story of Kari Supper from Lindeland.
Cadmus, NY 40. Doubleday, NY 31.

Sigurd Senje: Escape.
Harcourt Brace, NY 64.

Aimeé Sommerfelt: Miriam.
Criterion Books, NY 63.

Aimeé Sommerfelt: My name is Pablo.
Criterion Books, NY 64.

Aimeé Sommerfelt: No easy way.
Abelard Shumann, GB 67.

Aimeé Sommerfelt: The road to Agra.
Univ. of London Press, GB 61. Criterion Books, NY 61,
Scholastic Book Services, USA 64.

Aimeé Sommerfelt: The white bungalow.
UP of London Press, GB 63.

Torvald Sund: The snowstorm.
Breakwater, Can 85.

Ingvald Svinaas: Tom in the mountains.
Oxfod Univ. Press, GB 61.

Frithjof Sælen: Snorrie the Seal.
Blackie &Son, GB 61.

Jo Tenfjord: Beauty queen.
Abelard Schuman, GB 61.

Jo Tenfjord: A husband for Hannah.
Abelard Schuman, 63.

Jo Tenfjord: Olav's potato field.
Silver Burdett & Co, 68.

Vá, Leong: A letter to the king.
HArper Collins, 1991.

Anne-Cath. Vestly: Aurora and Sokrates.
Kestrel BOooks, 75. Thomas Y. Crowell, USA 77.

Anne-Cath. Vestly: Aurora and the little blue car.
Longman Young Books, GB 74.

Anne-Cath .Vestly: Aurora in Holland.
Kestrel Books, 76.

Anne-Cath. Vestly: Hello Aurora.
Longman Young Books, 74. Puffin Books 77, 86. Thomas Y.
Crowell, USA 74. Scholastic Book Services, USA.

Anne-Cath. Vestley: 8 children and a truck / 8 children move
house / Eight children in winter / Eight children in a winter / Eight children and Rosie /
Eight children and a Bulldozer.
Methuen, 73,77/74/75/77/79.

Per Waage: Seal hunter.
Coward McCann, NY 50's.

Dikken Zwilgmeyer: Four cousins.
Lothrop, Lee, Shephard & Co., USA 20's.

Dikken Zwilgmeyer: Inger Johannes's Lively doings / Little
Northerners / What happened to Inger Johanne.
Lothrop, Lee, Shephard & Co., USA.

Dikken Zwilgmeyer: Johnny Blosson.
Pilgrim Press, USA.

Ødegård, Knut: Eagle's blood.
Penuma Press, 1987.

Fairy Tale Books

Asbjørnsen & Moe: East of the sun and west of the moon.
Macmillian, NY 53. Constable & Co, GB 70.

Asbjørnsen og Moe: Folk and fairy tales.
A.C. Armstrong & son, NY 1884.

Asbjørrnsen & Moe: Folk and Fairytales collection.
Macmillian, NY 53.

Asbjørensen og Moe:  The man who kept house.
Macmillian, NY 1992.

Asbjørensen og Moe: Tales of the norseman: folk tales.
Gyldenal, 1985.

Asbjørensen og Moe: A time for Trolls.
Tanum-Norli, NO 77.

Bade, Helen & John: Norwegian fairytales.
Am. Scand. Found., NY 24.

Brækstad, H.L.: The squire's bride.
Athenum, NY 75.

d'Aulaire, Ingri & Edgar Parin: Norwegian fairytales.
The Viking Press, NY 69.

Dasent, George Webb: East of the sun and west of the moon.
Dover Publ.; Constable, NY 70.

Dasent, George Webb: Popular tales from the north.
Johnson Reprint Corp., USA 70.

Dasent, George Webb: The 3 billygoats' gruff.
Harcourt Brace, NY 57.

Dasent, George Webb: The Three Billy-Goats Gruff.
Scholastic Book Services, 74.

Dasent, George Webb: The Three Billygoats Gruff.
The Bodley Head, GB 71.

Haviland, Virginai: Favourite fairytales told in Norway.
Little, Brown & Co, USA 67.

Kittelsen, Theodor: Soria Moria Castle: the adventure of the
Ash Lad. Nils Hauff's eftf., 1988.

Other English Translations of Norwegian Children's Books

Alnæs, Karsten: The Boy from Duck River. Translated by Rune Engebretsen; North
Star Press, Minnesota, 1995. ISBN #0-87839-102-9

Asbjørnsen, Peter Christen and MOE, Jørgen: Norwegian Folk Tales. Translated by
Pat Shaw and Carl Norman; Pantheon Books, New York, 1982. ISBN#0-394-71054-1.

Asbjørnsen, Peter Christen and MOE, Jørgen: Norwegian Folk Tales, Volume One
and Volume Two. Translated by Pat Shaw and Carl Norman; Grondahl Dreyes, Oslo, 1994.

Bringsværd, Tor Åge: Phantoms and Fairies. Translated by Pat Shaw; Tanum-Norli,
 Oslo, 1979. ISBN #82-518-0853-7.

Egner, Thørnbjorn: Karius and Baktus. Translated by Mike Sevig and
Turi Olderheim; Skandisk, Minneapolis, 1994. ISBN #0-9615394-1-0.

Gaarder, Jostein: The Christmas Mystery. Translated by Elizabeth Rokkan;
Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, New York, 1996.

Gaarder, Jostein: Hello? Is Anybody There? Translated by James Anderson;
Orion Children's Books, UK, 1997.

Gaarder, Jostein: Sofie's World. Translated by Paulette Moller; Farrar,
Strauss and Giroux, New York, 1994.

Gaarder, Jostein: The Solitaire Mystery. Translated by Sarah Jane Hails;
Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, New York 1996.

Hagebrink, Bodil: The Children From Tibet (Barna fra Tibet). Translated by P.
Crampton; Blackie and Son, London, 1990.

Hagerup, Inger: Helter Skelter. Translated by Joan Tate. Pelham, London, 1979.
ISBN #0-720711983.

Hagerup, Inger: Where the Frogs Fly (Der Froskene flyr). Translated by Joan Tate;
NRK, Oslo, 1970.

Hauger, Torill Thorstad: Captured by Vikings. Translated by Louis Muizner;
Skandisk, Minneapolis, 1995. ISBN #0-9615394-9-6.

Holmås, Stig: Apache Pass. Translated by Anne Born; Harbinger House, Boulder
Colorado, 1996. ISBN #1-57140-010-9.

Holmås, Stig: Fire Wagons. Translated by Anne Born; Spindlewood, Devon,
Great Britain, 1995. ISBN#0-907349-43-9.

Holmås, Stig: The People of the Rising Sun. Translated by Anne Born; Spindelwood,
Devon, Great Britain, 1996. ISBN #0-907349-38-2.

Hveberg, Harald: Of Gods and Giants: Norse Mythology. Translated by Pat Shaw;
Ascheburg, Oslo, 1990. ISBN #82-03-16442-0.

Moe, Jørgen: see Asbjørnsen, Peter Christen.

Murstad, Tomm: Skiing with Per and Kari (P å ski med Per og Kari). Chicago
Press, Chicago, 1955.

Newth, Mette: The Dark Light (Det mørke lyset). Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York
1998. ISBN #0-374-31701-1.

Prøysen, Alf: The Goat that Learned to Count. Webster Publishing Co. St. Louis, 1961.

Prøysen, Alf: Mrs. Pepperpot Omnibus. Leopard Books, Random House, London,
1995. ISBN #0-7529-0131-1.

Prøysen, Alf: Mrs. Pepperpot Stories. Red Fox Books, Random House, London, 1992
ISBN #0-09-914121-3

Prøysen, Alf: Stories for Christmas. Beaver Books, Arrow Books limited, London, 1990
ISBN #0-09-969430-7.

Prøysen, Alf: Stories for Summer. Beaver Books, Arrow Books limited, london, 1990.
ISBN #0-09-969050-0.

Undset, Sigrid: Happy Times in Norway. Knopf, New York, 1942/1956.

Undset, Sigrid: Sigurd and His Brave Companions (Sigurn og hans tapre Venner).
Knopf, New York, 1943.

Separate Printed English Translations Available for Books Accompanying Exhibit

Austrem, Liv Marie: Twin Brother (Tvillingbror). Sample translation by James

Austrem, Liv Marie: Twin Sister (Tvillingsøster). Sample translation by James Anderson.

Bringsværd, Tor Åge: The Northern Mythology (vår gamle gudel"re), Volumes 1 to 3. Sample
translation by Robert Ferguson.

Fretheim, Tor: War, Peace and Butterflies (Kriegen, freden og sommer-fuglene). Sample
translaton by Sverre Lynstad.

Haugen, Tomrod: George and Gloria (Georg og Gloria). Sample translation by Anne Born.

Hovland, Ragnard: Motorcycle in the Dark (Ein Motorsykkel I natta). Sample translation by Sverre Lyngstad.

Løveid, Cecilie: The Right Wind (Den riktige vind). Sample translation by Ann Born.

Løveid, Cecile: Little Millie and Little Mollie in the Deep Woods Theater (Lille Pille og LIlle Fille I den dype skogs teater). Sample translation by Anne Born.

Newth, Eirik: The Quest for Truth (Jakten på sannheten) Sample translation by James Anderson.

Økland, Einar: Walkman: Twelve Days of Music (Walkman: tolv dagar musikk). Sample translation by author.

Osland, Erna: Crosswords (Kryssord). Sample translation by Jo Ann Bennell.

Scheen, Kjersti: The Moon Fairy (Månefeen). Sample translation by Jo Ann Bennell.

Sortland, Bjørn: Red, Blue and a Little Bit of Yellow (Raudt, blatt of littl gult). Sample
translation by James Anderson.

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