WESS Scandinavianists Discussion Group
ALA Midwintern Meeting, Washington, D.C.
Saturday, January 13, 2001, 11:30 - 12:30
Grand Hyatt -- McPherson/Franklin Square room

1.  Welcome and introductions
2.  Call for recorder of minutes (minutes from last summer's meeting are
available at http://net.lib.byu.edu/estu/wess/scan/discuss.html, as are other
Scandinavian Discussion Group meeting agendas and minutes).
3.  News from our institutions
4.  Introduction of guests/members from the Library of Congress
5.  Scandinavian DG contributions to the WESS Newsletter's "New publications of note" column
6.  Discussion of topics to be pursued at ALA Annual in San Francisco
7.  Other topics, concerns

If you are planning on attending ALA Midwinter and this Discussion Group,
please let the chair know:

Gordon Anderson
Chair, WESS Scandinavian Discussion Group, 2000-2001
Reference Librarian & European Studies Bibliographer
University of Kansas Libraries
350 Watson Library
Lawrence, Kansas  66045-2800
(785) 864-8999     FAX (785) 864-5311


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