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The Scandinavian Studies Web was started in June 1998 and  is a collaborative effort by Scandinavian Studies librarians nationwide. It was first coordinated by Marianna McKim and is at present coordinated by Richard Hacken. The Scandinavian Studies Web is part of the Western European Studies Section Web (WESSWeb) of resources for West European studies. Contributions and comments are welcome. 


Richard Hacken, Coordinator 
European Studies Bibliographer, Brigham Young University
Marianna McKim, Founding Coordinator 
Dartmouth College

We would like to thank the Brigham Young University Library for providing server space and support for the Scandinavian Studies Web. Thanks also to the University of Virginia Library (2001-2003) and to the Yale University Library (1998-2001) for providing the same. 

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Scandinavian Studies Web.
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The URL is http://net.lib.byu.edu/estu/wess/scan/nordpub.html