WESS Scandinavianists Discussion Group
ALA Annual  Meeting, San Francisco CA
Saturday, June 16, 11:30am to 12:30pm
Hampton conference room, Westin St. Francis Hotel (corner of Powell and Geary, across Powell from Union Square)

Preliminary agenda

- Minutes from the Midwinter meeting
- Reports from members
- Report on the Chicago SASS conference
- Other business
- Electing a new chair for next year

If you have suggestions for discussion topics, guests, or other matters at the upcoming meeting, 
please let the chair know:

Gordon Anderson
Chair, WESS Scandinavian Discussion Group, 2000-2001
Reference Librarian & European Studies Bibliographer
University of Kansas Libraries
350 Watson Library
Lawrence, Kansas  66045-2800
(785) 864-8999     FAX (785) 864-5311
ganderson @ ukans.edu


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